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Documentary: The Moses Controversy – Who wrote the first five books of the Bible?

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  • The Bible is supposed to be read as an allegory. Not that it didn't really happen but the spiritual meanings behind the stories. We are today living a Moses Life. We are all slaves to the beast system just like the Israelites were. We as the human race are supposed to be free and to love one another. Not to be separated/divided. We forgot who we are, who God made us to be. The locusts have already arrived and we are looking for three days of darkness, Venezuela, and then the death of the first born son. (Allegory death of today's belief system, the Beast system) Consciousness is rising. Jump on board.

  • who is this CLOWN? "i know things and i've been knowing things & i have a marketing company.."??? what kind of faithful christians talk this way? listen fellow bodies of Lord Jesus Christ – ALL WE NEED IS BIBLE AND ALL WE NEED TO STUDY TIL DAY WE DIE IS BILE AND WORD OF GOD ONLY… WE MUST BE HUMBLE IN HOLY SPIIRT AND OBEY HIS WORDS AND BE TREMBLE IN SCRIPTURE & GOSPEL!! what is going on with christian community these days that we have this clown as a guest to a christian news source? this guy is a clown nothing more

  • Aside from the comments of the misinformed, expert clowns the Jewish Messiah taught from the teachings of what Moses had written down in the Torah. Therefore if you don't believe the words that Moses wrote then neither do you accept the Jewish Messiah. I do know that it's the followers of the Adversary who say the 66 books of the Bible are only allegorical myth-legends. Because that's what their beliefs are based on. I enjoyed Timothy Mahoney's evidence based DVD for the Israelite Exodus and I know I will enjoy the DVD when it comes out about the The Moses Controversy too. Thank you for inviting him to your show.

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