August 18, 2019 Interesting and suggestive news out of Malaysia, which is proposing a gold-backed Asian “euro” for foreign trade, i.e., a two-tiered system


  • News and views from the walking health hazard moonlighting as the pimple flof at Paul's.
    Dear God will you just change the name from the Neferium to the sick note that reads out loud zero hedge.

  • Some Christian genius will patent life.
    Another Christian genius will patent liberty.
    Government will not issue a patent for the pursuit of happiness.

  • "History does not repeat itself but it often rhymes." – Mark Twain. And yes, please publish some report on the weather machines! Our weather in the USA for the past several years (I'm in NC) is constantly changing! Last year was a deluge sequence – now it looks like a drought!
    As for the "trade coin" vs "interior coin", didn't the USA do something similar in the late 1800s?

  • The general population may be losing interest in the nefarious machinations of the new world order. To what extent geoengineering and weather modification are in play is worth learning about from Joseph. Forum Borealis also posted a new presentation with Catherine Austin Fitts on the prospects of "humanity."

    Last week's emphasis on Britain's PM resignation and this weeks emphasis on the Far East may signify a substantial change in geopolitical venues. I watched John Pilger's The Coming War on China and John Navarro's Crouching Tiger series, both being very informative from differing points of view.

  • Hi Joseph, I can't find anything concrete on the bell experiment, it seems the polish guy has no copies or documents. I was about to write it off until I discovered this.

    'Die Glocke (The Bell) is a concert hall in the centre of Bremen, Germany. Standing on the site of a building from the Middle Ages, it was designed by Walter Görig (1885–1974) and completed in 1928.[1] Its elegant Art Deco design and EXCELLENT ACOUSTICS have been praised by a number of artists including Herbert von Karajan'
    'In the Middle Ages, an octagonal bell-shaped building (hence its name) belonging to the cathedral chapter stood south of the cathedral on the Domsheide in the Dombezirk, an enclave under the sovereign and legal control of the cathedral. It was the venue for the meetings of the chapter and, from 1648, for the deliberations of the court. In 1737, a new octagonal building was constructed on the site,'

    So… octagonal building with excellent acoustics. I know enough about stuff to know that's a link that adds some credibility to the story of the bell.

  • your not alone in this weather SNAFU… for the first time ever we had Deadly" tornado warnings (as in seek cover immediately) from PA to the east coast… a nice memorial day weekend then the worst lightning storms I saw in 20 years (with horizon to horizon lightning flashes)_ 2 nights of that and here we go again on day 3…. we are talking inches of rain and lightning storms that come up without a warm front meeting a cold front…. dammed odd stuff!!!

  • I doubt they'd have enough gold to pull it off. Sounds like a repeat of the SDR as world trading currency idea. Even if they did have enough physical, the velocity of money / gold would probably be too slow to make it practical.

  • Hey, a new hat! You’re such an amazing guy. I’ve been listening to lots of your material for some time. There’s so much, but I can’t believe I hadn’t come across you years ago. You’re the first guy to reaffirm that I wasn’t full of shit!! I’d been all over the Nazi International for years and then I discovered you. FINALLY someone who gets it and actually has REAL information beyond what I’d already figured out. Nobody believes me when I tell them that my first fiancé back in 1990-91 turned out to be a German spy.

  • It has been developing since just after POTUS Trump was elected. I'm an American living in Malaysia and have been watching things progress on this side of the planet, and planting some seeds of my own, that now appear to be gaining traction.

    I respect your work and would be honored to chat sometime so as to share ideas and compare where we both see this headed.

  • For the currency stuff, contact Jim Wille at The story is an example of prepositioning for negotiations. AKA, the Art of the Deal. For Weather stuff check out Mike Morales on you tube. Elana is great, however, Mike Morales links the corporations and the technology, in real time, to events Worldwide, a who done it breakdown of weather events. Currently, he is posting accurate 16 day forcasts. Respectfully, Tom.

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