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  • Ben, I have a question. Last year the earth experienced a long period of African originated dust clouds migrating across the Atlantic. We’ve just come off a 3-4 month pause. The dust clouds started anew very recently. The question – is there any matching up with special sun, electrical or magnetic activity?

  • Besides the negative health effects of cosmic rays, there is a number of positive effects as well. Look up the publications of a dude called Dieter Broers from the University of Braunschweig, Germany

  • Thanks for the information Ben .. We're expecting 1-3 Inches of snow here in Indy. So slow your roll if you gotta be a driver today ☀

  • Good morning.. y'all Houston Texas is having that bioplar weather cloudy…but it seems like it wants to be cold but the humidity is fighting the clouds with fog.

  • Ben….your very consistantly, accurate and timely…for to many years I've watched you..but when you turned to include others as eminant as yourself I simply rejoiced…ben your a laywer…
    Good job in this whole and wallace, and thousands of others..

  • Good morning Observers from south central Montana.
    Just woke up to a beautiful sunny Sunday. It’s 9:am there’s about 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground and -18°F outside. Brrrrrrrrrr

    Update: At 12:30 pm it’s warmed up to -7°F

  • Ayo….I remember this dude didn't forget to upload even when his daughter was born.
    Has he ever missed a day (in the 6 years I've been watching)? The dedication is inspiring as shit.

  • Thanks Ben, I have a question. Do you think that possibly the pyramids were power generators for boosting our earths geomagnetic shield. I am just a dumb ole trucker and I have often wondered if this was the case.

  • First time, long time: Where is "the New Valley of the Sun?" Because they have the best cosmic weather reports, but I can't find it on Google Maps. (Apparently, the "Valley of the Sun" is in Phoenix.") Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • This is a book…sorry.

    One silver lining in all these clouds overhead here in West center Stupidfornia, is the blossoms on the local fruit trees have yet to open.
    We will see a week of sun in the second week of March, followed by another Pacific storm so it's possible we'll see a mass mooting of unset blossoms. But a better chance of an apricot, peach, plum and jam cornucopia… which of course, I cannot gorge on anymore…:(

    Yesterday I did make some rather amazing blueberry muffins with:
    Write this down…
    1C of almond flour, 1/4C butter, 2 eggs, 2Tbs half&half, 1/4T salt, 1T vanilla, 1/4C xylitol (Sugar made from birch bark alcohol), and lots of blueberries (Which, along with strawberries, are delightfully low on carbs.).
    Baked at 350° for 24 mins.
    That's 4 measly grams of carbs per muffin!
    Which, I assure you, are every bit as tasty as Otis Spunkmeyer's and with a name like Spunkmeyer?
    That's gotta be good! 😉

    I'm finding that a ketogenic diet doesn't have to mean complete rejection of my sugar addiction.
    Xylitol is sugar but, is absorbed in the stomach, not that small intestine. That means it bypasses the liver, where cane-like sugar is turned into glucose and turned loose in bloodstreams, to feed your cancer cells, fat cells, arthritis, digestive ailments…and on and on…
    And my eating lifestyle change, affords ease of limiting portion sizes, so I can eat one or two and not binge on the rest.

    Sorry for rambling on and on with this…again…but damn if my old ass hasn't been feeling amazing for the last year.

    I know some of you are feeling your age. It would be awesome if you could shave a few decades off it, maybe a couple more off those 30-40 extra pounds you've grown to accept?

    Give it six weeks. Poke a hole in that 40# sandbag you have surgically attached to yerass and experience that exuberant vitality you once took for granted… again, …or experience a whole new world, if you've been heavy your whole life or even your whole young life!

    Feeding your body with glucose, thereby functioning on what Ma Nature intended as only an intermittent backup system at best?
    That wears out every part of you over time and promotes a fat, lazy, sick and stupid population. It feeds big pharma and med insurance corps, and perpetuates the destructive self indulgences of gluttony and sloth.

    Hmmmm…still rambling…
    Oh, my DFG Son-in-law sent me pics of steelhead heading up river now from the ocean. If you've seen my short steelhead vids, you know what I'm looking forward to.
    Can't fish for em but watching them nest and spawn, then the offspring thru the year, is pretty damn cool yard art! 👍


  • This is the spiritual world what are your Gods Goddess all religious Gods saying mankind we are tired of your race destroying what was made for you before you where put on it Your heaven not the HELL that you have and ate making it. Want to look like Mars avoid of all life by a few one celled organisms

  • The information I gather from this channel is pertinent to every domain in my life. Thank you Ben. Much gratitude to all that keep this going.

  • … Ummm …. so all those people wearing tin-foil hats were actually onto something … seems to be across the board really, … how often has the status quo been proven to be adverse to change regardless of proof to the contrary.?

  • If I am understanding things correctly, then right now we are seeing that the Earth's Magnetosphere is malfunctioning.. This means that the Earth is getting blasted with solarwinds that would normally be deflected by the Magnetosphere. Those solarwinds contain large amounts of Hydrogen. That Hydrogen collides at millions of miles per hour with Oxygen in our upper atmosphere, especially Ozone, and those collisions form molecules of water, H2O. Those molecules of water collect together to form atmospheric rivers of water. The atmospheric rivers of water migrate down through the lower layers of our atmosphere where they fall as rain and snow and flood the landscape below them. Right now all of the Northern Hemisphere is currently affected. Is this a fair assessment of what we’re seeing?

  • Was sick with nausea, headache, starting Thurs 2/28, got worse on Friday with shivers/tremors, came down over the course of yesterday. Today (3/3) symptoms are gone (fingers crossed)

  • On this date in History – March 3,
    1634 – 1st tavern in Boston opens (Samuel Cole)
    1837 – Congress increases Supreme Court membership from 7 to 9
    1843 – Congress appropriates $30,000 "to test the practicability of establishing a system of electro-magnetic telegraphs" by the US
    1853 – Transcontinental railroad survey, is authorized by Congress
    1855 – Congress approves $30,000 to test camels for military use
    1896 – The temperature in downtown San Francisco, CA fell to 33°F, which was the lowest ever for the city in March
    1915 – Natl Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NASA forerunner) created
    1931 – "Star Spangled Banner" officially becomes US national anthem
    1959 – 1st US probe to enter solar orbit, Pioneer 4, launched
    1960 – 9th largest snowfall in NYC history (14.5")
    1966 – An extremely violent F5 tornado ripped through the southern part of Jackson, MS during the late afternoon. The Candlestick Park Shopping Center was virtually destroyed. 1,000 homes were damaged and 19 killed in Hinds County, mostly in Jackson. Total storm related fatalities were as high as 57 with 504 injured along the 75-mile path. This makes the tornado the sixth deadliest in Mississippi history. Damage was set at $18 million dollars
    1969 – Apollo 9 launched for 151 Earth orbits (10 days)
    1983 – A series of El Niño storms battered Southern California, which began on 3/1 and ended on this day. Rain measured up to 18 inches from Santa Barbara to LA. Waves of 15 to 20 feet hit the coast around Los Angeles on 3/2 and on this day
    Des Moines, IA hit 81°F, their earliest 80 degree day. Their normal high for this date is 37°F
    1988 – A small but intense low pressure system roared across west central Mississippi at 90 mph early in the morning. A tornado in southern Mississippi picked up an automobile, carried it 150 feet, and tossed it through the brick wall of an unoccupied retirement home
    1991 – Switzerland votes on lowering voting age from 20 to 18
    2002 – Typhoon Mitag struck Yap Main Island in the tropical Western Pacific. Maximum sustained winds were 110 mph with gusts to 130 mph
    2003 – The day's low temperature of -30°F at Marquette, MI is the lowest March temperature ever recorded for the city. It was a day of temperature extremes. Miami reached a high temperature of 90 degrees, the earliest observed 90 degree temperature since March 5, 1964.

  • Hola amigo! No creas que te odio! O que me caes mal! Llevo desde que empezaste a tu lado pero siempre en silencio!! Y un día me Di cuenta que te estabas desviando de lo que tu eras!! Un joven lleno de energía e inteligencia!! Sigue siempre siendo tu ,mi amigo respeto para ti y tu familia !!! Nada personal!! Sólo trabajo!! And keep it up son !!! You are great!!! Igual que yo!!and happy Sunday !! Tomorrow we will get back to business!!

  • Thank you for posting the dust is back up from Africa 6 months last year it went for started early this year and rain wind and snow winter starts in march for your country so stay warm and take care stay safe keep up the great work. God bless you and your family and friends peace be with you all.



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