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  • …fuck me how did i end up on the national enquirer channel ??….hey zublick i thought hillary and her gang of thieves were on a prison barge to gitmo !!……smh

  • So, what is going on with Tribunals? Have heard nothing at all. Let us know something, or I am unsubscribing. I don't believe anymore that anything is going on in the background. I think they are getting ready to take over. EMP coming, and we are going down.

  • Real talk – why are the videos he takes in his car trying to sell us something, a better quality video that his main content? Why is Truth Unsealed filmed in SD?

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  • David it's so true stress is a killing weapon on it's own no matter how strong a person is and it's also one of the biggest elements set off the 4000 cancer sells that every person is born with from birth and this is thy truth brother

  • No….Oxidative stress DOES kill you! If a disease is not caused by a pathogen, then it is caused by oxidative stress.
    C60 with olive oil. C60 is the most powerful anti-oxident yet discovered. Do yourself a favor and research for yourself. Plenty of stuff right here on youtube.

  • oxidative damage is inevitable. stop fear mongering david. how are you any different from alex jones are other fear mongering salesmen?

  • This is a very important sequence: The truth does not take a rocket scientist to realize that people who practice sport that involves oxidative stress are healthier, though as usual nobody questions.

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  • Mr. Zublick seems to be playing games with CBD oil promotions, making you think they have an exclusive product that no one else has with all its exaggerated claims. CBD truly is a great discovery but its available everywhere now in cannabis clubs, online and recently CVS and Rite Aid in a topical form. There are different strengths for different needs, everything from a topical skin rash to chronic pain, cancer, etc, etc.

    In the past, Zublick has exaggerated the truth about GITMO ever since his announcement in early Jan. Misleading intel, acting as though he had insider information about Obama, Hillary, Bush's, etc when in fact none of it was true. He also claimed they were one of the few chosen reporting teams that were given this privileged opportunity/authorization when in fact they were not, he lied and was exposed as a fraud when the actual reporters who had authorization from the government made a video to explain everything. (Google it).

    He has this radio announcer voice that sounds like a pitch-man every time he says un-seeeeaaaaalllleeeeddddd, very annoying! He loses credibility trying to play on emotions acting as though he's discovered some new, amazing breakthrough and you have to call his number at "a special time" to get pitched on it. WHY??? Nothing personal but the fact that you need to play some game in order for you to capture an audience adds to the level of mistrust I already have with you.

    Screw you Mr. Zublick for being another piece of crap salesman trying to play on everyone's emotions! CBD is a great product and available everywhere so stop playing games with your friggin teaser videos that are similar to a snake oil approach.

    Did Obama, Hillary and Bush get the chair yet??

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