August 20, 2019 Antonio Rodriguez, Spanish desk, AFP, on Trump’s announcements he would put tariffs on Mexico if they don’t curb illegal immigration.

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  • For people who are concerned with illegal immigration: do you think putting tariffs on Mexico goods is going to help? Suppose this actually puts people out of work, they'll just come in greater numbers. You literally share a border with Mexico meaning transport is cheap and short in duration, why not just let trade be? If Americans are out of work then maybe it's time to introduce UBI like Andrew Yang proposes.

  • Trump is doing the right thing. Mexico lets these people ride on their buses ride on top of their trains to get to our borders. It's Time it stops.

  • Charge Mexico A head tax on every illegal crossing the border, Mexico gets a rebate when the numbers drop below 50 illegals per year. Head Tax is to cover Health Care, Housing And Food. The Tax should be based on the Monthly Costs it takes to keep these people. Americans are not their keepers, alternative round them up and march them back over the border.

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