August 17, 2019 RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the Pentagon’s secret $22 million “UFO” program and its correlation with frequent UFO sightings across the country.

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  • Military industrial complex produce weapons for common people which are displayed and sold to countries and they produce weapons for themselves which are hidden from the world. Those hidden projects have lot of weird stuff including ufos.
    That is the reason F35 are so expensive because they are using extra money for hidden projects and they constantly need money to fund their secret stuff. They create wars for same very reason. They want non traceable money.

  • Question to a genius, let's assume in the near future they can time travel, now what is stopping them from time traveling to our current time line, imagine us going to trips or vacation to sight see, and in the future these sight seeing vacations are actually time travelling to any time that would not alter the future.

  • @4:55 BINGO!!! Justification for a new military branch, Space Force. The MIC would have a field day with this. It's been said that the US lags far behind in hypersonic weapons which both China and Russia are ahead in. It's been argued that to counter hypersonic weapons is to deploy orbital missile platforms. Think nukes everyone. Will we see the end of the Outer Space Treaty?

  • I legitimately trust randos individual sighting over any government that will try to tell me what i am seeing.

  • The more I look into this, the more like it seems to the product of a media push and fundraising campaign relating to: and their wholly owned entertainment subsidiary "To the Stars".

    Which just happens to be where Luis Elizondo works now. Who seems to be the entirety of Harry Reids pet money laundering project called the DOD Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Who released the 14 year old video, a few months ago. Even though they didn't exist when this intercept happened, and don't exist now.

    So, perhaps, Mr. Elizondo worked for "ToTheStars" for the past 5 years, even though his office was on still on the fifth floor of the pentagon? The DOD stopped paying 22 million per year for the program in 2012, but he "resigned" in october of 2016 because of "Internal opposition and Secrecy." That's more than a little odd. Are there many more squatters in the Pentagon?

    The program itself didn't start until 2007, 3 years after the incident on the pacific coast. So, there's really not a chance in hell that a 1 man, 22 million per year budget, DIA, pet project of senator Reid and his billionaire, AEROSPACE Corporation operating buddy, Robert Bigelow, is going to be given access about his competitors with much larger and older DOD contracts. Nor will he be given straight answers by NSA and CIA spooks working to identify whats coming out of Chinese, Russian and Iranian (and everyone else's) skunkworks.

    ToTheStars is also Blink 182's Tom Delonge's pet project, that he was spewing literal autism about on the Joe Rogan Podcast not long ago… They're all "I want to beliebers", who seem to have concluded that it is Aliens and that they just have to prove it. This explains the subtitling being wrong, they have a financial incentive for dressing it up. As did / do Harry Reid and Luis Elizondo.

    The one part of that story I do believe though is about fleets of things being detected on radar 80,000 and decending to 20,000 before hovering in a grid pattern off the coast of San Diego. As that's exactly what a drone fleet capable of near orbital, edge of the atmosphere, flight and hovering would do if the task was to monitor the bulk of the pacific fleet.

    That's the one thing that this "Government Program" turned crowd-funded entertainment company got right it seems, that those capabilities are no longer science fiction and it is (or was) only a matter of time before they exist(ed) in the same aircraft…

    So, here's the meat and potatoes for me. Tom Delonge and Harry Reid have both claimed that they have possession or proof of aircraft "which do not originate from a government". PUBLIC FUNDS were spent, via the program that released this video, handed from Luis Elizondo at the Pentagon to Robert Bigelow, to build facilities to store said items.

    Show them. Or shut this ridiculous fundraiser down. Then bring Harry Reid and Elizondo in front of congress to explain this "Program's" findings and budgetary decisions to Congress on the record.

    TLDR: I'm not saying it's Aliens, but it's definitely Aliens.

    Side note: The planes [From CVW-11 and VFA 14 or 41 or 147 or 154] were assigned to Nimitz apparently, which is CSG-11, which was ro'tat'ted out of gulf combat and in the San Diego area from winter 2003 to spring 2005. As far as I can tell CVW-11 was assigned to CSG-3, but was transfered to CSG-11 and Nimitz in early 2003. When they also replaced their F-14s with the F-18 SuperHornets. However, the planes in quesiton here were F-18Fs and they weren't assigned until this late '03 to '05 period in San Diego, most likely with the incoming VFA 147 or 154, as VFA 14 and 47 were assigned to CSW-9 around this time too. Which means 147 and 154 probably didn't see CSG-3's deck much, if at all. The movie Stealth was also being filmed in this period, in the same waters, so their was full blown hollywood magic taking place on the Carl Vinson and newly created CSG-9 too. Long story short, the San Diego coast in 2004 was a Very active time for the US navy, and a whole bunch of people have a life or death interest in knowing if "it is fucking going on, bro"

    Was Nimitz docked and they were landing on Lincoln during this time? Lot's of moving parts (and movie parts, Carl Vinson and CSG-9 had hollywood [and a full scale fake aircraft that also caused an internet shitstorm] on board filming Stealth in the same zone and timeframe too) for the USN in those waters in 2004…

  • The WTC complex was destroyed by controlled demolition, far beyond any reasonable doubt, to an absolute certainty. That and ten bucks will get you a cup of yuppie coffee at Starbucks.

  • why doesnt the russian gov just admit it. they stole medical and space technology from the germans who got the information from space aliens. when that didnt work out for the aliens, the revisited earth and met up with the americans. (roswell)
    The aliens really screwed up our history so many times that they are even more secretive and careful now. But, they have switched back to the russians and even branched out again to other countries for their studies and goals. They even claim to be gods!

  • Reposting from an other thread:

    More secret military projects from either China, Russia or the US.

    A few other thoughts on this. By disclosing these "observations" that it's either:
    – a subtle way to warn others of their capabilities; OR,
    – gaslighting opponents that such capabilities exists but in reality it doesn't; OR,
    – frighten idiot politicians to increase the military budget; OR,
    – start an arms race; OR,
    – all the above.

    Sometimes starting an arms race could force your opponent to unnecessarily waste their money into researching possible dead end projects (i.e. spinning their wheels). Cui bono? Arms manufacturers.

    Notice how the reporter stated that these "reports" should be trusted because it came from the US Navy and not some wacko in their trailer park. Why should anyone trust them? Just because they're from the military doesn't exempt them from scrutiny. At the end of the day, they're still government employees following orders.

    Remember Sagan's words: " Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. "

    Something for you folks out there to think about.

  • These are shepherds, from planet X! They observe and supervise humanity! And when Planet X comes close to the earth again, they will increase their food supplies, with human flesh !!! 😎 The purpose of the worldwide population explosion! 😎

  • There are watchlists and terrorist watchlists for people believing in UFO's, and it directly states UFO's along with conspiracy theorists and preppers along with other offenses, yet, the very people putting people on these "secret" lists ARE the very ones funding programs and always on tv/internet putting out the very propaganda they put others on lists for.

  • Time traveller said that ufo would make themselves known this year, funny how the US government is making a big issue of this now.
    It has been coming since ww2, nuclear age has attracted them here, now why would they make contact knowing full well will kill our own.
    There already here why I don't know.

  • One Night in Beaver Oklahoma Sasquatch and I we're making love and we were abducted by aliens we were taking over to oral and rectal Roberts place over there we were examined and anally probed and transmitters placed into our dental fillings Then they brought us back.

  • sorry but trump is just giving "soft disclosure" , there already IS a space force and it has been in operation since the cold war and YES shortly after 9/11 Pres. Bush authorised a A.F. general to head the thing.

    Here is the link to the "congressional commitee meeting" that took place admitting to it =

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