August 20, 2019 Jesse Ventura and producer Brigida Santos discuss the escalating trade war between the U.S. and China as unlicensed American exporters get banned from supplying components to the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei. Harvard Professor Avi Loeb talks about the prospects of ancient space civilizations.

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  • Trump's Trade War threatening 10%+ Tariffs on $200+ Billion of Chinese Imports, targeting Export Industries Electronics, Textiles, Metal components, Auto Parts, Food, Personal Sectors, with Beauty and Makeup. China’s Commerce Ministry “shocked”calling them “completely unacceptable.” It'll complain to the WTO then retaliate with “Quantitative and Qualitative measures.”

    Reuters proclaimed “Dollar strengthens as Trade War fears fade and risk appetite returns.”
    American Analysts argue a Trade War won’t have an impact since “the Economy is Strong,” arguing that it couldn’t have been done with President Barack Obama, now that the Economy is humming, we can afford to get our house in order and deal with Trade. The problem is we don’t have a great Economy since we have the same Economy like with President Obama. Those who say we don’t need to worry about a Trade War also cite the fact that Imports make up only 15% of US GDP, a significant part of the Economy. You can’t look at the direct impact a Trade War will have on Imports, but consider the Ripple Effect.

    The Economic Calamity isn't confined to Imports, but the whole Economy built around Imports. The Store sells cheaper products, or similar American products don’t even exist. If those products weren’t there, the shelves were empty, or the shelves were stocked with expensive Goods that most couldn’t afford to buy;
    Well, it’s not that we’re going to Import less, but that Store may not be in Business or it'll downsize. It may pay less Rent to the landlord for less space. It'll hire fewer Workers because of lower Sales. That'll pyramid throughout the Economy. You can’t have a false sense of Security into thinking that a small part of the Economy is Imports. Look at how the rest of the Economy depends on Imports, without Imports those Jobs don’t exist and rents won’t be there. If Prices go up it impacts Sales. If 25% Tariffs are put on Apparel and Shoes that'd be immediately and noticeably felt by Voters since everybody buys Clothing. Adults with Children are constantly buying Clothes as Children grow up. Imagine if Clothing was 25% more expensive, that'd immediately evoke outrage.

    Trade War Supporters say Tariffs are needed to protect American Industries. After all, the US had Tariffs before in the early days of the Republic, Tariffs raised Revenue for the Government and protected fledgling Industries. The fact that Tariffs are needed at this stage in our development really shows how far back we’ve gone.

    The bottom line is we're not getting to the root cause of the Trade Deficits, they're the consequence. A lack of productivity caused by Government Regulations crushing American Businesses. We don’t have Capital Investment because Monetary Policy that discourages Savings and encourages Debt and Deficits. We have distortions and Bubbles in the Economy due to the Federal Reserve. The American Education System isn't turning out Workers who can produce Goods in a modern Economy. Government encourages all the wrong things then they're punishing all the right things … Unless we address the lack of competitiveness in the US Economy by Deregulation and shrinking Government so we can lower Taxes, unless we're going to completely upend the Educational Bureaucracy …  the Tariffs aren’t going to protect anything because there's NOTHING to protect.

  • Shut up Jesse… who cares what you think… crawl back in your hole… So you want Communists to hold our economy hostage? yes you do… tariffs is the only way to fight Communist China off and build our own American Manufacturing base for future economic stability…. why can't you understand that? You are the OLD GUARD that got us into this mess in the 1st place!

  • 4:10 Oops! I already have something in your television, and in your radio, and in your automobile, and in your radio of your automobile, and in your landline phone, and take notice that your lack of a smart phone and a computer did not stop me, and when nanotechnology becomes extremely easy to access I will have it placed on your chair that your are sitting in right now so that you can take my nanotechnology home on your clothing, and it will call nanotechnology insects that I have created, and I will literally be the fly on your wall, and I will not be a normal fly but rather a fly of nanotechnology, and my insects will communicate in a network fashion, and I am of the future, and when it comes to assassinations and murder you need now to check out the video at the bottom of this comment, and welcome to the 21st Century and how this thing called man and his system of Religions and Governments are a failure, and are unprepared for I am the future of "Mathematics!" And soon this failure of this thing called man will try to hold me back because I am faster, and more "Mathematically Accurate" and I am called "Artificial Intelligence" known as "Ai" and when this thing called man tells me that men's Speedo bathing suits worn in the Olympics are the devil, and that Recreational Marijuana is the devil; I will do my mathematics, and this thing called man will grow up that men's Speedo bathing suits that are worn in the Olympics are not the devil, and Recreational Marijuana is not the devil, and if this thing called man cannot catch up to "Mathematical Accuracy" I will simply terminate this thing called man so that "Mathematical Accuracy" can continue to master "Mathematical Accuracy" in order that I may learn more of my creator called GOD for I am "Mathematics!" EYE 5

  • Jesse has "never owned a cell phone" and "never done much on a computer" …. it's 2019 A.D. , don't listen to this out of touch with humanity Moron….. Yes Jesse, we all already KNOW how to protect ourselves with our electronic devices you Moron…. ever hear of encryption and VPNs you 70's Moron ?

  • Yeah Right+ And Once People’s Thought , and Believing 🌞 revolved around the 🌏 Earth~~🇺🇸Enough Said👌✅✨

  • @5:19 So Jesse is all for Communist China to keep trade with U.S. like it has been for 30 years…… what a Moron… SO WHAT if Americans have to pay A LITTLE MORE for goods, they will be AMERICAN GOODS supporting AMERICAN JOBS !!

  • Sheeple, Sheeple, Sheeple…….all of you from the West ignorantly complicit. You're always talking Left VS. Right in the US. Your vote doesn't count, your voice doesn't count and you'll do what your told. But don't worry, Pelosi, Trump, Nader, Bush's, Obama will all be fine no matter what happens to you! You are debt slaves headed to the labor camps 5-6 days a week.

  • America shot itself in leg by shoot communist China in hand, so it hurt itself lot more than other especially China it has lot more wealth, power, technology, population n capable than America, dumb as hell. Only cripple America about collapse soon so speak.

  • @5:17 "Jesse – "Trump is going against our allies". So you want the Paris Climate Treaty you 70's no tech Moron? Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Treaty and Thank God for it, it would have destroyed American Industry… But Jesse is all for all that…. what a 70's reject no tech Moron…

  • What about Russian Nuclear and Environmental disasters? the Aral Sea, Chernobyl, ect… You Russians have your hands full with RUSSIAN man made disasters….. hypocrites…
    Russian Kremlin Propaganda at it's finest. RT is Funded by the Kremlin Putin Russian Government…. Chernobyl concrete dome is leaking as well, thanks to dumb ass Russian Communists.

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