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  • Mueller did nothing to hurt Trump. He told us the same thing Barr told us and he put Deep State on notice by telling them he won't tell them anything more than what's already in the Mueller report. Mueller isn't working for deep state that's fake news.

  • Didnt you ever see those old Bugs Bunny cartoons where Bugs screams out "NOT THERE DON'T LOOK IN THERE, ITS NOT IN THERE!" and its always in there. Same with the Dems. For 2 years they have thrown out distractions and accusations of every conceivable crime they could possible think of, hooped and holled, threw themselves on the floor in seizures and tantrums, cried, yelled, broke things, spit, set things on fire, threw urine and feces, ran naked in the streets, threw rocks, slandered in the news, blocked traffick, called for impeachment everyday for 3 years, called for assassinations almost as much, to keep eyes off the "FISA DOOR OH NO DONT LOOK IN THAT DOOR NOTHING IN THERE!" but Q and the Anons were making sure we NEVER forgot FISA or the filthy "Witch Hunt" or the "Censorship" or the "Murders" and especially not "The CHILDREN" Q never forgot and never let us forget, (not that we would anyway) so they had to try and get rid of Q. They tried to discredit Q, they tried to be Q more than once, they tried to say Q was Satan and if you were with (a follower of) Q you were anti Trump and God. Now who does that sound like Pro-Q = anti-God?
    Remember psychopaths are not creative they are stupid so use the same M.O. repeatedly. Who is playing up to Christians for $ but not really a Christian, and tried to say Q is fake and anyone who follows Q or Dustin is Anti Trump? What fake MAGA did that? Said Dustin was what was it…nursing on satans ankle? LOL wth does that even mean. Alex, thats who. Who is he working for that plays aka cons Christans into believing incredible disinfo due to the vulnerability of some of them? Three letter agencies like the one Alex is with, C_Ã and or [email protected]ąd. They are all DS relatives <@> 5 as well.


    Q is like a personal tutor of sorts, and friend walking each one of us down a very, very dark road that leads to Hell. Q has already seen hell and knows the safe route to take us just near enough not to get burned. We wanted to know the reality of how this world and government got so corrupt, we wanted to see its inner nature, to see the swamp beast we are killing. Also to know the new POTUS better and see how our new gov will run. Q did that quite efficiently and without revealing any classified info. The things we saw at the edge of Hell were nothing anyone should ever see, especially children, but children are exactly those chosen by the "Old Guard" for their rituals. "These people are sick" how many times has Q written that to us all? "These people are STUPID" and "SICK" are the two adjectives most often used to describe the DS politicians and their constituents are "victims" being programmed by the beast.

    Q told us all these things well before we saw them for ourselves to prepare us. We were lucky to have Q guide us through all this and comfort us telling us we were safe and POTUS was safe. We also had each other for comfort in the posts and our "Truther" communities to get strength from. There were too many truths from Q no one else could know or access for him not to be real if you followed faithfully daily. Common sense will tell you Q is who he says he is, and he/they is/are a great Patriot(s) to this country and to POTUS. He is OUR FRIEND and we love him and no one can ever debunk that.

  • You can't believe in something because of "reason,"
    But you value things Christian values created?
    You ought "reason" out how that latter does not dispose of the former.

    And BTW, the Vatican IS the deep state.

  • A new word for the left: INIQUITOUS- extremely immoral or wicked, extremely unfair, and truly bad such as iniquitous political regime that assassinates its rivals.


  • Hahaha!! The POOP, I mean Pope says Trumps wall is like the Berlin wall?!! LOL!!! Have you all been to Vatican city? My dad was in the hospital there for a week… The wall is HUGE!! What a hypocritical POS!!!

  • That salary should be at least 6 months and even that's pathetic. Holy crap that's low for the work put in! Keep it up though patriot. You'll be our Anderson Cooper soon. Lol

  • I was agnostic too for most of my life. I never fully doubted the story of the bible but just thought more scientifically and logical as a youth. I then felt the holy ghost twice. First time at my parents with my wife. It was unreal! She said my voice wasn't even mine. The best way I can explain it is as if love was a solid object you can touch. Like a tree, car or whatever. It caught me off guard and was undeniable. I immediately cried tears of joy both times out of the blue. It was the best feeling I'd ever felt in my life. I'm not crazy and consider myself to be fairly smart (I watch yours' and other Qtuber's videos so obviously…..). Just wanted to share this because I always thought people lied and/or faked feeling God's presence. I now know for a fact he's real and wonder if anyone else has had Similar tears of joy accompanied by physically feeling a hug around their soul? Good vs. Evil for reals! Qteam knows.

  • It’s coming It’s coming
    Declas is coming!
    A flipping year later nothing
    Trump “cuz if I were in charge you’d be in jail”
    How the F do you even have a channel still when nothing you’ve talked about has come true?
    “ Trump is gonna take over the Fed, buy gold it’s gonna be important to have”
    Dude seriously Your making money off people just telling them what they want to hear. You’re just as bad as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker

  • Get out from behind your computer screens, before it's too late. Youtube is a digital concentration camp. It is meant to keep you from actions that would alleviate our issues. Get out from behind the comfy glow of the computer.

    👀👉before it is too late. 👈👀

  • Here are some possibilities:

    Mule was told to go and clear Barr so that Barr wouldn't be attacked.
    He was either ordered by Barr or he went to a tribunal and was ordered to. Shaky voice?

    As a private citizen, he can testify against the dirty players. Nervous voice?

    He'd be tried for treason, 911, and a coup against our Pres. (He's a Marine). Sentence is death. Same as no name's sentence.

    Another thought is he could be handed over to Russia. He made some Russians awfully angry.

    I like the sound of those. It would make a good chess move!!

  • So they go in full force knowing the president couldn't be charged with a crime while in office (which there was no crime of course). So let's take two years and spend $35m of taxpayer money to tell us that.

  • Dustin, I find it difficult for a man of your intelligence not to understand the spiritual warfare taking place. Their has to be a opposite to all the evil in the world.

  • Hey Dustin great as usual. Thank you can you she’s light for me. The only inconsistency I see with Qs plan versus comments made by POTUS Trump is the narrative on 5g. Can you help me with this? It is bothering me!

  • Days turn into weeks, Weeks turn into months, Months turn into years, Years turn into Decades. The evil Bush regime, The Clinton Cabal/Cartel, barry's banana republic criminal cronies and 9th circuit appointed judges, Soros owned vile lap dog lying Media whores, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Uranium One, Pizzagate Pedophilia, Vatican pedos run rampant,Haitian baby slavery rings, Clinton Foundation evil corruption, FBI/CIA heinous criminals.Hillary's "Kill List". We the good, God fearing, Family loving, Hard working, Country respecting, Law abiding citizens are tired of waiting for justice against these satanic criminals against humanity and all that is good. Please Almighty God Yahweh. Time to take out satan and his blatantly EVIL spawn.Rothchilds, Hillary, Obama, Soros, Waters,Pelosi,,Schumer,Biden,DeBlasio,Harris,Warren,Feinstien,Ryan,Flake,Abedin,Epstien,PODESTA,Alefantis, Brock,,Ginsberg,Roberts,Brown, Schiff, Nadler, Cuomo,DeBlasio,Ohrr,Horowitz,Rosenstien,,BRENNAN,Comey,Clapper,CNN Fake News reporters…Expose them X trillions. Bring them down like dominoes please. We on the side of good are begging you Almighty God Yahweh. In Jesus name we pray AMEN.

  • Please Contact the White House hotline to complain about Ben Garrison being Removed from the INTERNET by his server, not merely by Social Media – for the Content of his CONSERVATIVE and ACCURATE Editorial Cartoons. We are ALL DAMAGED and Mortally Injured by a media that posts the filthy cartoons about Conservative, and our DULY AND PROPERLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP, by Deep State Traitors infringing on OUR CONSTITUTIONAL CIVIL RIGHTS.
    I pray the Dear Lord of Heaven, our CREATOR take especial note and prepare a mighty bodacious Harvest ITNJTMTC

  • Joe degeniva said 4 weeks ago on Fox that in 2 weeks a bombshell report was coming out on comey and criminal referral would be announced ! That was 4 weeks ago ! A big nothingburger!!!!

  • Look up Judith Baker. Back in the 60s in a high school lab she was able to produce cancer Via injections of viruses and then using radiation via an X-ray machine and produced cancer in 1–9 days. Of course the government swooped in. Promised her she could skip pre med and she worked diligently in a lab, cause to kill Castro. Guess who was her handler Oswald!!! She is on Facebook and has all information about what she went through. Why do you think cancer has proliferated? Why are children getting cancer from a cell tower? It’s not just the tower itself its from the viruses they inject as well as radiation! 🖖🏻

  • Mueller is lying about not being able to accuse Pres. Trump of a crime. Ken Starr did it to Clinton when he accused him of lying to Congeess and for unethical conduct, both over Monica Lewinsky. Many, many more lies in the conference, as well as orders to the Left to continue their harassment.
    Great info, Dustin, thanks for the great job. BTW, you might want to read the Bible while asking the Lord for wisdom to understand what He is trying to tell you.

  • There’s news that Julian Assange is gravely Iill 💔 I HOPE this is “acting” and “part of the plan”. I do trust the Q Team, but all it takes is one person to inject or spray JA with a poison.

    You can write to Julian Assange: He apparently has no access to a computer and only once a week for a short while…a library. If he’s kept in prison by the CRIMINAL UK Gvt, letters would help keep Julian’s spirits up and give him something to do. This small act of humanity could make a HUGE difference in the life of a hero we all owe a debt of gratitude to.

  • You are so.. Greek Dustin! 🙂 I majored in Philosophy – Big thinker I am – now I process CPAP orders. Anyway, Philosophy convinced me that humans created God. Atheist most of my adult life – then one day, from a state of suffering, I asked for Yahshua (Jesus) to show me he's real, and…wow He showed up, healed me instantly and I have never looked back! Dustin – this is another level of "knowing" – actually a more perfect version. Praying for you brother!

  • You and Praying Medic used to be the top videos in the search. Now you're both BURIED way way way down the list. Very hard to find without including your name in the search. Definitely being censored.

  • 10:10 Pope Frankie, there is one glaring difference between President Trump's border wall and the Berlin Wall: the former is made to keep people out, the latter was made to keep people in. So do us all a favor and keep your disgusting boy lovin' mouth shut and go sit down.

  • If they find anyone guilty of treason I want to see the death penalty carried out swiftly. Life in prison I fear would be undone ( Executive Order ) by a future ( swamp sympathetic ) President

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Dustin Nemos is a freedom-maximalist, Voluntaryist, Autodidact Polymath, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Trend Watcher, Avid Researcher and hobbyist Economist, holistic researcher, Philosopher, And Political Talking Head. His main goals are - Be a good dad, be a good person, be free, and destroy evil with logic, evidence, reason, and compassion. Apexhealth.Club VIMEO: Gab: Twitter: @Nemov8 Youtube: Patreon:

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