The propagandists are in overdrive shoving “climate grief” down our collective throats. And the next step in that indoctrination, the acceptance of climate eugenics to atone for our climate sins, is almost here. Join James for this week’s important edition of #PropagandaWatch dissecting the dangerous lies that are being pushed in the name of the environment.


  • stop them from blocking the sun.we all need clean air clean water and clean food to restore the balance for a healthy future for all .government health programs should be scrutinized across the board starting with vaccinations they impose on everyone.

  • So, you're the one spreading propaganda? In this whole video I didn't see one shred of evidence for your claims, so you've just graduated from trying to disprove it and instead just talk about how immoral the "other" people are for making some funny videos and trying to save the planet? You're the one sounding like a preacher buddy. Maybe you should try to convince us the Earth is 6000 years old and flat next.

  • I let my car idle, because winters are too cold, I do my part, please do yours and help GOD conquer evil, like I do. I call what I do "climate joy". Spread the good news.

  • women who are on a birth strike need to simply off themselves. women who do not birth babies are 100% useless for our society..

  • Looking forward to you exposing the fraud of climate change financing.
    Meantime, it would be helpful if you could expose the fraud within physics and chemistry they use to propagate belief in it. As about one child or two child policy, i admit i blamed China for it, and thought it is a bad, bad thing. That lasted a long, long time….most of my life. Recently, I had a chance to rethink and consider pros and cons of such policy and I do believe I can argue overwhelming benefits for the case of such policies from climate, nature, economic or human well being.
    It is kind of obvious that you are against such a policy…I missed the explanation…what makes you think anyone is better off without them?

  • Wait, he's saying climate change is a lie from "socialists", to control the birth of children?? This is bat-shit craazy. Unsubbed man. This guy is nuts.

  • Humans are the worse parasites on Earth, they destroy instead of living in symbiosis with the environment. No mater our environmental awearness we are collectively and individually all responsable of that even the most virtuous of us. Promoting volontary human extinction is the best thing you can do as and for living creatures on Earth. Everybody can very easily decides not to make offspring it doesn't cost anything and it's painless. Religion and beliefs are the major brainwash you may experiment. Climat change and extinction of species due to human activities are not a beliefs they are scientifics facts.

  • Those striking women are so brave for not having children *barfs in bucket* . On second thought: maybe it's better for the world if they don't have children at all.

  • There's so many important propaganda watches James Corbett has put out, they're all extremely important. But this one may take the cake. I'll be 40 years old in 2 weeks so for me I'm sure it's easier to remember 30 years ago being told the world would be gone in 15 years, then another 10, then another 10 Etc. But for folks in their twenties and younger I can only imagine their core beliefs.

  • And Not only was that violent but ridiculously, high budget, would've been rated R just for the gore in 1975. Sophisticated makeup, CGI technology excetera. And that was 10 years ago???

  • no matter how stupid and annoying the people are that promote the climate change agenda, it still doesn't mean we aren't experiencing climate change . just because they have made it an agenda in order to profit, still doesn't mean we aren't experiencing climate change. people who deny that our climate is changing just because there's a money making agenda in place, still doesn't mean it's not happening. one does not equal the other. the climate IS changing whether it's natural or man made or both

  • Greta Thunberg is swedish and one of the reasons of that manufacturing is to take advantage of a crisis to be on the spotlight. It would be difficult to explain it unless you lived in sweden.

    Swedes are crazy obsessed with being the center of everything and that young lady is just one piece of the big puzzle.
    They come as saviors but I don't think they are. Watch out.

    Most of the world is fooled about scandinavians but they are good at playing the progressive game when they are not that progressive. As I said only living in sweden (and not be like them) will make anyone understand how closed culture they are.

    Google "Thousands of people in Sweden are embedding microchips under their skin to replace ID cards".

  • The fact that a curch has a 10-step program for climate-stress says alot of the modern christian curch. Instead of hoping/putting their trust in their saviour and lord, they fall for the climate-hype and fearmongering. Let´s be honest. If they knew their bible they wouldn´t fall for this garbage.


  • Man-made Climate is REAL and the evidence can be seen spewing out of the back of airplanes overhead on most days no matter where you are. Carbon Dioxide is not the problem.

  • You mean "no white children", don't you?  Abortion and birth control seem to be prevalent in developed countries and promoted most loudly among white middle class families.

  • Climate grief. These jews sure know how to put a fake label on something and then sell it with the media they own. What a bunch of demonic satanic parasitical Bolsheviks. Lies rule everything around us.

  • The sad thing is how the public believes the info coming from the media but doesnt believe their own eyes literally. We have had the easiest generation in time ever but theres still people who would say this is the worst time in history ever. I would say these people watch too much msm.

  • sounds a lot like the effects of lowfrequency micro-waves- take their digital screensaway-ifchanges their mindscapacitytounderstandlong sentences/thoughts..andIT DEPLETES THEIR BODIES SEROTONINLEVELS- same as crack!! they are being addicted totheir own CHEMISTRY !! GET WIFI OUT./SCHOOLS..& STOP TOWERSPAYING2BE LOCATED THERE! !!

  • See this is what I think of when people say it's not worth it to be awake. Really? I remember I saved this map from the newspaper showing we'd probably survive the nuke, but then went on about radiation. I'd rather not fall for their fear mongering. I overheard these couples loudly talking about visiting some area near Chernobyl and it's full of life. They think it's a miracle. I smell BS. It should be deadly for what, two thousand years? But that doesn't appear to be the case. Maybe the explanation isn't that it's a miracle. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I think there's a different explanation.

  • In Sweden, the birth rate is now that low, that the very same people tell is er have to accept 100.000+ immigrants in order to fill the quota of children. Many of these immigrants have lots of children. NO one seems to notice the dissonance



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