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  • Hagmann men, I cannot thank you enough for laying out the ongoing slow motion coup against our President Trump in such a concise, cogent manner. Please elaborate on the dozen+ assassination attempts.
    This coup is an attempt to silence the truth about how the Dem Socialists, Neo Cons and RINOs are harvesting our babies and children for SRA, blackmail, organs, body parts, and stealing their creativity, controlling our food supply, poisoning our food, air and water to make it easier to control us all: all for Satan, power and money. This is the epitome of evil, and I am grateful to you men for so calmly discussing events that should have all of us being prepared and actively supporting the brave men & women protecting our President and our 1789 Constitution for the united States of America. Thank you!

  • You know you're in trouble when CNN says you're lying. Do the Dems have ANY idea how silly and ridiculous they looked yesterday? Geez if this is the best they got they are in a PANIC mode lol

  • I would suspect Cohen will end up another notch in the "Clinton Body Count" belt and the Deep State/Dems will blame POTUS. Investigations will carry on until the end of his term…just sayin'

  • There sick n demonic no one who has the holy spirit in them could even think like that puppy's have more of God in them then these sick demon possessed whatevers

  • Our cable company gave cnn foxes spot on the line up, and is broadcasting anything about Trump like it's the watergate hearings……and everything else is "race bait , Trump bash " , we can't have any other cable company but them…because of where we live!

  • Why is NO one talking about Venezuela and the problems there? Why is Trump OK with Pence, Little Marco, Bolton, and Pompeo going to Venezuela and trying to FORCE a COUP. The public doesn't even have any knowledge about this. I'm all for Making America Great….But what is this supposed to really mean? At this point I think all of this Hate Fest over Trump is just another psyop. Nothing is about America or the American people. It is all about further and further division and more and more ignorance. The end game is is the Death of 6.5Billion human beings (men, women, and children) Forget the Government – the Government is merely a open theatre, a cheap gambling hall – It is an establishment in which there are no good men…except for the few assigned to that roll….(they are powerless). All this is a distraction every bit of it. We I think are going down.

  • 1. The M S M propagandist liars must be held accountable for their substantial part in a minimum of sedition against POTUS and the American people…
    2. Unelected beauracrats are traitors caught red handed but are doubling down instead of asking for mercy.

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