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  • I'd love to get out of pain management where they treat you like a drug addict & criminal. I hope it isn't out of reach expensive like most of these products.

  • Dear David Thank You for this inspiring video,
    I am British and reside temporarily in Australia,
    I have MS since I was 28 and was then diagnosed with Cancer in 2000.
    I have never taken any treatment, I do not trust the FDA or drugs and I have been able to manage
    I am 60 now and for the last month I too like you can not get out of bed, I had influenza and now with a broken rib, haa haa as if life could not get any worse.
    Can you please email me, as I can not phone in for the conference.
    I love your channel, and trust in this coming from you, by the way you look awesome for your age.
    God Bless You,
    [email protected]
    Many Thanks 🙏

  • David you used to be one of my favorite channels, but as in the government, we are trying to expose their secrets against humanity,, if your secret pain remedy is not all natural, then I'm not interested. If it is all natural then you should stop trying to make money off of it like the government does trying to keep us in the dark on everything. If there are things that we should know like free energies or health cures, natural pain relievers, it's hard enough to try to try and get the word out in masses, much less trying to gain wealth from it.

  • Colloidal Silver kills 650+ Diseases and you can make it at home. I would not touch the crap you are advertising so strong. you can make your own weed oil at home too. When you make your own, you know it's strength and purity.
    Look into Grounding! This is a simple thing to do. Here is a true story about it.
    All you are doing is driving a grounding rod into the ground and hooking a ground wire to it and then connecting that wire to you in one of many ways. For myself, it changed my life. Lots of people have inflammation and this grounding process kills inflammation. it took me about 6 months of being grounded and my body changed completely! NO MORE PAIN in my joints at all. Look up Grounding and Earthing on Youtube and Google and learn how to do it and how to test it. It's the electricity around you that is hurting you a lot.

    As for making your own colloidal silver, I have made my own for over 20 years. I use a standard 120vac wall outlet as my power source and my process is using 110vdc and it takes about an hour to make one full gallon of cs this way. I make it 10 to 20 ppm strength and it works great.

    You can Tincture weed and keep breaking it down until you have an oil that is extremely powerful for your health. When you heat weed, you can get high from it. When you take weed unheated, it is a medicine. Do your own research. Did you know that you can just eat weed for good health? You can eat the leaves in your salad and tincture the bud and put the tincture in your tea. It is all good and pretty much free if you are making it.

    Alkalize for Health is something most have no clue about. Alkalizing and Hyperthermia for good health:
    Something as simple as elevating your pH level will bring back your health and kill all disease in your body.
    [email protected]

  • ProtandimHerbal Dietary SupplementProtandim is a herbal dietary supplement marketed with unsupported claims that it can treat a number of medical conditions. The product is a patented mix of five herbal ingredients and sold by LifeVantage Corporation, a Utah-based multi-level marketing company. The manufacturers of Protandim claim it can prevent or cure a wide variety of medical conditions, including diabetes and cancer. In 2017, LifeVantage was issued a warning letter by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding illegal advertising claims on the company's websites suggesting that Protandim can help to cure various ailments, including cancer and diabetes.

  • I can't call, I'm not in the US. Why don't you just tell us what it is. I'll buy it. I expect it will be expensive because of all the dang secrecy but I'll buy it. Just tell me what it is!!!! Please!!!! I'll buy it!!!

  • YouTube cannot stand name of Tommy Robinson so keep saying Tommy Robinson Tommy Robinson YouTube cannot stand name of Tommy Robinson so keep saying Tommy Robinson Tommy RobinsonYouTube cannot stand name of Tommy Robinson so keep saying Tommy Robinson Tommy Robinson

  • Your spew here is simply BS! If this product you’re keeping a “big secret” from us can stop the pain, take the pain away from the 350+Plus different diseases. Put up or shut up David! Too many people are hurting so bad. David, ppl lay in bed after a full day and night of pain, crying themselves to sleep at the end of the day. And I am one of them. That’s why I felt the need to tell you you’re wrong! You’re 62 and you have a little pain when you wake up in the morning well a lot of people with those diseases have a lot more pain than what you feel, from the sound of it. You say you have a product that will stop this, is just BS. We have so many painkillers in this country that don’t work but now you say, you have the one☝️?? So how can yours work so well David?? That science has gotten it all wrong but David Zubick’s product takes 350+Plus stops your pain? If this was so good everyone known to man would know about it. Quit taking advantage of vulnerable people to fatten your wallet. Taking from helpless people in pain. It makes me ill to even hear you talk like this. This is why I don’t watch your political feeds. I don’t trust you and I don’t believe you, at all. Quit putting people through more pain, doing what you’re doing. You’re a shyster…..

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