August 17, 2019 #Pisces

These readings are only for those that resonate… if it does not resonate, it simply means it’s just not your situation or story that I’m reading


  • I thought my MS was getting really bad and went for reiki. My reiki master found I had swords all thru my back and nails and pins thru my legs. I felt 10 pds lighter after. I keep trying to protect myself but it keeps coming back…. it's his x controlling it.

  • This Pisces sun asc Venus mercury Saturn can’t wait to dive in! Thank you Aluna! I’d love to gift you my new tarot deck kei🌸tarot💜love … If interested pls lmk! [email protected] or message me thru Instagram. @keigratton. You can check out the full deck on Etsy! Totally inspired by this journey. Love to everyone and follow your dreams! 💜💜💜💕

  • Past week had hard drive crash/had 2 get new cable equip/toxic ex trying 2 return/had issue with a job/sister used my info to get out of speed tix/ and with ea attack feel stronger.

  • Thank you so much, Aluna, for doing this when you are not feeling too well. I hope the conditions of your throat and nose will ease up soon. Much love!

  • i had to pause the video at 12 minutes to write this. aluna, THANK YOU!!!!! you validated so much for me just now 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩 i knew i wasn’t crazy! this person is an aquarius, i believed him to me my DM for the longest. now, i don’t care about the whole twin flame label. his “karmic” i suspected dabbled in black magic. i had a dream of her january 2018 and she smiled at me in the dream with all her teeth,,,,at that point, that is what true evil felt like to me (i felt something even darker on my birthday this year). i tried to tell him about the dream and he said “stop you’re freaking me out” so i let it go…..I KNEW I WAS RIGHT! thank you so much, i’m gonna finish the video now. sending you so much love and healing i deeply appreciate you 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Thank you. I have been working with someone who has very negative energy and we have been in a conflict situation (through their aggression). I'm likely to leave my job soon and am looking forward to getting away from this energy and into a more positive environment.

  • Yes I feel like I’m actually standing on my own two feet

    My meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️ is taking me to new places and bringing me so many different feelings in my body , I’m feeling something I’ve only visualized

    The devil card … yeah I’m learning , seeing myself many years ago when I was not able to voice my opinion so I manipulated my way through life

    My kids are my teachers … so is everyone, I learn everyday from ppl in my life , like you 🥰

    🌙 Libra 27 degrees born at 11pm …. I’m a total night owl 🦉

  • Thank you Aluna💖💖 I always look forward to your readings and I always feel like you're speaking to me! I'm so grateful for you 🙏

  • Holy moly 😱 I haven’t listened in awhile and I’ve been meaning too…I feel like this is a personal reading…thank you my girl I needed to hear this!

  • I have ben waiting for this pisces read for days😊 Earlier this day I had a vision/experience of a see-through dark energy leaving my body. It had been so integrated to my system, almost adopting to me in a invisible way. I was in bed ready for a nap when this happened. The energy leaved my body and took form like the devil with legs of a goat, I could only see the back of the devil walking out the door and disappear. I felt like my true self, something I have been missing without knowing exactly what. Being in this state of loving myself and also express it to/through my body when falling asleep, just surrounding myself. Felt lighter, but not giving this experience/vision any deeper thought this day. Then I saw the title of this video. I can resonate very much with this reading. Namaste <3

  • Yes exactly! I believe this IS what's going on…you explained it perfectly. About the devil. Yes bc he wasn't like that several years ago. I told him about a year ago that he seemed to be in a trance like state. I believe the person that's doing this is a person that hates me. Ya there's stress about money bc so much has been stolen from me and my brother. That's what made all of this so much harder to accept. One more thing, I've been feeling so sick lately…I hope this ends soon. Thank you Dearheart.

  • My Pisces DM is living with a Sociopath Karmic. I think they have been together for years. My FT was a sociopath too. No growth. Just draining, no happiness, but we stay because we believe this is the best we can do. Its not true.

  • Thank you for your energy and many blessings of abundance back to you. Much love and angelic protection be blessed upon you for feeling so much of our energy good or bad. Love ❤️ and light. P/s spof on and So accurate . I bet you see me getting my frustration out by yelling at myself with concern to my mother. Lol 😂

  • Sooo,I have that deck and an ex leo of mine looks similar to the image of the Devil in that deck..We split awhile ago..If only you knew the whole scoop🙄🙄Yes,I didn’t like the feeling either-at night,I’d have horrible visions/dreams (kinda scary) at the end of our relationship-not going into detail,but Thanks 🙏 for the confirmation..I actually told him I’d put his stuff in the ‘left behind’ box😳🤷‍♀️his ex is aqua😳I’m highly intuitive and know how she truly feels about me🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️He’s not my DM and I have broken alot of that negative energy,but once in a great while he’ll pop up,but am WAY more balanced than when we were together and I protect my energies 🤔🤔🤔

  • My husband is a Pisces, my mom passed away in April & I see what effect she had on all of us as the energy changes. Hard to put it all into words but the reading definitely helps put it into perspective. Thank you Aluna… everytime🙌💞😘

  • this was spot on for me, i saw the flash of light right before you said you did as well. thank you aluna, for giving me this gateway to clarity. ive been watching your energy updates for a while but this was my first reading i've watched. i thank you endlessly.

  • Do you think leaving a toxic marriage is just 'letting go' of what wasn't working but you don't actually have to 'leave' or 'breakup'? I've felt this in many of the readings. I don't want anyone else, neither does he…we just need to be aware & let go of what wasn't working for us, the co-dependance. Me mothering him actually. I've been working on this for years with my husband & I feel like he's at a point of clearing this! He's a Pisces💞🙌

  • Omg u are speaking directly to me with this reading. I’ve always said my twin flame, who I’ve known since childhood and have 2kids with, his mother is Cruela Devil! Dead serious not joking. She is a wicked woman and that’s the energy u picked up on her lol. My intuition tells me that her “exit” is approaching and we will re unite once again long term this time. Thank u for doing these readings, u are always on point for me💜😊🙏💜

  • I'm going Monday to complete my divorce from Aquarius and I took him many years ago to a healer who told me he had an entity attached to him so she did some work and it got better but it came back little less than year later so I offered to take him again He said NO, I left with our daughter 8 year's ago so Yes I am 100% releasing him and all that is attached to him behind. I wish him well. Thanks so much. AA Michael Lives with me and I do rely on his help where this entity is concerned.

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