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SC IS CLOSED FOR BIDNESS, Nadler is ready to impeach, JA health is not good and Elijah Cummings accused in pay to play scandal. Color me surprised.


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  • Dems will drag "IT" out until the actual 2020 battle for our nation
    because they have NOTHING but lies to run on. Americans are NOT stupid. We see the truth

  • Oh my goodness! I just realized something … SR was probably discovered thru the HAMR! This means the Dems sought O’s help to find out who stole the docs!

  • Lol, Mueller poking a stick into the wasps nest before running away. Silly man, Mueller will still go down for his crimes. He also lied from the start. There was an American that colluded, many, but not from the conservative side.

  • How in the world do you chargeANYONE with a crime when there is NO CRIME no matter a President or not…more than $30 million for a FAT BIG ZERO…poor old Nadler he is a sickly green because of his JEALOUSY…

  • It seems another key word should be 'intent.' If the President 'intentionally meant to obstruct justice or commit a crime they would have found it. Up until he became President, he had not been much of a politician. Trump never played by the rules of the boys in the club of politics and many hate him for it including in the GOP. Most who support Trump believe he is trying to do what is best for Americans and of course he DOES make mistakes along the way because he dont follow the rules of the 'boys club of politics,' so he breaks a few rules along the way baking it look like he is breaking the law. So this gives the democrats leverage to impeach. Trump is liked because he is an outsider. The dems hate that. blessings

  • For some reason, while listening to Mueller, I see Comey bobbing his head.
    Trump is safe.
    He's already won this war
    with the cabal.
    Stay the course, patriots.
    Thank you for this great report.
    Projection— When will HRC & Hussein be charged??

  • One down with Cummings who should have recused himself and now Nadler should recuse himself for his conflict of interest too. His son is a lawyer in the SDNY who is going after Trump. Nadler only wants to make up dirt for his son to go after DJT.. What they will do to advance their careers and power. So what other conflicts are going to come out? Hmmmmm

  • "No one is above the law, not even the president" I hope Nadler, Pelosi & Schiff & ALL of the LEFTISTS remember this when HUSSEIN OBAMA is indicted for spying on Trump & other Americans since 2012! HUSSEIN is NOT above the LAW!

  • I think Mueller is playing with words. As a person trained in law, he should not have made such statement when under the law, a person is innocent until proven guilty. By implying, his intention is malicious.
    Nadler is in a hurry to get Trump before he and his gang are investigated. He is in a hurry to impeach the President.

  • Don't you just love watching these scum bags squirm. Playing with freaks like these DEMON RATS is awsume. They know what they have done and they know what's coming. They just don't know when POTUS and the white hat team are going to slam the hammer hammer. WWG1WGA God bless fellow Patriots around the world. PAIN PAIN BOOM BOOM 🐐🐂⛈⛈⛈👊👊👊🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲❤❤❤🙏🏿🙏🏿🕊

  • Boy Mueller sounds nervous as he spoke . What he read didn't sound like him either , more like Jim Comey or Obama with how he says things then goes back and says the opposite of . So read between the lines what he wants done .

  • Who are we kidding? Every one on Planet Earth has Hillary’s EMails !! All 5 Eyes esp. Britain were interfering in our Elections !!!
    Cummings the old CLINTON LAP DOG has been a crook from the beginning !! This old FOOL let this young girl get him in real trouble this time !! You are going to prison this time you OLD DOG 🐶 !!
    President Trump If this innocent man dies , then justice dies !!
    The SOB’s in Britain are killing him !!

  • It's always thought that once this, that, or the other is finished, that will be the END of it, but it never is. So, after the impeachment is finished, they will have something else to chew on.

  • Yes TOOK THE BAIT!  Nadler already taking it.  Pelosi's house will be in shambles they will all run with it.  She is screwed as well. No Handle on her House or state.  YES They cornered bad now.  Played out perfect.

  • How is JA's life in prison any different from Otto Warmbier in a North Korean prison, finally sent home to die? He was tortured until he was at the brink of death and then returned home. This is outrageous.

  • Mueller appears to be scared to death.  They must have gotten to him.   Everything he said is a lie.  Prayer Warriors KEEP PRAYING.   This is spiritual warfare and we need to keep praying for President Trump, cover him with the blood of Christ.  Take authority over the demons in the mighty name of Jess and bind & rebuke them and sent them back to the pit of hell.  The battle is the Lord's battle however God's Army MUST be in the fight.  We are wrestling against demons so put on your armor and fight with warfare prayers.   RedPill I hope and pray your analysis is correct.

  • They can't take President Trump down because he is God's chosen vessel for such a time as this and God's hand of protection is on him.  But we must keep him covered with prayers.  CHURCH WAKE UP.  This battle is for the children who are being raped, abused in horrific ways, tortured and murdered and sacrificed to Satan.   These people are evil and wicked.

  • Put cummings ass in jail. I can't stomach this accusing creep. All these black accusers (waters, obama, holden, barry, etal) steel and betray their own race. They know exactly what buttons to push in the black community. Seize their assets and give the money back to the communities they were supposed to represent.

  • Remember when we were in school and they taught us about the Constitution and the history behind it and why it was written the way it was and with it's amendments. The government works for the people and the people are above the government. This is just something that the people need to be reminded of because if there's any of the 3 pillars of the government that seem to be doing something fishy or not right, the people have the right to ask questions of their own. Our government (Democracy) is designed to prevent any single entity from coming into control. So not only can we ask the President about what he's doing in our government, we can ask either one of the other pillars about the same thing too.

  • Indeed-Mueller just set a snare the Dims 💡are unavoidably compelled to jump into… IMPEACH!!
    TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE!! 😃



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