August 17, 2019 May 29, 2019: ~ Weather Phenom ~



Hail- Reports

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  • I am in NE Ohio and can't plant most my crops, ground is just to wet. But I will have a bumper crop of hay, should I ever get the chance to harvest it.. I need 4 days with no rain. So livestock will be ok.

  • I live in Oklahoma, about 45 minutes east of OKC. Within a quarter mile of my road I live on, 2 properties had damage, one huge hay barn destroyed. This was scared stuff. It hit about 1:00am. But no coverage on our area!!! The were more focused on showing El Reno. I even sent pictures to OKC news to document our area was hit. But NOTHING!!!! Don't understand why. But this is almost two weeks tornado watches, it's getting very old!!! ✝

  • Feels like we are right on schedule for those predicted food shortages prepper guys talk about. Feels like GMO product glut to our market no longer desired? Keep thinking how Bayer & Monsanto are partners in "activities" now. 👀 Thx Mr!

  • Meanwhile, The southeast is being scorched by a Bermuda High-Pressure System that hasn't budged in days. Any new tree that has been planted will die it is that dry. It's starting to look like August or September. In the meantime everyday, the sun beats down and the dry wind blows.

  • as they pump more and more stuff into the atmosphere things will get worse these things are just precursors to what is around the corner and where going to see storms like never seen before unfortunately because the government cant leave nature to be nature they have to try and control it like every other nation on the planet

  • Jesus is warning us that he's coming. This is a taste of the judgement of God. Repent and believe in the gospel of Jesus to be saved from Hell. Hell is the ultimate judgement for eternity… God bless all of you.

  • I live in Arkansas, This is Very Bad here. It's been raining since yesterday afternoon. Hard Non stop. Then Steady Non stop. The AR River is Already OVER it's banks. We are in Deep Shit. Plus the Water from OK and North ALL headed this way. Dardanelle, AR is Another town about to go under. Check Oinkers FB page. Yell CO. Father Have Mercy.

  • It has rained every single day in the month of May in Michigan. Every single day! Even on the sunny day it would begin or end with rain….wow!

  • Not mind boggling, it’s man manipulated. Multiple frequencies and microwaves are causing these storms. This is nothing, wait ‘till the buttons are pushed for the earthquakes in the near future. Thoughts going out to those affected. The loss of wildlife will be devastating.

  • In Ohio…WE smashed a recorded Monday night to Tuesday morning..for Tornados…. 19….that want we aveg..per year…most was 12 in a day back in 2012…insane…

  • Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati it's the fucken ILLUMINATI!!!!!

  • LEVITICUS 26 Our Creator promises RAIN IN DUE SEASON for obedience OR 4×7 curses for ignoring His wisdom and authority UNTIL we turn back to Him with our whole heart.

    DEUTERONOMY 5: Ten Commandments including weekly Seventh day Sabbath of no work.

    LEVITICUS 23 Other Sabbaths of no work and remembrance celebrations for remembering the power of our God to deliver believers.

    We want to reject our Creator's laws, looks like He is letting nature leave their laws.

    Believers, remember we have authority over the storms. Say, Peace be still in Jesus' name.

  • Hey Mr. B we had 13 tornadoes here in Ohio on Monday and were in Dayton and our area got it really bad! Be safe out there!

  • Maybe you should take another look at your reporting process. First you show a map covered with indicators of storms and then you show a listing of each storm and make comments suggesting that was a lot of storms. DUH!

    That's what the map indicated!

    What sort of idiot watches your videos that you would make such a statement? SOME people have comprehension abilities and you insult them.

  • if you understood The Book of JOB, you would understand the tornadoes that is going on, (whirlwinds). Need the Keys of DAVID, that the religious leaders have taken away, to understand what is happening now.

  • Bbbbbut, bbbbbut…Climate change has NOTHING to do with this… They've NEVER said global warming would create more strong storms and more hurricanes and more tornadic activity… 😜😜😜😜😜…. I predict the coming of F-8 tornadoes and the CAT-8 hurricanes… There coming folks… Batten down the hatches!!!😯😯😯

  • Here in Oklahoma, we've had our share of tornadoes, but the flooding has been so bad it has eclipsed the tornado issue. Northeast Oklahoma has had 2 feet of rain in the last 30 days.

  • It's not the devil's magic.
    It quite obviously due to the changing water and wind currents, caused by a weakening magnetosphere.
    All the pieces of data exist… And only takes an afternoon of research to put that puzzle together.
    PS. IMO It's only going to get worse and more intense in the coming months and years.

  • here in SW Pa we have had torrential rain that ive never seen in my 70 yrs…it was like driving thru water yesterday…absolutely no visibility…people had to pull off the road …unreal…and…outside of small outbursts like this we have had very few normal  storms since last spring….since last summer we have had most of it go north or south of us…very strange

  • I can’t tell you how much I truly enjoy your videos. Always excellent. I send them or share with friends and family. Don’t want them to miss out! Thank you so much for your enlightenment and work. Love the pictures you share as well. Keep em coming.



We are living in very unique, changing times and during these times I have become more than intrigued by these changes and what is causing them. I'm referring to the earth changes, changes in our sun and how the earth's atmosphere manages this what I believe to be a much different sunlight. Over the last 10 years I have become very familiar with our planet, the mechanics of it and how it reacts to many different aspects of space weather and many other things as well. I monitor everything from the sea floor to the cosmos and everything in between. I am a full-time...

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