As Promised, OTF Presentation Releases Continue. Dr. Dunning’s presentation from Observing the Frontier 2019.

Dr. August Dunning worked at JPL, CalTech, has been in LEO, and has worked with classified information. His youtube channel is called “Sunday Morning on Mars”

For those wanting more info on ETs and topics that are more conspiratorial than what you usually find on this channel, see the SuspectSky channel. He is my childhood best friend (Adrian), does quality analysis on topics that are just a bit beyond the scope of this channel, and he often has different ideas which provides wider perspective.


  • that's a big ask ben .. well most of that story .. but will be looking at a few mine shafts near me ..lets see if I can get down them at 79 yrs old 😛

  • Well Ben I guess maybe your starting to see what I’m talking about. Unfortunately that was only about 2% of what’s happening and not quite the correct reasoning behind why everything is happening. That gentleman is from one of the very lowest levels of the programs and very compartmentalized. I know he can’t speak about everything he knows but I can tell by his narrative and rationalizations that he only has a few very small pieces that are basic introductory briefings for the programs he worked in. They try to keep everyone in the dark and feed them bullshit. Typical mushroom treatment. The truth is we have many secret space programs, the Air Force/DIA/CIA one he is from us the lowest level and really just meant to be the first firewall where if things come out they can do a limited hangout and say “yeah we lied but were coming clean now and here it is… now everyone look at!” that and ignore all the other stuff we’re trying to hide like the real programs and whatever massive thing they’re trying to distract you from like the exposure of the cabal or international dynastic banking families or cartels that have been controlling the planet for thousands of years. They can offer up that program as a bribe to ignore their child trafficking, organ harvesting, drug and weapons sales and financial tyranny and manipulation, embezzlement and taxation both overt and invisible (quantitative easement to water down the money supply and create inflation or devaluation and interest free loans to their companies to do stock buybacks and artificially inflate their values and buy more time before the financial collapse) on a Scale so vast it’s inconveivable. We are talking about a quadrillions of dollars since it’s inception in the 40s worldwide. We have bases not only all over the solar system but in other galaxies as well as dozens of fleets of ships some 1-2 kilometers long like carriers with an entire entourage of battleships, destroyers, scouts and fighters and drones. That’s just the navy side. Solar Warden and radiant guardian programs. We have trade ships doing trade with over 900 different ET groups and research vessels. Merchant ships that carry slaves, ET bodies and other genetic materials, technology, medical and pharmaceutical techs and all the other things we create or broker in our dealings through the universe. I know how crazy it all sounds and I was as skeptical as you all are as I came into these truths but they’re very real and these are the true secrets. Also one last thing I know you don’t want to hear and let me first preface this with the fact that I am not some bible thinker or new age sylopsistic wanna be guru or anything like that. I came into this from the scientific side. But the final element of this entire thing and the main reason for everything in the universe is that it’s all a spiritual thing. This whole reality is about learning and polarizing to a path that if your wise will be the right hand path of good. Understanding. Love and compassion. When you master that you ascend to a higher level of awareness. The next step is to fourth density awareness which is the heart chakra or green ray energy. That’s what we’re all working on now and what the good ETs have been trying to teach us forever. This truly is a spiritual war and we will all be forced to choose a side as that is how the universe works. In cycles. The 12,000 year micronova events are part of a catalyst to drive the great cycle of 25,920 years or astrological great year. It’s the halfway point basically and the dipolar points. That’s the last part the cabal doesnt want us to know. Do what you will with the information. Everyone is on their own path and it’s through failure that we learn the most but it’s much easier and less suffering along the path of wisdom so I urge you and anyone else reading this to please do your own research. The information is available and more will be coming with exponential growth. Keep watch.

  • Its A Nuclear END One Way Or The Other So Much Left Out No Life & No Way Back After Nuclear The EARTH Dies Now The Lies Of MSM For A Dollar Head Down Go To Work Can YOU SEE

  • I have been to the cave that truck was exiting it is in Missouri . It's a mine that was excavated for concrete. We have been using this for storage for decades because of the constant temperature . I have delivered loads from St Joseph to there. I think it was general Mills.

  • … Ming is coming!
    Flash Gordon 1980 (a great, oddly campy, B flick)
    The Book of Revelations tells of 'em (big honchos) living deep underground praying for the rock to protect 'em from Father's wrath. Hrm-mm, The Book also tells of the solar tantrum and the effects on Earth & Luna… Hey, I'm a chef, lotsa boss-folk down there need guys who know how to run a mess hall and a separate dining area for the bosses. Hrm-mm, does one apply for the post or do they call ya? I could get used to mole-ing it in the proper Tubes. And by proper I mean, it being, with some amenities du jour. …beats being hard-boiled/broasted by Sol's cyclic state of miffed pissitivity. However, as it goes…I'll be on Sol's menu with th' rest of ya. Best t' be makin' one's peace with our Maker while the goin' is still good. The plane is getting closer & closer to its own shadow… … …

  • oh, so this video is another insider who "cant go into too much detail.. but". i call BS, if he was seriously afraid for his life he wouldnt do this video especially using his own voice .

  • It will not be safe where they are hiding. GBT and others also hid. Only random spots survived. The effects will tear past UYT Strength of anything. Instantaneous over- pressure >5psi disintegrates re-bar concrete. See Office of the Technical Assesment, US Congress, “The Effects of Nuclear Warfare”. Antarctica was warm last time this happened. Certain structures made it, stone or granite. Only the Father knows. Peace everyone.

  • 9:05 The interview subject titled: "Member: Intelligence Briefing Team, United States Pacific Fleet Command, Grudge 13 Project Bluebook Document Security Officer". Doesn't he look and sound suspiciously like William Cooper?

  • Have you talked about pyramids and recent developments ? Zahi Hawass is cooperating with some Canadian private sector in attempt to open the "doors" in shaft in great pyramid of Giza. They are keeping it secret and shady like they always do.

  • Ben, thank you so much for sharing conference things. I wanted to come so badly this year. I'm intrigued at the comments. Everything from Praise Jesus to doomporn. Wowser. Lol
    Cognitive dissonance is very difficult to resolve for some. Resolution requires a temporary suspension of things we've been taught. While I feel for these folk and the pain and fear they're experiencing, I applaud you for gently bringing this line of thought into tighter focus. You're aces, Ben. Please, don't be put off by blind people screaming about the brightness of the light.💛 They'll get there…..
    ~Blessings to you & Kat~

  • If I tried to tell you the truth and you won't hear me, it's not that I didn't tell you it, because you didn't want to understand . If I told you everything you want you would be happy but yet you wouldn't have truth, because you didn't hear Truth and got what you wanted… So if I sound like the talking of a mad man it's because you won't understand me, so for the truth makes sense over the everything that makes you happy.. so let's and bat the stars and find the ground in our hands as dusting drain from time past the hour Glass is done.. may you find the time above the falling sands…

  • I have been aware of impending doom 6 since I was very young, over the past 5 years I have come to learn of the significance of the Sun in my life, in the lives of my African people and of the rest of the world. Then I learnt of its significance in this system as a whole and soon after, the rest of the galaxy and beyond. The claims of this channel are very much resonant to my findings, they simply put the science behind them with exceptional detail and fidelity. So it has been calculated we have a maximum probability that within 37 years the micro-nova event will happen, that figure is optimistic, as such the pessimistic view maps the event within the next 5 to 10 years. That is the analytical part of it; for me, I have found comfort in going back to my African history, and finding Thoth Hermes Trismegistus there, confronting my brutish ancestors, subduing them non-violently, then going on to forming civilizations and cultures never before seen by them and us living now – brought sharp focus to the Person compelled to confront their own evolution and role on this planet, in their own continent, in their country and community they live in. UFOs, Secret Millitaries & Breakaway civilizations are exciting stories which eventually bring no progress in my mind, but am rather astounded of tales involving Brothers from other worlds climbing out of their strange vehicles to teach us spirituality and refusing to give us technology and weapons till we have demonstrated our viability as a species. If these modern and ancient stories are true, then it is consistent to how Africa began, and perhaps, how The World will begin again. Be happy, seek wisdom, eyes open, no fear. I love every one of you my kin.

  • Tossing a coin to see if I should play Kansas "Dust In The Wind" or Billy Thorpe's "Children Of The Sun" …. I could roll some dice but Leonard Cohen "Everybody Knows" told me that they were loaded… One fact that nobody can escape is that death comes for us all… Soooo I am going to do what I have always done… give thanks for today and try to make wise choices. Breaking out the chart as I chart my course for the day and if need be I will address recourse.. Singing Styx's "Come Sail Away" as I wish everyone much love, joy and peace of mind without ill will intent and prejudice… Happy Sailing folks!!!

  • The first successful Anti-Gravity experiments using Electricity were done in 1903 and Anti-Gravitic Vehicles were well understood by the 1930's, basically we should've been George Jetsons since at least the 1960's. Another good property of these Flying vehicles is they get pollution out of the Air as they fly because they attract negative Ions, similar to the way particles are removed from Industrial Chimneys. These Vehicles use high Voltage but really Low Amperage and because they set up a field around the craft all those inside feel NO G Forces at all which allows extreme turns etc.

  • Chewin On bits of grass , walk-in down the road , tell me how long you gonna stay here joe , some people say this town don’t look so good in snow , you don’t care , I know …Ventura Highway in the Sunshine, where the days are longer , the nights are stronger than moonshine , your gonna go I Know.. (Thankyou Ben and Blessings from the Uk)

  • Yay, what to do for the next 27 years, will still have to follow through with making babies, got to be in to win…

    Frankly the MS or the MS drugs Will probably kill me first.

    Climate change will end most of up be for then anyways…

    Still 27 years, a lot can change before then. Maybe that's the reason to go to mars, eggs in different baskets…

  • I posted it on F-book, no one will want to believe it though. 27 years is a long time to wait for the end, and a new beginning. I agree that we should be prepared for our coming generations to survive if we want our species to continue.

  • a lot of interesting information about the sun I have learned these past few years. So yes now I understand why humans are always looking up not forward. So enjoy life with family and friends. NO FEAR

  • I forgive them all now. This explains all their bad behavior, a bunch of rats running for cover on one side, and the rest of us saying what the heck is going on.
    The only way out is to look inside and get it straight from the source. thank you Ben !!! For stepping over the line of provable science with Corey Goode. Awesome.

  • You Really should Consider Corey Goodey, Randy Cramer Tony Rodriguez, Emery Smith,…. and Yes Philip Corso… testimonies we really have bases and colonies on Mars, Moon , Jupiter, and other galaxies…Thankyou for Looking

  • The real question that I have always asked myself. How is it that the observation of flying saucers made a huge leap after 1945? What dose the word Gray Alien really mean? Is the word itself not a code or a anagram for something we already know of?

  • It might just be me, but when I think of the other things big government is pushing vaccinations come to mind. Why would they be, not only domestically pushing vaccination, but globally as well? Could it be that the continued vaccination of a population yearly on the basis of 'flu' could actually be the conditioning of bodies to react to a stimuli planned to be set off at some future date? I have seen the experiments a university preformed on a rat given a virus that only targeted a certain part of the brain. When a stimulus was added the rat became violent, agitated, and began attacking fellow rats. Will they use the massive push for vaccinations as a means in the future to control or some how self eliminate those that are not deemed valuable? Thank you for your precise and informative presentation. I will certainly pass along.



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