Erica Lukes presenting at The Portal to Ascension Conference 2018 in Irvine, CA at the Atrium Hotel.

For decades the United States Government has chosen to suppress information about the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. We have also learned that government officials infiltrated UFO organizations and the media in attempts to steer the narrative and discredit the subject, thereby muddying the waters for people with a genuine interest. Erica Lukes traveled to Norway’s Hessdalen Valley to visit Associate Professor Erling Strand and the Project Hessdalen team to learn how effective research can be performed on anomalous light phenomena.

Project Hessdalen began in 1981 when the valley experienced a flurry of reports from concerned residents. The residents were witness to strange balls of light that hovered over mountain tops, houses and other locations in the area. They also observed black, oval, rectangular, cigar and disc-shaped objects. In 1984, Erling Strand assembled a team of researchers to conduct a field study of the area and found the sightings to be so overwhelming that he approached Ostfold University College to obtain funding for a complete study.

For the past 35 years scientists from France, Germany and Italy have worked together to pioneer ways of detecting and recording anomalous lights now knows as β€œThe Hessdalen Phenomena.” Learn how scientists from Europe have pushed research boundaries by examining these seemingly intelligent objects.

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