Former Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) formally announced his presidential campaign in Denver. Full video here:


  • Anotha one! I want it to come down to racist Kamela Harris she is offering reparations for all blacks and socialism in exchange for PAWA!!!! Gimme da pawa

  • This man helped destroy Colorado, he will destroy America… Hardly any Native Coloradans can afford to live in Colorado, he was first governor to sign off on magazine ban… We can expect sky high taxes if he is elected. We can expect more hate and divide, we can expect more unemployment more illegal immigrants.. He does not care about you America..

  • Frackinlooper is a lying corporate Democrat oil production geologist, who sicks his cop's armed with m16s to beat on peaceful protesters. Million Mask March 2014,2015,and 2016. 👃👃👃

  • Here in Colorado we call him Hickenstupid and Hickenchicken. He stood up on mic and cried because he refused to sign the execution order for the Chucky Cheese mass murderer. This guy is a scumbag that refused to do his job, and we sure don't need him anywhere near any government job ever again.

  • Another left globalist hide as the savior from trump…. this man is a servant of global bankers.. made is money by destroy real lifes… beware of this deceiver

  • He is not Gona make it, all the stoned or drunk women screaming in the little crowd doesn’t work, plus. He is lying to his crowd. Poor guy. Trump will have too much fun with him. Like an old Tomcat playing with a little mouse before he eats him. He’s probably a Soy boy vegan, Trump is Carnivorous. Hickenlooper is like Bacon.

  • In 2017 the BILDERBERGS APPOINTED John Hickenlooper to become the next President of the United States!
    These people under the FALSE assumption that THEY, the Bilderberg's, the ELITES of the World🌎 are still in control and can reinstate the "Old Guard" (THE PROPONENTS of The👿New💀World🐲Order) to maintain THE🐍SRATUS🐲QUO!
    The INFLUENCE and POWER of the Bilderberg's decision to have Hillary Clinton as our next president in the 2016 Election was EVIDENT as… "NOBODY THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE." SHE DID LOSE!
    This time around, the same results will occur…NOBODY will think HE WILL LOSE…BUT HE WILL!!
    WHY? The Power of the United States Citizen's VOTE is what happened in 2016 and by now THAT POWER has increased. THEY DIDN'T FOOL US IN 2016 AND THEY WON'T FOOL US NOW, IN 2020!!!
    PS. The people of the United States of America are NOT STUPID, although the many arms of The👿Illuminati🐍NEW💀WORLD🐲ORDER say we are TOO STUPID and they ALL refer to the people on this EARTH as, "USELESS EATERS" per Henry Kissinger, the FORMER Secretary of State under President Nixon and Gerald Ford.

  • I bet he’s a climate change, the world is going to end in 12 years. It’s a bull$hit story from the press and globalists. The Sun rules our climate and weather and solar storms, gama rays, electro magnetic charges, etc. check out real Scientists. We’re in a global mini freeze, Antarctica is building ice, the polar magnetic north has move over to Russian Artic area. Check it out.

  • Lol 17 dislikes and 273 views. Not what you want to see for your announcement. Not only is it disliked its UNKNOWN! Governor Hickenlooper, due respect, now is not your time. Fade away

  • Liar👿liar pants on 🔥 FIRE!!
    Where have we heard ALL of this rhetoric before?
    Buzz, time's up!
    ANSWER: ALL of the Democratic Party, they're sheeple🐑, Bah,Bah, the RINOS the MSM, Hollywood,… Mr. Hickenlooper is singing to a very small choir! He thinks the adverage American Citizen is stupid! Well, WE ARE NOT! We knew better in 2016 and WE KNOW MORE THAN BETTER IN 2020!

  • In 2017, The BILDERBERGS CHOSE Hickenlooper to become the NEXT President of the United States in 2020!
    But before that, HRC was chosen by the BILDERBERGS to become the NEXT President of the United States in 2016. We all know how that one turned out…"Nobody ever thought she would LOSE!".

  • I hope he runs against Trump, so Trump can put him in his place. The only thing the Democrats is running on is hatred for Trump. Sad, he's a President that cares about every single legal American in the USA. I really don't understand the hate. He is so "All American" and that includes my black butt. It makes me so sad how the Democrats and media has divided this country because Hillary was a crook and lost an election. I have to constantly pray for our president…'s scary times when another political party tries to take down a man who has given so much back to the American people.

  • Maybe I've become too cynical but it seems like no matter what politician I hear giving a speech anymore, it just sounds like bullshit with a bunch of tools cheering for it.



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