It really IS that bad. The question is… what are we going to do about it?

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  • I can answer your question "what are we going to do about it?" Nothing we're going to do nothing, people either dont care are scared. Its not like me, you or anyone else is going to do anything.

  • Globalism, New World Order. That's the answer. It is beyond frustrating listening to your conversation. Asking as if you don't already know why there are so many contradictions and why things don't make sense. When you boil it down it's all about the globalist bankers systematically destroying families and the jobs of families. That way they can force us into the New World Order. Again can't listen to your conversation because it's so frustrating

  • Imagine if Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and all the original dissenters had taken the “there’s nothing we can do about this…oh well!” Attitude. I’m sure they weighed the cons of what may happen once they were in control, and different ideas about what the new normal would be. The solution?: our Constitution. We already have the blueprint

  • I agree with 99.9% of what you say, but medical marijuana is helping a lot of people. It helps chronic pain, restless legs, anxiety, depression, appetite, ,sleep etc. with no addiction. There are low to high levels of thc, so it doesn’t have to make you stoned. If it does make you buzzy you can take CBD to counteract that. Romans 14:14 …there is nothing unclean in itself.

  • Exactly, there is no meaningful dialogue with the demoRats, DS, globalists. Their only dialogue is as you said they tell us what to think and thats IT. This is known from personal experience.

  • There is slavery in America, human trafficking, child trafficking is worse than slavery and the top levels are involved. A long time ago I was telling people that government was going to make all children wards of the state.

  • Turn all schools 12 grade down into Christian church schools-no more government involved,teach a 3rd bible a 3rd economics,business and a 3rd general learning, year round with breaks

  • Conservatives should stop constantly throwing the Constitution around as though it still exists and that it is in any way respected. Our government, along with some wealthy, over paid lawyers, file suits to tear down that precious document. We the people have no say in the appointment of the high court judges, but instead depend on "elected officials" to appropriately interview then vote on who gets the appointment. We have also allowed money to rule by way of lobbyists who have no place in government, and yet there they are! Politics should not be a career, and being a politician should not make anyone wealthy. We have been dangling on the edge of a cliff for entirely too long now. So Doug, Republicans need to grow a pair and start learning how to fight back or we are finished.

  • Remember Lexington and Concord.  The British tyrants were marching to confiscate guns and the Patriots stood and fought.  Even worse, the Patriots followed the tyrants, and killed them one by one all the way back to base.  The Revolutionary War had started.  When tyrants come to confiscate guns.  Fight to the death.  Liberty or death!

  • Yes – How to Un-do many years of propaganda Marxist communist brainwash that has infected at least 50% of the US?
    We need some very strong republican leaders and speakers in HIGH places who are not afraid to speak the truth and back POTUS.
    How often do we see this? We need many, many more Jim Jordan's in EVERY aspect of the WH. To Expose the evil behind the curtain.
    Alternate media journalists are doing a GREAT job but MSM HAS to change. Bring back the Smith-Mundt Act?
    Boycott Hollyweird/TV that are destroyers of family values and morals.
    Change the Academia brainwash/indoctrination. It's out of control.

  • Why do you ignore the fact that our "government" has been in a de facto state for almost 100 years, and we were robbed of the Constitution through our leaders and the way they do not represent us any longer… and are puppets for those who we are indebted to?
    "The borrower is the servant of the lender."

  • In some parts of California, if a parent is on govt assistance, they require the children to start public school at 3 years old. Take the children from the family atmosphere as early as possible is their plan. I remember the time where if your child was born past November, they could not start school until the following year, when they were 6 years old.

  • So, the walls are buckling, and the roof is about to fall in.

    So, let’s pursue multi-decade solutions when they have the power???

    We need to move to intelligent fighting mode. Not stupid protests. Targeted pressure operations on key drivers of this crap….Non-Violent pressure on key people.

    Doing nothing but diagnosis without surgery is a prescription for death.

  • What concerns me is the massive voter fraud that we cannot stop. We will NEVER GAIN any control of who runs our country and communities if the voter fraud is not stopped.

  • The Satanic Globalist now have the technology to control and enslave mankind worldwide to them and Satan. The confusion is intentional and they have taken normal out of everything. There is no normal and right or wrong anymore. If you live your life for God and according to Biblical truth you are seen as a terrorist by Globalist/Liberals in America. Satan is the master of deception and he is using "Love" as a deception to get Christians and Christian churches as a whole to accept wrongs as right to take America down with the NWO and the one world Satanic religion the Catholic pope is pushing right now. There is no stopping what is happening unless people including Christians get back to God and repent, which they will not because they believe the church/religion will sav them. The Bible warns with prophecies of End Times. The 2000 year church age which was excellent in saving peoples souls is over and we are entering end times. The only hope anyone has is turning their life over to God through repentance before the Globalist using Chemtrials and their weather control as a weapons, GMO food, flu shots, and all the things they are using to deceive people as good to decrease the population of the world by billions. Don't think for a minute the Globalist need 7 Billion people in this world. The Globalist only need 500 million to be slaves according to the Georgia Guidestones which are their Satanic 10 commandments.

  • Keith is spot on regarding "what now after the revolution". Sadly/very sadly, we are way past the moment where that is possible. However, there is still time to mortally inflict on all of those that caused the fall of America. How? Start with military/veterans/militia blocking off DC. No in no out. It's your swamp, the one you created and wanted so badly; you will now end your days in DC. Concurrently, begin the retribution on all of the groups and leaders of all institutions that helped crumble America. Who is that. For starters we can begin with all government controlled educators/leaders. Their unrelenting effort to dummy down American children, and then indoctrinate them against the country while at the same time helping to encourage the drugging of any students that are a little revved up. Oh, and did I mention how they pushed God out of school, and almost single handedly crushed all/any mention of Christianity because the < 1.5% (you know who they are) couldn't stand to hear anything about Christ; including Christmas. My next preference would be anyone, and I mean anyone involved in the Abortion Industry. Abort them; after all isn't post birth abortion OK now?

    The list goes on forever almost, given the fact that they've had 70+ years to do their dirty deeds. We are way past the point where we can take back the country, and return it to its former state. All we have left now is a very brief period where we can take revenge, and take out the DNA pool that caused all of this to happen. Let the misery shift now to those that caused all this, or not. AMF.

  • Leftists are used to making a big scene and getting their way so refuse to argue and put the ones committing crimes in jail! The rest will get the message

  • I learned in nursing school in my psychology class…you cannot reason or change a narcissistic/delusion of grandeur thinking or personality…the chances are slim unless you electric shock their brain😨😵😟😞

  • I think most people who see this for what is understand that there needs to be a civil war or revolt of some kind but they have no idea how to get everyone on the same page and organize it. I have no idea either. Our government is our enemy.

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