August 20, 2019 Linda Moulton Howe — Live 05/29/2019

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  • That's Scary And Makes Us Feel In Such significants.?! To Speak of Billions.?! I will Stick with the Love Yeshua ✝️ Has For Us And that importance.?! But this Is enlighting

  • Awesome work! Like you, I feel like something big is right around the corner. There's a reason; I'm sure, why all this space expansion talk is happening all of a sudden. This is not just chatter – something more is at work here.

  • Secret missions to the moon were designed to create the foundation for a base. If we filmed each mission and followed each mission, it would have exhausted our interest. The money would have dried up. Will Linda consider breast enhancements? I can divert black budget money to it.

  • You’re awesome Linda. I can’t help but smile with wonder and amazement watching your videos imagining what is possible for our planet. 👽💫🛸🚀🌏🌍🌎✨
    Love from Australia

  • Another wonderful show. Jeff Bezos was not succeeding with Amazon until the CIA (owned by FOREIGN INVADERS OF USA—SERCO, CROWN CORPORATION) began paying him millions of our dollars. He does not want to leave Earth because of what we're doing to her. He wants to leave because HIS PSYCHOPATHIC BOSSES ARE GENOCIDING [sic] us by massive poisoning…omniciding Earth. You MUST know about them spraying us with their hazardous industrial waste products rather than spending $$billions disposing of them properly. You MUST know about all the poisons intentionally put into our food, water/drinks, drugs,++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You MUST know that now they're INJECTING OUR NEWBORNS with poisons on their first day of life…JUST LIKE THEY INJECTED MICE AND HAMSTERS ON THEIR FIRST DAY OF LIFE IN THEIR VACCINE EXPERIMENTS. You MUST know the foreign invaders of our country, the CIA, are the drug kingpins of the world, causing massive numbers of opium addictions, trying to accomplish what they did in China, tearing families apart, destroying lives, dividing and subjugating. All poisons decimate mammals' reproductive systems. These serial mass murderers have already genocided [sic] most non-working poor and disabled people in the UK, and they're doing it here now….They call it "killing the creditor". As for "space wars", it was already created in the 1980s. Trump is over 30 years too late. : D

  • Another great show Thank you dear Linda and Team 🤗 🙏🍀🌸 Let's start more Schools of Cause and Effect with knowledge and teachings from you Linda and so many others. I just started KAJE LIFE DESIGN For Health, Wealth and Happiness and will in future blogs refer to your Earth Files. Much love 💕 from Europe // Kat 😻

  • There are planets FAR more beautiful than earth, with purple flowering trees that never shed their flowers, pink flowering bushes, and these trees are some half a kilometer in height to to lesser gravity. Yellow flowering vines, meadows of flowers the size of a state. You have no idea.

  • We will need help from advanced technology alian civilizations to survive the Earth Catastrophe Cycles that have wiped out earlier advanced civilizations here on Good Earth. They better come out soon, we are overdue. It may be happening now Grand Solar Minimum, Magnetic Reversal, Galactic Core Super Wave Intergalactic Transient Gama Burst Solar Galactic Environment Local Bubble and on and on.

  • Linda, I can not express in words how deeply you have touched my soul, especially in the latter parts of the show. I think we are " ALL " here at this time, to assist one another through this transition . To do exactly the same soul to soul help to " EVERYONE ", and it doesn't matter where we go in the universe, we have our human family. I always think of a passage in the bible that I really try and base my own ethos on, Proverbs chapter 4 vs 23 " Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. " If we live our lives with love, I think we can save Mother Earth and unite to protect her. To protect humanity , our wildlife, our vegetation, our seas and waterways, our forests and deserts.
    Make a new garden of Eden together here on Earth as it was in the beginning. Love from your soul sister Janice from England x

  • Google "Fluxliner." Humans can fly super fast and stop on a dime without getting hurt if they are using alien technology. Full disclosure now, please.

  • Hey Linda Wonderful Show! As Always Love Your Heart Openness Your Great Info But Mostly Your Love For GOD & People & Prayer & Us Helping Each Other Through Thank YOU! Love Your Cross Too Take Care GOD BLESS YOU YOURS! Really Appreciate YOU 😊

  • President Trump is exceptionally knowledgeable about the extraterrestrial presence, despite the mainstream media attempting to portray him in an idiotic light. We have to remember he bears his uncle’s middle name and John Trump was privy to Tesla’s papers and government intelligence sources.
    During the election campaign he was deliberately dismissive about UFOs as he knew the MSM would portray him as a conspiracy fruitcake, yet he must have been deeply frustrated at the direction American policy on space exploration was going – not to mention the economy and America’s then dwindling standing asa leader for excellence.
    We have to remember how he talked about new technologies and medical advancements in his inauguration speech, as these are the very things he knew were being suppressed and hidden from the population by the Military Industrial Complex.

  • Mankind is doomed to never learning the truth as long as greed driven Zionist jews run the planet..the truth and jews are complete strangers to one another.

  • Linda, your long answers are one of the reasons I love your presentations. This is a great gift. I hope you never put a bushel over it ❤️🙌🏼

  • Linda – You are confusing the Spirit with the Soul. The Soul is the animating/lifeforce of the body, but what we are is the eternal Spirit. Not all living beings have an eternal Spirit like humans do. And not all humans have an eternal Spirit. The eternal Spirit, which is the real us, continues to exist after our body vehicle dies, and we return to where we came from, Source. We are part of Source, that is why we are eternal, and our consciousness can create, just like Source does.

  • What's the story with John Burroughs?? I heard on Fade to Black he was walking away from the UFO community a few weeks ago and then nothing else. Any word on what happened and if he's ok?

  • First new episode of Ancient Aliens is on tonight. "Returning to Antarctica ". I'm interested to see what they reveal. Hoping to see
    Linda on the episode this evening.
    When will people start taking the info on Ancient Aliens more seriously?Paul Hellyer and his testimony alone is something to be concerned about.

  • Hi Linda, THANKS for risking everything to bring us this info. I'd like to know why won't someone put the real info with pictures out there? They could use a fake name OR no name and post it online somewhere or publish the info. After searching as far as I can this subject I've not been able to see pictures of real aliens, (as far as I believe) I do believe we are in danger of some of those beings want to take earth over and possibly eat us? Being in danger why don't they fore warn us? And if their are "friendlies" why not let us form a bond of sorts. I'm getting up in years and I'd Love disclosure before I leave here. P.S. I'm pretty sure Dr. Greer is one of them.



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