Kyle Drennen, Media Research Center’s Senior News Analyst and a Contributing Editor to NewsBusters, discusses that 99% of CNN viewers believe President Trump has been lying about the Russia investigation. In other words, the cable channel’s biased coverage has been so complete that nearly all of its audience has decided that Trump has lied when denying Russian collusion.

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  • Thank you for exposing once AGAIN the evil of the left & globalists aligned with Soros/EU/UN Islamic State agenda. We're in a war that hasn't gone hot yet. This worries me because I don't see how we're going to avoid blood in the streets.

  • People need to remember that CNN is in the schools & in public spaces too. It's brainwashing. MS13NBC is just as bad in my opinion & is HORRIBLY racist & incites violence. And both networks are echoed across radio & social media, print media & throughout Hollywood & music industries.
    And unless the Trump admin addresses this very soon – we are in big trouble come 2020 because our 1st Amendment is under massive attack. People are SICK of the attacks, physically & mentally. People will snap & that's exactly what the enemy wants.

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