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  • The India and Pakistan nuclear war sounds Hegelian dialectic… Sounds like a great way to clamp down on them and introduce a kind of global order. I don't think any countries would willingly plunge us into a nuclear winter. There would be years of bloody war first.

  • Seeing lots of new screen-names here is awesome. The secrets slipping out! The best channel on YouTube is right here!
    Tell a friend 👍

    Book Alert…

    Anybody watch Alex on Rogan. Over 4 hours.
    I was entertained and enlightened, and laughed my ass off several times. Good show!

    I've used the term "Alex Jones Syndrome" for gloom n doomer exploitation, and effect conspiracy theories can have on the halfway awake folks out there.

    But I realize now that hearing his overthetop musings and insights doesn't have to mean that you believe it, and amazingly, every once in a while?
    He will blow your mind with facts and connected dots.

    Pigeonholing anyone who says things that are unconventional or "out there" as BAD or as dangerous or as counterproductive, is merely an excuse to avoid thinking uncomfortable thoughts.
    To avoid the manifestation of disbelief and aversion, causing an emotional response akin to nausea and revulsion?
    Well, that's no way for a thinking sentient being to live. Works great for ostriches tho!

    Censorship has no place in a free society with freedom of thought and expression.
    Rejecting ideas because they are uncomfortable, limits one's available perspectives, and that's a bad thing!

    The guy seems to have a unique family history and background that affords his perspectives. He truly seems to give a shit about you, me, America, and our future. His rants occur because his brain moves too fast, thru the maze it resembles… as he pontificates hours on end.
    But he does so with what appears to be actual sincerity and desire to search for truth, getting out of hand…;)

    But…to saturate ones self in that mindset, without the ability to recognize rationality in an irrational environment? To understand that some conspiracies are real, when many are bullshit, and even those may hold a kernel of reality? That requires a stable mind and occasionally, some due diligence. A willingness to engage in thought experiments and think those things thru which, hold rationality and that kernel of truth.

    Alex is not always crazy and wrong. Just as we 0bservers arent, yet can be seen as such by those who are not versed in the fundamentals here!
    His problem is he rants out loud without thinking things through, and that gets him labeled as a nut case. As irrational and irresponsible!

    It got him in trouble but deplatforming, demonetizing and demonizing, through online content censorship and dying corporate MSM tabloid news excrement? To squelch someone's ability to feed their kids?
    That's pretty friggin unamerican IMO! It's unconstitutional, fearful, injurious and desperate.

    For without falsehoods and errors, there can be no truth. Truth often hides amongst falsehood? We can ignore or we can dig, think and conclude.

    Regardless of the subject or the messenger, serious issues involving for example, such things as the suns influences, the changing climate, war, propaganda, politics, disingenuous corporate and globalist agendas, etc?
    Understanding what's really going on requires the serious consideration of some things that at first blush seem nonsensical, by suspending ones disbelief long enough to see the fly shit in the pepper.

    Alex Jones is a peppershaker! Pepper is good but we don't put it on baby food! Not until we can shake it out ourselves should we use it. And even then, at first, we can use too much!
    I enjoyed that Joe Rogan podcast and came away thinking something I didn't expect.

    That Alex is like a semi automatic rifle. Only dangerous when held by the inexperienced or disturbed.
    But they can be a lot of fun to shoot and once in a while? Come in handy!
    But to be truly free and possessing of liberty?
    Everyone must have the right to have one, until they do something wrong! That holds true with opinions and conclusions as well.
    America's not easy nor safe.
    But I wouldn't have it any other way. A real patriotic American will defend to the the death, the right of another to profess or advocate, that which you've spent your life opposing. Something many on the right and most on the left seem to have forgotten.

    Resist censorship of all kinds, regardless of your beliefs, ideology or revulsion. Lest bit by bit, the boots of authoritism and repression find all our necks and We the Frogs… boil!

    That's coming from someone who remembers where he was when JFK was murdered! Who has lived thru times of actual war we could have lost, started by the kind of shenanigans that Alex continuously looks for. Someone who has seen the best and the worst of humanity. Someone who has hopes of a better tomorrow through understanding the past and the goodwill of mankind. ✌


  • Thanks as always Ben. Half the terms are still greek to me even after all these years, but I am learning as I go. Appreciate you keeping us updated on our Sol. Be well everyone, sunny and clear in Portland and ready for spring!

  • Ben, thank you for all you do to keep us informed…I love the videos, and especially the ones from the Frontier Summit you had earlier last month. I appreciate your guests…Thank You, Thank You, God Bless you, Eyes open, no fear, be safe everyone…

  • I like how you keep us grounded in our cosmic advancement with remembrance to the past using "thermo nickers", it certainly gives measure to how far we've come. Very inspiring. Thermo nickers had to be "itchy".

  • I don't comment often but I am so pleased to hear you calling out false paper info, and your stance and video on environment was awesome keep it going,. You rock nuff loving from UK

  • Hello all from under the polar vortex. 22F, officially passed the 1975 record of snow, still another 10 inches before beating the 1893 record. Mutiple notices from the power company advising about increased demand on the grid.

  • Glad to hear about the proposed elimination of the paywall on scientific papers. I was able to get some through the Inter-Library Loan system at my school,but, alas, they've cut me off. Something about reaching their copyright limit or something.

  • Any research facility that receives tax payer funds, and study funded even in part by taxes, are OWNED by the American public and we demand full access to our product. We furthermore are due settlement for harm and damages endured by any publication or entity that wrongly claims copyright to our product in a conspiracy to limit our access by financial or other means.

  • "A reason for the New World Order, or rationalization, as the case may be, is the very real possibility that some terrorists will set off a global nuclear war by detonating an atomic bomb to make a political point. I believe that it is safe to say that any large-scale exchange of atomic or hydrogen weapons will result in the complete destruction of civilization and could, precipitate the escalation of the onslaught of an ice age. The obvious conclusion would be that any kind of compromise leading to the coexistence is better than any kind of nuclear exchange. In other words, "better Red than dead." – William Cooper Behold A Pale Horse

  • Hey Ben, with regards to nuclear threats I would highly encourage you to read about the work of Captain Bruce L. Cathie from New Zealand.

    He was a professional airline pilot who made many fascinating discoveries during his life about UFO's and Earth's energy system. His books are still available and there are still many interviews and documentaries on his life and studies on YouTube. His multifaceted work became know as "Harmonic Mathematics", and by its very nature studied the relationship between energy and matter, which resulted in him, among many things, being able to predict the nuclear tests happening at that time around the world. Nuclear bombs being essentially geometric energy devices, he found that they could only be detonated effectively upon specific points near or on the Earth's surface, requiring a very precise position and location of the Sun and or Moon to create a successful nuclear reaction. There's little point in me trying to summarise his work properly here, but start by taking a look at these links:
    Lectures 1 & 2 – ,
    The World Grid and the software created to calculate grid mathematics by Rod Maupin, his collaborator –

  • Somewhere I read that the sun's recurrent patterns suggest it is perhaps controlled by Earth in contradistinction from what we are told; likewise, it's the blood that pumps the heart. A smile makes you happy and a frown makes you sad. Keep on smilin'.

  • About the El~nino i found this…Weak El Nino conditions are present in the tropical Pacific, and are likely to persist through spring 2019. Due to the expected weak strength, widespread or significant global impacts are not anticipated. However, some localized areas may experiences impacts during the next few months. that's from Noaa ,Which is why the US has had so Much Snow and Rain

  • Standing on the shoulder of giants is all fair and good until you take the time to think for yourself and not rely on the opinions/belief structures of the previous generations. Science has lost its direction, let us hope that the new young scientists break free from the shackles of dogma and compliance and focus on what they see and can measure in the real world, not what they can mathematically construe as possible.

  • How many nukes did the U.S. Detonate in the 60s both terrestrial and atmospheric? Over 300 and that doesn't count the tests before then. It didn't cause a nuclear winter then and it won't now. Doesn't mean it's a good idea either.

  • Will pray for peace in the world for all in India and Pakistan and beyond,don`t want any more cold or bloodshed.May the world reach to the highest to find answers to guide us to solve problems .

  • The Indian nuke thing is so much bull crap. Then why did all the nukes though the 46 till the 60s haven't caused an ice age or famine. These were hundreds of nukes,2 of them castle bravo,tarsa,bomb.

  • I go to WeatherUnderground for daily weather. An interesting story at the very bottom of today"s forecast, "Weirdly Quiet Sun May get Even Quieter ( and BTW, Earth is Still Warming ).
    Included 'recently revised sunspot data'. CYA article for sure. Good Day !

  • The technology we sent out, changed the orbit of a planet? Does this tell us that we can do the same thing if Earth is ever threatened by an approaching object?

  • On this date in History – March 1,
    1639 – Perplexed Pilgrims in Boston reported America's 1st UFO sighting
    1642 – Georgeana (York) Maine became the 1st incorporated American city
    1803 – Ohio becomes 17th state
    1872 – Yellowstone becomes world's 1st national park
    1910 – 3 passenger trains buried at Steven's Pass in Cascade Range in Wellington, Washington. 118 die. Worst snow slide in US history
    1917 – U.S. government releases the plaintext of the “Zimmermann Telegram” to the public
    1932 – Charles Lindbergh Jr (20 months), kidnapped in NJ; found dead May 12
    1936- The Hoover Dam is completed
    1966 – Venera 3 becomes 1st man-made object to impact on a planet (Venus)
    1980 – A strong F3 tornado, 500 yards in width at times cut a six mile path near Ft. Lauderdale, FL before moving offshore into the Atlantic Ocean. One lady was killed when she was blown from her sixth floor balcony
    1983 – Tornado tears through Louisiana, injuring 33 people
    1984 – Landsat 5 & ham satellite Oscar 11 launched into polar orbit
    1990 – Much of Europe was under the gun from a major storm system. The barometer dropped to 940 millibars or 27.75 inHg in Finland to set a record for that country. This single storm felled as much timber in Germany as would normally be cut there in an entire year
    2002 – The Envisat environmental satellite successfully reaches an orbit 800 kilometers (500 miles) above the Earth on its 11th launch, carrying the heaviest payload to date at 8500 kilograms (9.5 tons)
    2006 – Texas Heat: The day's high temperature of 93°F at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport broke a 107-year-old record. Other hot North Texas cities included Wichita Falls: 96°F and Fort Worth Meacham Airport with 90°F
    2007 – Tornadoes swarm across the southern United States, killing at least 20; eight of the deaths were at a high school in Enterprise, Alabama
    2012 – A strong winter storm brought snow to most of Jordan, including areas in Mafraq, Jerash, the Ajloun and Irbid areas, Madaba and Zarqa. The streets of Amman were covered in snow.



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