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  • Thanks, Ben, Kat, et al…39ºF/51ºF; ENE @ 5-10 mph; Cldy w/50% chance of Rain in western Ark.
    Music a bit too loud while you were talking, Ben. (It's unreal how much perfection we expect from you, eh?! So sorry!) Glad y'all made it safely thru the storm!
    Enjoy a Fine Friday, S0s, and a Wonderful Weekend! ♡♥♥♡

  • Hi all. UK south coast ( Dorset ). 9 degrees C / 48F ( which is the predicted high ), winds ESE at 14 – 19 mpoh / 22.5 – 30.6 kph, humidity 91%, UVI 1 ( low ). It's a dry but mostly cloudy day here today. Outdoors it's a bit miserable-looking, but not too horrid really. So it's an ok day for an outdoor lunch.

  • Thanks for the morning update. Starting my day off with 50 degrees Fahrenheit and raining. Expecting much heavier rain today and tomorrow. Flood warnings already in effect. I remember back in the 60's that we had 10-12 foot snowdrifts and didn't think anything about it. That's because I was only a kid and enjoyed it. Enjoy your day people. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

  • Please recognize flagstaff is at a city altitude of 7000 with a pass 200 above that and it is February (winter) not unusual to get mountain snow storms that deliver this every 4-5 years

  • Snow in Flagstaff or out by Slippery Rock I can understand. But 6,000 feet lower in hot Phoenix? I would not want to take any highway curve at 70 during snow. I doubt anyone had a snow plow or salt truck. (smiles) Lots of sand though
    With so much precipitation, water vapor coming out of the atmosphere, global temps could drop faster. Water vapor reflects more heat back to earth.

  • I'm wondering Ben, if you are keeping track of the size of the coronal holes and the latitude on the sun. And I had the unsettling thought that micro nova's may happen every 400 years, Without a world wide network or an understanding of space, how would you know if something happened in one part of the world that affected the whole? .. Out of the 1,000's of UFO reports, all it takes is for one of them to be a real alien craft. Who would know before WW II when every flying craft started to be tracked? .. It's interesting that observing the sun (in Europe) started about the same time as the last LIA.
    Mankind keeps running into the settled science thing. " I'm not a climate scientist. I don't understand it. AGW said it. I believe it. End of story. " Now to enforce that on the rest that don't.

  • Im from Phoenix but now I live in Victoria BC… Hoping a few more years pass until I can get my sister to take Cascadia seriously. You did well driving that far in winter storm conditions Ben! I bet your forearms were a bit tense from gripping the wheel for hours. Have a good time in the south… Don't miss Bisbee! Cheers

  • Previous water flow evidence on Mars looks more like plasma discharge scarring. It's the same pattern you see in wood arc burning using an old microwave magnitron or welder.

  • 42°F and a cold rain on the Northern coast of NC. Had rain, have rain, more rain in bound and sick of rain. We would like to work in the fields but not going to happen. Thank you and have a good Friday everyone.

  • Big earthquake 7.5 hope everyone is ok. Good eye seeing the two cyclones moving in opposite directions. The one at the bottom is almost a thousand miles across . The weather is at its best to let us know its there take care stay safe keep up the great work. God bless you peace be with you.

  • I wonder what would happen Ifn a Mars Lander lander in a riverbed, & found GOLD😳 LOTS & LOTS OF GOLD🤑🤑🤑 FILL YOUR POCKETS IN SECONDS🤠🤠🤠 GOLD!!!!

  • We had 2 . 2.1 and 2.2 near the SeaTac airport and literally under my childhood friends house at 2pm yesterday. Now it's 32 earthquakes in 2 weeks for Washington state. If you live in Washington or the Pacific Northwest please visit the RSOE ALERT MAP.!!! I KEEP IT OPEN ON MY LAPTOP TO WATCH THE ACTIVITY 24 HRS A DAY.
    I'm glad there wasn't that 7.5 in Seattle like there was in Ecuador. I jumped up when the Disaster Prediction app sounded off a few hours ago.

  • Speaking strictly for the DFW area but other than some Spring-type rain showers, our winter has been uneventful. Kind of disappointed. I haven't even needed 4WD.

  • Hello 0bservers! Fog here in amarillo and 33°F with a high wind warning! No big surprise since the dang wind has been blowing us away for what seems like a month now. Any of you 0bservers out there notice how the movie "Knowing" is playing every day on showtime? Watching the weather channel and L.A. got hit with hail and snow yesterday. Weather is being weird this year. Snow records and earthquakes, and a cup of coffee.

  • Thats a heck of a jolt to wake up to. Keeping those folks in my thoughts & prayers.
    I caught part of 19 yesterday Ben , and will finish that today. Thank you.
    Have a safe weekend everyone & stay alert.

  • After seeing the change in data wind soead variability from yesterday's update I said to myself, maybe today is the day. Looks like it is. It's pretty nice now that I can anticiapte an earthquakes. Been several people on YT responsible for showing me this route but in combination with them all you really do start to internalize it all.

  • I've only seen one observer other point it out @Emmet Dixson.
    The water channels at 2:09 do not appear such. Nearly every portion of the channel shows coronal streamers, water should've flowed straight and not caused a litchenberg pattern. It could've channeled water at some point, but that's not what carved the channel. Further evidence in the bottom left portion of the channel there are 3 linearly aligned craters inside of the channel and what appears to be more cratering continuing up and out of the channel also in a linear line. The crater along the crater wall of the large crater on the right side near the top of the photo imply an electrical event affected the area, near the top middle of the photo is a crater which is physically connected to the channel with TWO craters along the crater wall. the mountain formation near one end of the channel in the bottom left of the photo might display litchenberg pattern as hypothesized by Steinbacher & Hall to be the result of electrical mountain formation though it's hard to tell at this resolution. To me the right side of the formation seems to be raising the material more than carving it while the left side seems much more machined away, just speculating though it would be cool to see the elevation map of this area as well.

  • Thanks Ben! S0 bringing a bit of daily light into a world of dark forces!
    So, papers are starting to delve into the cold too… They had to change speech, warming no longer sticks easily! But now they only stamp the magic word "anthropogenic" in selected key moments – they want to it to become implicit and simultaneously cover their backs, should any paper be disproved as man-made – clever!

  • Amazing Amazing Weather , 85 in Florida ,that trop storm has been out their for along time if you get a chance check out it's track .lol the one by Australia and there is another one just above in the northern hem



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