August 17, 2019 Washington Post reporter Robert Costa asks if President Trump should have served in Vietnam. Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “I have a pretty dim view of his decision to use his privileged status to fake a disability in order to avoid serving in Vietnam.” Watch complete interview here:


  • One advice I could give him, if it really doesn't amount for shit, then I apologise, it would be, turn his own energy against him, and I am referring to Trump, chances are, he'll have trigger warnings beyond compare, just a thought

  • Mayor Pete is a New World Order Masonic. Prop..
    Don't be sheep..You feckin idiots…
    He is exactly the opposite of What America needs…
    And exaclty what The TRAITORS Of AMERICA want..!!
    Wake up people, I am prayimg for all the Stupid Sheep who think Mayor Pete is What America needz..We ALREADY have the solution in Office..

  • Oh my…..another lying deep state actor, you will be eaten alive by Trump, with facts, not lies! You smile now but you will not be smiling when Trumps done with you. You are wrong about the American people being for the healthcare , and abortion, we ( the majority) are not for either of those things. As far as his serving in the military, not everyone is military material , some people are not cut out for it, and I know many that did not go because of that very reason…..why put someone in that position that may cause many other men to die because they are not military ready. Besides, those wars were just more deep state moves to line the pockets of the elites, I can’t believe the number of men and women that died so that the elite could make millions. DRAIN THE SWAMP! MAGA

  • I’d love to see this guy debate trump. I’m pretty sure trump wouldn’t come out looking like a rose…

    … and everybody else could get a nice little laugh out of it.

  • the comment section is full of trash. If you're going to attack a politician, attack his policies. All i see is a bunch of bullshit with absolutely no substance.

  • All anyone in a debate with Trump would need to do is mention the investigations into him and his crimes of obstruction and Trump will lose it. Trump is all incoherent babbling.

  • As a senior citizens that has lived and worked all over this great nation, I have made keen observations of people. And one very important one is people that are "smooth" usually have an authoritarian outlook. Something we all should have learned from a few of our previous presidents. This guy will NOT get my vote.

  • Pete 2020! He has an amazing intellect and he is brilliant! His honesty, humility and sincerity are inspiring. He has my vote!

  • >says we shouldn’t mock the disabled
    >says he was a victim of being bullied
    >does both by jokingly implying Trump is mentally disabled

    First of all, there’s no fucking way this guy is gonna win the nomination over Biden – the dems have already given him a wide birth. However, secondly, I hope he does get it; it would be hilarious to watch Trump bury this clown and have the better half of the US laugh him off stage.

  • Pete could not stand up to the World Leaders like President Trump is doing, He would get eaten alive! He's to polite and we need a boss running our country not some sweet guy with manners.

  • A lot of President Trump followers here getting "butt-hurt". 😁😂 Labelling approach to the president as "crazy uncle management" is so spot on! 😜 Just do a stiff arm, the way Speaker Pelosi does. Withhold the ketchup and ranch and gravy. Watch him throw a hissy fit tantrum! 🤣

  • TROLLS OUT IN FORCE!! I noticed that the Tolls come out in DROVES whenever good, honest, truthful MAYOR PETE is featured in a piece like this one. When I think of LIE’N Drumpf I see Jack Nicholson yelling at him, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!”

  • This guy is talking about disability, but he is A walking disability for our country! First off He claims to be A christian just like obama did! Remember this is important! He claims to be christian, yet he is gay which is A mortal sin in the bible. It's A curse in the bible it's how HIV spreads in our society, A curse from god among men. Claims he is christian but yet shits on the sanctity of marriage & gods plan for A man and A woman! Be fruitful & multiply man will leave his mother and father and be one with his wife, he can't do that with another man! Okay he can make it look like everyone is the villain and just out to get him because he's gay but this is straight out of the book that he claims to follow, just like Obama did! If he was elected his so called husband would take the place of the first lady again breaking tradition & A bad influence and teaching for our kids to have to try and look up too. They can never have children together unless they adopt another fake family or hoax breaking tradition. He Goes against everything this country and the bible stands for. Homosexuality comes from the same tree, sins of the flesh, that fall under rape, perverse behavior & abuse, lust of the flesh! But yet he claims he is smart & knows the way, and he is breaking like 3 or 4 cardinal sins of the bible out the GATE & he wants people to follow him and believe him. Homosexuality is A seed of hate, vanity, lust, bloodguiltiness will be on his hands which means in time he will be punished probably with sickness from his sin. He harbors the seed of hate against women as women gods creation is somehow not good enough for him, or he is not attracted to women which is vanity and A seed of hate in his heart, probably his looks, low self-esteem or something of that nature, lust! He is openly rebelling against the word of god and says it's our problem not his! That tells you a lot about his character he doesn't listen to authority or rules. He is in no way shape or form Leader material. Just like Obama rebelled ,this guy will do the same thing he is A pretty wrapper but the candy in the inside will rot your teeth! This guy is A fraud in the highest form & should be nowhere near the office I'm telling you he harbors hate in his heart for himself authority & probably women.

  • Hey Pete, stop bragging about your 7 month deployment. Real vets don't do that. But I guess reservists who get direct commissions without attending boot camp or OCS are taught differently.

  • President trump.
    Created the greatest job boom in american history. Against butt nugget and the creepy hair sniffer…..lmfao

  • Lie?? Jeebus Butt-plug, don't believe the Fake News crap. Oh, please tell me 5 times Trump lied…….3 times??……1?? Butt-plug is out of is league with NO IDEAS and "I'M NOT TRUMP".

  • Mayor Pete uses his sex life choice to solidify every situation and it just doesn't apply. You can be gay thats fine, but you can not answer every tough question asked of you with "Im a gay guy so I know what its like or how tough it can be". 
    Just because you're gay doesn't mean you automatically know how to handle tough situation and make good decisions under fire or can do ANY job better.
    I have no doubt that Trump is one hell of a business mogul and can run a dozen huge companies with ease, Pete can do it better just because he is "gay" and he hates Trump.
    What I HAVE noticed is it does open the "victim" door to any criticism about Pete or his actions. Because Pete reminds everyone 40 times a day that he is gay, If a "Heterosexual" person disagrees with anything he says well you can instantly play the victim card and call him a homophobe. You will labeled a "gay basher" or a "hater" simply for disagreeing with Pete and his agenda.
    It will be just like when Obama was in office, If you're NOT black and you're critical of Obama your INSTANTLY a racist. We can see where this is going and Im not interested. 
    Bashing Trump and saying "Im a socialist gay guy so I know it all" are NOT accomplishments or accolades thus it just doesn't get it for me. Thats NOT a platform.

  • We all know that Mayor "Fudge Packer" Buttigieg joined the Navy so he could watch Naked men in the showers, get fucked up the ass …… fucking pervert!!!Trump 2020!



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