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  • Get rid of Wi-fi and watch your life change. Cover your smart meter with a smart meter guard and watch your health improve. Back pain for 15 years and covered my smart meter and within two hours back pain gone. Just my experience. Not a doctor. In my opinion…..this is a disinformation "controlled opposition site" Go to Matthew North or Fullerton Informer or Know More News. Unsubbed. All in my opinion with my own experience.

  • DavidπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ These people are sick😑😑😑😑 Q sent me😎😎😎 These
    People -Jamaica a big mistaka??πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • I dont understand why these lowly actresses are under arrest, when someone on the college board itself had to be a part of this too! Why arent these colleges being held accountable?

  • Many moments.
    However one that comes to mind is the realisation that the CEO of the company that I was employed by earned in one day what the average employee earned in 3 years!

  • I love your channel, but I live on a fixed income. I have no extra money. I depend on state medical. Yes, I've lived in chronic pain and am not on opioid. God bless you.

  • Donald Trump is trash, bad example. Whoever controls the money controls it all including USA. Converted Khazarian jews in Fed Reserve run your country. Reasearch!

  • You stories are full of crap, David. Always trying to take advantage of people by telling tales about indictments and somebody is in jail and somebody is being arrested- blah blah blah. You should be blackball from Youtube. I have never seen so many stupid people follow you with all your tales concerning our government.

  • I actually had pain in upper right quadrant for years, even after gallbladder removal. I just discovered Chanca Piedra, which comes in tea, tincture, and pills. I drink the tea and put the tincture in my drink. It removes kidney stones pretty quickly. It removes gallstones and calcium buildup all over body, which is in soft tissue. It cleans kidneys and liver. It helps with blood sugar. It's amazing!

  • The product Zubey is pushing is Protandim by LifeVantage. LifeVantage was warned by the FDA to stop making false claims about Protandim such as curing cancer and diabetes. Shady stuff going on with this company plus it is way too expensive,

  • I think everyone should somehow clean their whole system with fasts and herbs etc. I have seen the blogs on youtube that says that they are putting human dna into meat and medicines and sweetners to sweeten, and preserve meat and other foods . So guess what? If you have been buying candy or burgers or going out to eat,or even buy food from the grocery store. You can buy organic but you dont really know if it is organic or not. I am convincef that all these chem trails and preservatives and stem cell dna is what is causing alzheimers and parkinson disease and other diseases . Or it contributes to them. Cleansing helps a lot. I eat fish and a little chicken once in a while for protein. No beef. And only wild caught fish. Farm raised everything adds this crap to their food. WWG1WGAπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • These arrests wouldn't be happening if Hillary had been put in office. So many of these priests parents and pediphilles! Hooray for Trump he is cleaning up the corruption all over the countryπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • You mentioned Trump on the life change. I can't help but wonder if what happened in John Juniors life was what changed him? He was truly close to John and Trump was on the inside with the dems and something said and overheard about that situation could have been his turning point. Just speculating…

  • Since I'm over 80, injured my back four times, first hit by a car in my 20's and last the main vertebra in my lower back was broken with separation in my 60's and never more than a couple days without pain in 16 years. But being hard of hearing, a telephone call would mean I would only hear a word here and there so I guess I just out of luck with any pain medication. Well I'm glad if others get the help they need and wish it could be for all. Know there must be a good reason the phone call is the only way it can be purchased. Thanks anyway…

  • Good Thurs morning. The weekend is almost here!!!

    I hate it for Lori Loughlin. My daughter & I watched Full House & now I've watched Fuller House. I never thought of Lori as a cheater. Love her, but these filthy rich folks MUST learn they are NOT above the law. Lori, is it worth a ruined career? Is it worth what ppl will say of you? It's a sad shame.

  • Believe very little of what come out of the mainstream media, and don't support people that support people on the world stage.This guy is a character, and possibly control opposition. I don't buy nothing he say, plus he push alot of prapaganda.

  • Humans, for the most part, have no awareness of the world in which we live.
    They follow the flow believing that it is normal to be sick, to grow old and to suffer before dying.
    Just as their perception of "democracy" is a dream inculcate to make us believe that we have power, we have the power that our master want us to go, that is to say none, but many illusion of power.
    Just like the Disneylands of this world they (our masters) confine us in a reality that they forge us every day by restricting our rights and freedoms in a furtive way to go unnoticed and make us swallow the pill with Disneylands, of the Alcohol and Drugs (legal or not it's the same because it kills us slowly every day trying to compensate, our miseries and bad poisonous diet, with illusions of relief "alleged medical or distracting or psychological).
    Their fake-medicinally chemical products keep us in the dependence of the pharmaceutical companies, very profit-oriented, but not on the morale and the welfare of the citizens.
    The consciousness of humans is waking up, but many too are still prisoner of the ego-forging matrix more inclined to seek a standard of living than to purify the body and mind.

  • Why are you giving up David you and I are on a role we can't give up now no matter what it looks like we've come to far less put these pedios sway sir doyle from hospitalgate!

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