In this Podcast Peter will be covering information about source, consciousness, where we come from the Multiverse, the Lyrans, Elohim and the Star Nations and the Geometric Light Realms.
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Peter Maxwell Slattery is an international bestselling Author and is known as an E.T contact experiencer. His experiences started at an early age and continue to this day with hundreds of witnesses to events and he has an overwhelming amount of photographic and video evidence of UFOs, otherworldly Beings and apparitions, plus physical trace evidence.
Pete has appeared on Channel 7’s “Prime News” and “Sunrise”, among many other T.V appearances internationally, and he has made worldwide news, been in numerous documentaries, on mainstream radio shows and in magazines. He is also a chart topping rap artist under the name P-max and has made 8 documentaries on the ET subject to date.

​Today he continues to open the world up to the greater reality that “We are not alone” and that “We are all amazing powerful Beings”.

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  • Rex, l highly suggest you look at Randi Green’s information on you tube. She has a very good collection of videos she has put out over the last few years. Her information is invaluable. I can’t even begin to explain how much she knows.

  • Great interview. At 48:11, looking at the cave art…the rainbow-looking image I feel is their way of showing underground, the layers of earth and beings living within it. Maybe they too had to flee for their lives down there. The vertical lines coming down thru the "rainbow" could have been some kind of directed energy weapons maybe? idk Just thoughts that popped up while watching. <3

  • Its great to see and hear experiences from other country's, and too see the similarities as well. The craft at the 16:17 spot there are pictures of a craft like that crashed on the ground on a frozen lake at a native reserve in northern Canada, a few years ago, the military took over the whole reserve, and put them on shut down, took their cameras , took over the chiefs home and office! Some pictures leaked out, the natives showed up at the crash site, on snow machines, before the military did! Third phase of the moon featured it! I actually agree a lot of what this guy is saying! I'm not sure what big picture they have been trying to tell me, but I am urged to make comments to help people see how to connect and to explain things some times, but I feel this phase in my life is changing a bit, now they seem to be turning me onto another direction! My messaging and guides are turning me onto something new and differant! I'm also feeling more physically and mentally more energised! They are even controlling my diet!

  • **SHILL ALERT** watched for with open mind for 34 min and then bam! There it is the indiginious theme. He could just be a straight liar or the black triangle ships are known Airforce, so there is possibility that the government abducted him and he experienced these things as real for himself, but either way it is pure propaganda. As a J..ish gay rights activist from San Fransisco did 'anthropological' studies on the Australian indiginious people and inferred that their sexual perverse habits were from Christain influence when in reality they were Islamic influence(ie bacha bazi boys) and light interbreeding. The study is pushed in western secondary education's official text books used in anthropology classes. One of the books is free on audible it is called A Very Short Introduction of Social and Cultural Anthropology by John Monaghan and Peter Just. If someone was interested in knowing the other school books that reference to it and are companion I could post it later. The book is pushing common western guilt theme saying western Christan cultural is stupid and racist and that they need to be accepting of the indiginious sexual perversions intimately laid out in the book as a soft pornography between older men and younger boys as 'tribal tradition' of a boy becoming a man. Adding to the layer of propaganda is now we originate from them. Sad.

  • Military have made robots, as well, and apparently they run on biological stuff they eat off of the ground, dead animals all kinds of living biology that they turn into fuel to keep running, and doing the tasks they are programmed to do! I have seen a UFO that was a green ball of light that was all full of geometrics inside of it that moved and changed inside it, it was about 8 ft around, and it wizzed right past me, about three feet away from me! Talk about freezing out for a few minutes! It flew right up my driveway between the two houses, it came from up the street, came right at me, then turned to go right past me! In broad daylight on a sunny day! I don't think it was man made at all, not a chance! It was about 25 years ago, my children were very young! I was in my front yard, looking at the front gardens and flowers!

  • This was very interesting❣️ I wonder if anyone has asked the question, what do these beings do in their normal lives? Knowing time does not exist, what is it they do in their normal everyday life? ☮️💞

  • I'm actually catching aliens and preying mantis beings in the trees as of late.
    I have a photo of a gray alien head as if it's a framed portrait in the notch of one tree. And down the road from it, a huge mantis in the bark. It's unmistakable and quite interesting.

  • Its true i been followed since age of 4. Everywhere I have moved and luve now they always find me. When they I need see physically just to let them know a just for me they show me whimsical ways as them blinking a sign example if you are watching blink twice and they do. I have recently been viewing information it looks as if I am viewing a film in fast motion. I seen formulas cities it feels like a computer passing information. They cone in in dream like state or remote viewing so much not enough time or space in this m message

  • That sound of Maxwells is exactly like a heart beat. The sound I have heard for the last 20 years is very low in pitch and cycles less frequently. The vibration is very deep.

  • Why do all these people claim their is war and violence in the universe, don't believe that crap. Humans are the only physical beings in this universe and the only ones that want to hurt people and start war, no one with a full soul would ever dream of killing some one.

  • I'm sorry to use this platform to ask a broader question. I take this moment to ask this community about the most recent video in Ben Davidson's video series, "Earth Catastrophe Cycle".

    What do you think?

  • When i was younger one night when i was in bed i had a strong humming vibration grinding sound in my head! It lasted for about 30 seconds and scared the crap out of me. Maybe this can explain it. I dont know what the hell it was. But it was real and it was scary.

  • Man you are doing it again….another great show…just love to listen and see what shows up when you dig into all these different and interesting subjects concerning our here and now. And your uncensored true sharing of yourself…just beautiful…Bless you bro…and Peter…Wow another brilliant being in physical shape…

  • 12:20 UFO 🐸 sound! That is cool🙏🏼it relaxes me.. I am going to download It✔️ I already have hairdrier sound and that too is very much relaxing✔️ nanu nanu nanu

  • Another story about tall beings. Im sorry if your over 20 feet tall your not exactly going to fit in! These beings must have been socially accepted some how, and im not talking about skeletons of 7 ft tall people. Were these beings a certain race of beings or where they stand outs from society. Ive heard of giants being the certain king of peoples like hes singled out. In this video he says they are a race of giant beings. Maybe two different time lines here, but damn 38 feet tall!! You would think they dont stand out in history more then we learn. Makes you wonder how the ancients seen these giants. As friends? As gods? As enemies?

  • Peter I have heard recently from Saturn frequency itself that the Elohim are negative frequencies that are manipulating the rings and the planet itself for manevolent purposes. Saturn through the love we are sending is fighting back. So be careful who you trust here.

  • Brilliant discussion chaps! I wish I had of caught you guys live but I suppose time is just an illusion. A lot of what you discussed is what I have always suspected in my gut. Keep up the excellent work.

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