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  • It's the same as when the Polish Jews laughed off Hitler — We don't have to worry about him, he's in Germany !! It didn't turn out so well for them, did it ?!!!!

  • The Democrat Party has been infiltrated by Islam. And Islam wants to destroy the Jews. Look back at the history of Islam and you’ll find they enslaved the Jews and Christians by making them 2nd class citizens and make them pay 💰 just to exist. You’ve got to straight Stupid to believe the Muslims only want peace. They don’t, they want World Dominance period.

  • After all the support POTUS has shown Isra'el they should be able to drop the socialist Democrat party in a heart beat. Leave the Soros puppets and Muslim terrorists to drowning in their swaller.

  • what is the confusion the left are socialists. many hardcore socialists you know who else where socialists? NAZI's do the math! the NAZI's used brown shirts to cause crap in the streets. the current demoncrap nazi's are using sjw black shirts in the streets. are the jews going to wait for another crystal nacht when its too late to react or will the finally once and for all realize the left is and always will be evil. same for the blacks! the demoncrap party voted AGAINST ending slavery and now you let them buy you off with welfare that keeps yo in the slums. good one!

  • LIARS. Jews will always Vote Democrat & if it's a Jew Demo. They're in. Bravest Question Ever. Antisemitism has not Increased. We just Feel Free from the Jewish Chains of Lies. We are not Afraid of you anymore.We will Never Shut up. Let's see.. Bloomberg, Schulz, Schumer, Steyer, & Trump. Jews will vote for Trump. Not in a Zillion years.

  • Jews. The only Group that could Cost Trump Re Election & That is who is most important to Trump. Guaranteed Trump Loss if the Jew Bullshit Continues. It's Just proving America Second. Israel First.We know what you've done. The jig is up. You will have to jail us. We won't Shut Up. US Citizens are Paying for the JEWS SECOND WALL at this Very Moment. Evil Demons.

  • About damn time! The KKK didn't just go after the blacks. They killed Jews, Catholics and anyone that didn't follow them. Demsasters, did that and more. So about damn time the jexodus.

  • I agree with everything that was said on this segment. However, I have one question for everyone and anyone, Omar talked about duel loyalties regarding the Jewish people, how is it that no one has call out into question the lying loyalty of muslims that are loyal and dedicated to the Koran and their faith over that of the constitution? How is it that no one has called out this so called peaceful religion that teaches it's no sin to lie to infidels. How does anyone vote for anyone whose ideology teaches America has the great satan? Islamic dogma and doctrine are diametrically opposed to constitutional law of America's founding. The two can never meet or coexist without one or the other forsaking their origins. This has always been about the destruction of America and it got its biggest foot in the door during the obamanation years.

  • Dont count on the Jewish to abandon their PERMANENT/HARDCORE desire to make this country and all parts of the world to become Socialists/Communist societies. Sure they may sound like their "switching over" now, but its only "showtime". The march toward Socialism/Communism for them will never change.

  • This Station was the last hope & the Jews got them. OAN has Literally made the Fake News Board next to CNN & FOX. Liz. You mind read now. It's what she's thinking. I Knew it wouldn't last. Liz pushing Jew Agenda.

  • The day of the gentile is at the door God's focus is moving on his people. The day of Jacobs trouble will soon begin. Jesus said, when you see these things come to pass then look up for your redemption draweth nigh.

  • It's ok for Mexicans to have a dual allegiance to Mexico. It's ok for Muslims to have dual allegiance to Fakestine. Jews who have been here for centuries longer are accused of dual loyalty.

  • The Bernie Sanders everything is acceptable narrative is lying, because it is about Government control of our choices, not our personal choices; this is anti-Semite in its value system, because the Jews are a people being told to be Islam, be LGBTQ, be socialist, and this is death to the People of God who are sanctified as a tribe with Abraham (the Patriarch) holding heaven open for them by circumcision. America was given true freedom and independence by people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, and they intended the smallest government ever, and people get to choose their own choices (culture still develops and this is normal), instead of being forced into narratives of other people demanding conformity to bizarre behavior that lives in a brothel: Minority is defined as the Government against the People, because of what law represents, and not the People choosing for themselves, and it means smallest government ever.

  • Just vote these socialists Democrats out of office and give them no media coverage and do not attend any speaking forums and just maybe this nation can return to a viable Republic honoring the constitution.

  • Jews should counter Rep. Omar by agreeing that ALL foreign lobbying should be stopped, especially by Muslims who wish to usurp the Constitution and implement Sharia Law.

  • BOTH sides have extremists that hate Jews. The Jews are getting pushed to the middle. The regular libs are being pushed center by the outrageous bedfellows they picked up along the way. The regular conservatives are getting pushed center by the neocons. Who ever builds a centrist platform first will be the "one".

  • Both Jews and Blacks need to wake up and realize that the Democrat Party is not the party for them. From it's founding by a true racist President, Andrew Jackson, ( Unlike the false claim of racism often lodged against President Donald Trump today.) the Democrats have been opposed to Blacks, Jews, and the American Indian. This is a fact that history bares out.

  • 20 years ago Jewish voters contributed a lot to the Democrat party. This appears to have stopped. The response from the Democrats, is "okay, fuck you too". It is very basic. If you don't pay the Democrat party money, they don't like you. So in essence, the Jewish community has long since left the Democrat party.

  • Remember, Jewish people are a race and not a religion. Jews are not automatically locked into Judaism ✡️. There are bad Jews, none Jews, and then there are God-fearing, 10-commandment Jews. See Dennis Prager.

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