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Report date: 03.08.2019

Paul Manafort is sentenced to 47 months behind bars. Trump says he refused Cohen’s pardon request. JW uncovers more docs that have to do with Ohr, Mueller and the Steele Dossier. Venezuela is hit with a power outage. Q drops more bread. The reflection in the pen could be POTUS. It’s happening, the senate is activated, the house investigations move to the senate, Barr meets Huber, the countdown continues.

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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  • I’ll say this much. If any Muslims or MS 13 show up in my neck of woods. They will have a very short life span!! I ready for the mongoose to pounce on all these treasonous snakes in Government!!

  • When you come to the U.S. legally you are first issued a Green Card. You can not legally vote with a Green Card you must become a U.S. citizen first. How do I know this, because this is how my parents came into the U.S. legally. I am the first born American citizen in my family. They are stealing U.S. citizen votes.

  • The plan,the plan,the plan !! It seems that 'THE PLAN' is too turn the USA into a multi national slum ran by the democrats ! I'm starting too believe 'the plan' is just scripted 'elavator' music playing as we slowly march toward the gallow's. The USA is going too be a smouldering heap and we will be told,'it's all part of THE PLAN' ! It's a damn plan alright ! I'm pretty sure its a plan we ARE NOT going to like at all. The country is lost ! Its too late for 'a plan'. This is getting sickening.

  • Liberal Voters better wake up and start paying attention to what's happening to our country because It's strongly looking like the Democrats AKA RAT PARTY are the Spies & Treasonous that have been selling our country out since even before our independence. They are in the perfect position to do so & have shown they will do anything at all to be & stay in power.

  • None of the M00$3 L1mbs that king obo brought here are considered illegal, but they did not go throught a normal immigrant process. I consider all the millions Hussein brought here as illegal. America does not need people here who are deliberately antithetical to Our Republic.

  • I just wanted to warn you that YouTube is attacking other channels that have Patriot we use they are changing what people say I think and they are putting them under review as you get a warning when you get on their channels that their channel is under review it may be coming to yours 😎just a friend

  • The reason the crooked Dems keep saying they HAVE all this evidence but are not showing any is because they are still searching and working on trying to frame Trump.. They need to stall while they keep their search to find anything something to frame Trump on..As soon as Muller report is done Trump and crew need to start unsealing ALL THE REAL evidence they have on them..TIRED so tiered of this bull S hit and the laws they break and the HIGH TREASON they are committing..WE ALL NEED TO DEMAND the yellow bellied, coward Republicans do something to help Trump and just do their damn job. Can't stand how they sit and do NOTHING..Useless COWARDS..

  • War coming…if Trump loses..UN will come in at the request of new Dem president…we will be put down… Christian people will be persicuted and delivered up..haven't you read? God's word…or man's word…who you gonna believe?

  • I guess what I'm sick and tired of hearing is that "We have everythin" and yet still…no prosecutions no indictments no law suits that have any meaning still a media running roughshod over Americans and the president no apprehension of leakers no charges of treason no voter fraud take downs no pizzagade arrests no central bank takedowns no peace deals no loyal cabinet no Obama care takedown no mass firings of obama holdover beauricrats no cabinet appointments ratified no crackdown on censorship of conservatives and more and more and on and on… all the while, the miracle of the 2016 Presidential win is squandered the House of Reps is lost the Senate is voting against the declaration of emergency and it's as if the president has no voice at all on the news and ilhan Omar and occasion Cortez and Pelosi Nader Schiff and Schumer have all but impeached trump. What a mishandled incompetent handling of a gift. A gift that included the presidency the house the Senate and only 2 yrs in…the supreme court. And laughably… Jeff sessions??! AG??! This x22 and all the Q alex Jones and the rest should be livid for being made a fool. This is the sad truth that even Q will not tell us.

  • And I support trump although it's becoming waaaaay more difficult since all he and the rest seem to give a crap about is getting reelected to do nothing again. I'm done.

  • I am a permanent Resident came here in 1957 legally !! I pay my taxes, I obey the LAWS, I do community services, and I work in a Hospital saving lives. However I cannot vote !! and I'm ok with that.
    Maybe I should become a U.S citizen ?? this is a GREAT Country !! However the government is corrupt !
    Can I be a Q anon ?? Can I be a Patriot ?? Can I protest legally ?? the people are Q !!

  • What does Eric holder have anything to say about what’s happened now!! mr. what comes out of your trap means nothing?!!! You had your corrupted chance AND y’all screwed it up even then!!

  • It has come 2 the point of no return & ball of confusion. I started working @ age 15 doing summer jobs, while in h.s.. Now, a.m retired & NEVER! thought my hard earned money would b going 2 undocumented immigrants only thought it was for me upon retiring, elderly, disabled & our veterans. Mr. President NO MORE HANDOUTS!! to those that have not contribute to our system period. It has gotten to the point USA citizens r the minority w/minimal , minimal help from govt. Bcuz Every one is So consumed w/illegals.

  • I hope that all criminals go to jail, I do not care what side they say they are on, if they committed a crime they are not on Americans side. That goes to Trump to Obama.

  • I wish conservatives could play these same games as democrats do. Let’s pay ten million whites to come into America and see how quickly the voter id laws, border wall goes up, and problems fix themselves. Sanctuary cities will disappear and dems would finally be in check. You can’t beat these sick fucks without taking your gloves off and playing down in the mud where dems live.

  • Greetings,
    Is anyone else worried that Huber, the last Obama admin holdover has not produced anything to date? Anyone else worried that Huber has failed to interview several wistleblowers/witnesses that have come forth with info? Is anyone else worried that Huber has a bad habit of loosing documents? Just wondering???

  • President Trump has definitely been a breath of fresh air to our country. But he has taken the country as far as he can. The truth is that his own party and cabinet subverts him at every turn. The new AG Barr is a Bush man and loyalist. He is part of the establishment. The Senate has now all of a sudden started these investigations for a purpose. It lets AG Barr off the hook from doing anything. Think about it, he will say we are waiting on the Senate investigations to conclude before he does anything. The Senate will take a year and turn over something to the DOJ and he will review it for 6 months and President Trump's term will be over. That's why their pushing illegals and pushing for them to vote. Without a true AG or DOJ the establishment will not be stopped. There is no difference between President Trump's DOJ and Obama's DOJ. Neither will fight to uphold the constitution or the rule of law . I do not blame President I am very grateful to him. It is now time to develop a new plan.

  • It's happening a long time before Obama, that's how they won this 2018, election, but all these things the democrats has done, trumps will prevale in 2020 in Jesus name,

  • Stand tall & stand strong. The Demorats & Rhinos are showing their true colors. Their are many Americans that do not know. They are still under the control of deep state. These people are our citizen brothers & sisters. MSM is showing how they lie. More of our Republic citizens are waking up. Civil war is not a good option. War never is. Too many good people die. Allowing the heat to scramble the deep state, & scare them into destroying themselves by revealing their agenda to destroy our Republic. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. That is why deep state tries to get us to hate each other. Not all Muslims are part of the Sharia law organization. There are Muslims in Israel that fight along side the Jews & Christians to protect their country. Together, they survive. We must do this in our country. Remember Patriots come in all colors & true religions. (Sharia law is an organization with a religion inside). WWG1WGA👍

  • Immigrants overwhelmingly vote for D's. Overwhelmingly. Especially non whit es. THAT is why Ds want them. Promise a poor person money or sketchy benefits taken from other people and they'll vote for you. Very simple equation. The reason they are doing this is because their base is very unstable and intolerant of corruption. However immigrants don't care about corruption, they're used to it.

  • Dave, just remember all liars will have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. You should be afraid of falling into the hands of an angry God. He does not like liars. I think you just sell the sizzle.

  • Our PM here in Canadaland said the same thing about 'immigrants'…they are more CDN than Canadians. True story.
    Dems and Libs want votes. Informed mature tax payers are starting to see through their crap.



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