March 10, 2019: ~ Phenomena ~ *strange sky static* / #Superstorm / 50k bolts (1080p)–506952571.html

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  • Pretty wild!!! With the veil thinning, who knows. I can ask about this when I do a QHHT session. I heard somewhere that we'd start seeing light particles.

  • About 15 years ago a cousin and myself was sitting on the steps at my house around 1 am talking. I was living in a rural neighborhood with a house directly across from me. When a , lack of a better word ,giant sheet of whatever you are seeing in your videos came down in the center of the road. We could barely see the house in front of was so damn beautiful. Like the sky had turned sideways and slid onto the street. I dont know how far it went up and down the street because as we saw it we turned to each other and asked wtf are you seeing this too in unison and looked back to observe it more for only a second and it was gone..we both heard it crackling as it was as loud as it was humongous. Mindboggling. It was winter and very cold. I can still see it in my mind was amazing and so beautiful. Before everyone assumes we were on drugs or drinking..which we did religiously but not on that night as I had just lost my father to a long battle of lung cancer and had gotten back in town to which the reason for my cousins visit. He came bye to see how I was doing. So take those twinkles in the videos and add a billion trillion to them and that's what we saw..just thought I would share as I never thought about it again nor told anyone till i seen this video..thank you Mr b .this after all was a pleasant memory in a time of major heartache. Are the 2 related..i had thought so at the time.

  • Love your channel. You touch on alot of topics across the board. If you believe we are going in a GSM check out Oppenheimer Ranch Project. Gives you alot of info on why these atmospheric anomalies are happening

  • I've been seeing little "flashes" here & there for quite some time. Not a sky phenom, I see them indoors and out, at eye level sometimes. I'm not alone, I've seen others posting about this. It's like some glitch. They just twinkle/flash and then gone. Not like the one in this video, under the light outside, that looks like snow or bugs but isn't …

  • Had several stores including grocery stores that roofs collapsed a few winters ago. Most all after they closed but one happened while the store was opened and it almost took out a few people.

  • Patti's footage looks like a swarm of insects…not unusual this time of year (I live in So Cal and we are being swarmed by butterflies right now), but the other stuff is really strange.

  • The digital video and still cameras being used to obtain these shots are recording neutrino-charged air molecules of ever-increasing frequency, as the cosmic light from both the universal and cosmic suns are now coming to this planet to help effect its present ascension process. Being from elsewhere to help with this mission, I have been able to see these dancing molecules for over 50 years. Their and our frequency is now increasing to such an extent, that they are now becoming more visible to more people and their recording devices, and this will happen more and more. This will in turn show more and more people. as their awareness increases, that even denser third dimensional reality is not really solid, but simply composed of comparatively slower moving light energies.

  • This planet is evolving much like a cell. The core might be releasing differant energy coming up to surface ignighting particals in the higher air mayby dead particals freeze in a second like snow hot to cold causing a spark. Differant parts of this planet are made of metals deep down like veins i call them circut boards the planet is showing strange things all over the world. Stay alert .lol

  • thought i was the only one noticing this..these objects seem to be alive and could be seen on this live webcam usually at night..the move at incredible speeds in all random directions..its not rain or snow..pretty certain it is the cause of and symptom of morgellons disease: Webcam Pradelles-Cabardès

  • I couldn't take pictures…but, there was BLUE Lightning flashes ( like a disco light ) while snowing, hailing n fog with high winds going thru Albuquerque, NM 2 days ago n its 3am in the morning…VERY STRANGE

  • It looks like charged plasma particles and this can happen I think with the magnetic field we have plasma inside of us in a sense if u push on your eyes in a way you can see our inner charged plasma coming to surface but that's plasma in liquid …plasma in open air acts different …so closed plasma to open plasma reacts different.
    If you see big balls of those stay away from them that's all I'm saying!

  • I live in Northern Ontario and I've seen this during the day too. They are NOT fireflies! Fireflies prefer warm climates and it was still well below freezing a few weeks ago. I suspect these are plasma-related, like the pre-cursors to ball lightning or something. But they're not bugs, that's for sure.

  • Possibly piezoelectric discharges, especially as Ontario lies along the Niagara escarpment. The escarpment follows a line all the way thru Niagara Falls and up the St Lawrence, which as you know is a major fault. Couple this with the booms seen with light flashes in NOLA on RING cams…below the New Madrid. Earthquakes on Florida/Alabama line and shaking in Orlando & Space Coast. Watch the New Madrid. I mean REALLY WATCH THE NEW MADRID.

  • Those particles are small nano peices of the chemtrails that slowly break up. We breathe these every day all you have to do is look up the edge of a building with the sun reflecting behind you and you will be disgusted with the amount of aluminum particles covered in polymers.



We are living in very unique, changing times and during these times I have become more than intrigued by these changes and what is causing them. I'm referring to the earth changes, changes in our sun and how the earth's atmosphere manages this what I believe to be a much different sunlight. Over the last 10 years I have become very familiar with our planet, the mechanics of it and how it reacts to many different aspects of space weather and many other things as well. I monitor everything from the sea floor to the cosmos and everything in between. I am a full-time...

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