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  • Libra rising here. Yes this shift was expected on this right side of things 😊 I love you so much A. 💙 Will miss you while you're in Hawaii🌞Have fun enjoy rest you deserve it. Thank you

  • Hi Aluna 🙂 Thank you so much for your readings! The vimeo link doesn't work, though, so I tried just going to vimeo and doing a search. It only came up with one of yours, which was for January, but it wasn't an "on demand" video. There were 0 for you in the "on demand" category. I hope it's fixed soon, I'm so looking forward to hearing the rest of the reading. Much love and light, and many blessings to you <3

  • If anyone wants to know what's been going on in my life, here it is. Been preparing for a while for the shift to bring me onto a desired bath. That blew up in my face literally. My home/boat burned. The place I was staying became unbearable so I ended up back with my estranged family. Now I'm realizing softening and heAling with my father at the home I ran from. Also, I'm being faced with a huge debt because the property owner wouldn't wait 3 days for us to do the clean up. And so much more. Actually delayed meditation when I saw this up. Resonates so strongly.

  • Wow. That's got to be the most libra reading I've ever heard. "you or them, them or you, you and another, not you or you…" LOL. You really tap into those zodiac energies don't you. My head is spinning, I think I gotta watch this one more time and be them or you or someone else, just to spin in the other direction and get back to center.. 😉.

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    Don't know which is left or right 🤣😏
    It's 9.39

  • Wife left me after 21 years of marriage, and 5 kids, moved to another state and took my kids , left me broken in more ways than one , Very manipulative woman, all happened in one month, used my Libra heart against me!!!!, hard for me to say thank you , but thank you Aluna ash, for the truth

  • Holy crud I just listened on honor of my mom and this is what’s happening for my mother’s home . She’s deceased but someone lied a long time ago and then tried some fishy shit . Now we’re in legal battle . Too much details but damn did not expect this

  • Hi Aluna, thank you so much for this reading, it completely resonated with my soulmates current situation and I wanted to get extended but it says URL cannot be found ? Thank you !! 💓🙏🏼💫✨💫

  • Aluna, I have waited 5 months, for this Tarot Card Reading. Wow. Yes, its my DM. God has now FORCED him to shift, so that we can be together.

  • I reside with landlord in his home. He's also a Libra. Recently, I confronted him about his inappropriate behavior once I became fed up. His reaction was to terminate my tenancy; his ego will not allow opposition from others. I'm scrambling, now, trying to find shelter but relieved in a way I can start over again after a year of conflict. I am also a mother who's had an abusive childhood but I'm healing. You are so on point, as always. Thank you, Aluna. ❤️

  • Aluna, you hit it on alot of points with me. Both husband an i both Libras. He's September, myself October. Having a hard time financially and trying to leave a small city to go back home, to a small rural area. Money is a big factor.

  • Libra rising here. Spot on! I would like to move & leave the work for room & board situation that I am in. I feel like a slave. The homeowner who I help is ultra manipulative & very unfair. I have no security net either due to life changes in the past. There are secrets hidden from me. Thus reading rang true!

  • Hey Aluna-tks – yr reading seems to be spot on for me – YES this does RESONATE. my living situation is shared in a coop bldg with 11 people and for the past 2 years there is 1 person manipulation and over charging and getting paid from our bank account. Yes, and it did not go in my favor – when I tried to expose this at the annual meeting. Totally unfair & it did effect me emotionally & physically big time and financially re excessive charges for work completed here in the bldg. Was stressful but have distanced myself since summer 2018. Meeting is coming up again this year March and yes I have Revisit this again. YES decisions were lacking truth the last 2 years and I'm not selling my condo home to escape this stress. 2017-2018 was physically sick. I feel 2019 having higher vibration, healing from summer 2018 and continuing today….. so I'm in a much better place now 2019. BUT still have to FACE this meeting march 26-28 during mercury retrograde. HOPING the truth is revealed this year !!!!! Dreading this all… Wanted to AVOID this meeting. YES HE is SAGIST !! I only want peace and cohesive and collaboration. Luv my home and living here since 20 yrs and this is out of control since 2016. Trying to focus on other aspects of life for my own sanity. Starting new volunteer work this month. Keeping a healthy and positive perspective and maintaining my good vibres.

  • This was really really confusing
    . Seemed like there were 3 people in the reading.. and since u use the word " Someone" for everyone .. it gets unclear and confusing. Who ure talking about.. alot of it resonates but gets tangled somehow

  • hey aluna!
    last year in may i ordered a reading and i know you have been quite busy since then, but i was wondering, since so much has changed since then and the things that are going on within myself shifted a lot, can i somehow write you again about my current state of mind AND are you even aware of the fact, that this reading has never been sent out? i really don't wanna be pushy and i have a lot of understanding for you, needing to get your things done, but it's been almost a year now and i could reaaally use some guidance….
    sending you much love and i hope i can reach you with this message.

  • Any one whom lives in Colorado interested in starting a off grid community with me? ima try to buy my own acer of land or few in the next few years. im just looking for good soul fam with good hearts to love and see there soul gifts shine ideas or work. not looking for money, but like interested in people wanting to get off grid or at least close to off grid. i dont really want to go alone, but will. id love to figure out making a well, and form a good source of food and water. i defiantly will do a green house. i got a decent amount of doe for this, but ya coment back and we could exchange emails. i really dont like the whole rush to get out of the city and back on to mother earth, cuz its giving me a bit of anxiety trying to do it alone. i would love some support, help building shacks and loving relation ships. all alone right now. we could exchange numbers or email. im a very loving person. and no contentment or nothing, i would pay for this myself, not looking for ur money just friendship.

  • First time sub! You are amazing, totally resonates with my current situation 🎯! Hoping to receive a raise this March promised from January 2019. My significant other treated me so unfair, currently expecting, walked away into a 3rd party situation. Living situation is a bit strained being in the same space and no communication since 1 February. Thank you!

  • You are the only reader who has picked up on this v stressful – homelife, stability, injustice relating to family, work & finance. Thank you for this reading & encouragement.

  • Hi fam and hi Aluna!🦋I just started my youtubechannel to talk about healing with energy, twin flames and to offer my healings to everyone on youtube. If anyone needs assistance I am here for you, specially if you guys are clairvoyants, healers or empaths or awakening your divine feminine energy, I can help. Much love 🌸and thank you Aluna

  • This was accurate. I booked a campaign with a shoe industry and the agency that was responsible for the contract took a bigger percentage than we had agreed and the didn’t want to give the money. I booked the campaign alone but for law issues I had to do it through an agency… It hurt me so badly, lost faith in people, the owner of the modeling agency was a friend…

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