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March 8, 2019: |Astronomers are confident that a massive planet like object 10 times the mass of Earth is hidden in the solar system




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  • Nibiru or Planet X popularized by Nancy Lieder was more like prophetic revelation was not based on Science. Graham Hancock and Zecharia Sitchin are like broken clock which is also right two times a day so we must not believe in these "revelations" by non-scientists. Only scientific proof for Planet 9 should be acceptable.

  • Thanks, Steve!
    The segment about the "unscheduled/unexpected" partial solar eclipse on March 7 reminded me of the biblical account of the sun reversing/ retrograding. 2 Kings 20:8-11
    March 7 this year was Rosh Chodesh Adar II (leap year). The feast of Purim is coming soon (March 21 this year).
    Asteroid fly by at 0.06LD from earth is very, very close… (and its speed!) – Only a matter if time!

  • We see the huge stripped planet that is that size everyday eclipsing our sun. Many photos of it, and its moon, and the medium sized planet that follows it, every single day. Catch up.

  • It is COROT 7B, the planet that the bible calls THE RED DRAGON or HELL….rev 6:8; rev ch 12 kjv. it is causing blue plasma discharges to be seen around the globe. it is responsible for most of the retarded weather we are having. the Egyptian records of the KOLBRIN BIBLE names this planet the destroyer. IT WAS HERE DURING THE 1ST EXODUS, the birth of a nation. now it is back for the rebirth of that nation…..genesis 15:13;acts 7:6 kjv. trump just commemorated the 400 yrs with HR 1242!

  • Funny how mainstream dubs an astral body seen in very early morning, in the southern equatorial region as Venus, but its been in the same area for several months, at least 5 that I know of, very bright looking from the northern hemisphere towards the south, between 4am and 6am pacific time. I'm sure its not Venus, or the space station, what could it be?

  • The lunar 'eclipse' of the sun was observed as seen from the SDO, this is not the same as a lunar eclipse seen from the Earth. So it is not surprising that no eclipses were scheduled for that date.

  • These assholes are sooo ridiculous I knew they’d do this!! They’ll NEVER admit that it’s Nemesis the destroyer AKA Nibiru AKA Planet 9 AKA Planet X.. whatever u wanna call it .. I knew these assholes would try n dumb us down n admit this was being found but they’d call it every other name under the sun!literally!haha so it describes EVERYTHING that Nibiru is supposed to do to Earth it’s a damn solar system it’s smaller than the Milky Way obviously hence why it’s easily sliding into our area… it’s supposed to release havoc on Mother Earth..Volcanos yes we’ve got like 40 of them erupting right as we speak,Earthquakes yes there’s been HUGE quakes lately,Landslides that’s going on allll over the place,Earth is supposed to be basically splitting apart which it completely is,Allll over the world there’s evidence of all this shit occurring right as I type!its ridiculous how many astroids or comets or fireballs have flown into our planet just in 2019!!yea n I’m supposed to believe that’s the normal??!i call BULLSHIT!! Only cuz I know Nibiru looks like it’s got a giant set of basically wings cuz it has a damn debris field following along side of it n guess what folks? Yep!!ya got it right!!Isnt it funny how there’s been an unnatural amount of shit flying from outer space recently!!Shits a joke n ridiculous to see how blind people are,it’s ok just keep making more devices to distract us from the truth while they build their bunkers wit ur tax $$.. oh but we’re the crazies cuz we believed that an entire Solar system with 7 planets is supposed to collide into our Earth!Funny as how all f a sudden there’s more planets n they’ve been found just outside of Pluto n it’s a red dwarf star n it’s 10x’s the Size of Earth a “Super Earth” as they also named it lol well it just so has allll the distinctive characteristics that Nibiru has that comes along with the destroyer!!But isn’t it funny how there’s all these random planets being found but named some stupid shit like planet CYALATER86 n blah blah blah such bullshit! Hey but we’re the crazy ones right ?? Fuck that !! People don’t get scared get prepared.. sorry for all the cussing as u can see I’m 😤 😡 pissed off!!

  • So how exactly do we "know" these are all "planets".. has anyone ever been on these so called planets.. except for the Mars rover which is on Mars.. and taking pictures of terrain similar to Arizona ..right..

  • Maybe a distant sister sun further away that would give similar field strengths of a closer planet.

    Why would our (Sun) Star be one of the only Single stars
    within a universe of binary systems?

    I love your channel.

    You do an amazing job.
    Not at all like a junk channel.

    You are the real deal.

    Keep up with the great work brother.

  • So let's just get to the bottom line on this.. When will it affect the Earth? Affect such that vast majority will perish?.. Some clues:DATA FACTUAL Pole Shift is now in process.. and rumors are a 40% shift all at once like a few days/week..may occur this year. Well..that peeps, will be overwhelmingly and globally devastating.

  • I'd heard that Nibiru/Nemesis/ Herculobus/Planet X was 15X larger than Jupiter! I now hear about the planet's size changing nearly every week. Sure wish we knew the truth. Personally I hope it's larger, to see more easily as it gets closer. That is of course is they don't clog the skies with chemtrails! BTW I heard nothing about that particular eclipse on any on line news site, what the heck was that all about???

  • Everything about our solar system looking up into the sky is just simply amazing it's really a shame that NASA lies to us about so much it's so much more interesting when you learn by the truth

  • The sun has celestial bodies there now and the effects are becoming more menacing with each passing day the reason we don't report this is the effects will become catastrophic, gee that's a big word but the one that fits best . PX channel is the closest with his observation of every 4 days a circuit round the effected areas around the sun and below the ecliptic where the helium 6 that makes a magnesium look to the sun at times . The solar system is uneducatedly going of check out the moon this cycle ,what's the story now a moon sandwich with red and blue spread.

  • The other day on new Moon, it looks so strange. Looks like a planet in front of our old moon. You can even see the outline of the whole moon.

  • 👀 You must know how that orbiting Solar camera works by now? Seeing a double pass of the Moon isn't new from its perspective.🌑🌑 Do you imagine if it was "something hidden" they would show it? Why does everything have to be a mystery when if you look, it's clearly not in this case.
    Planet X is just a number = Planet 10 , with all the ridiculous religious fuss ,they demoted poor Pluto ♏ so a Planet X was less likely to find for religious/apocalyptic sheeple to worry about.
    We must be almost at Planet 20 by now, counting all of the sub-Planets like Charon, Eris, Vesta , Juno , Chiron (now a sub planet & comet) & the rest discovered lately that don't deem a name but a number. Pluto should be reinstated! 🙂♏
    I appreciate your work. 🤗 Always keep eyes & mind open 👀 Peace 🖐 🐱♏☮☯️

  • Us that are awake we know it's BS there's no doubt about it. It's already in our solar system. What they're trying to tell us is what they told us many years ago. They just never updated their thoughts because people would be freaking out and bugging out. They're probably hoping that this will depopulate the world. It may destroy the world. It's just about everything that Jesus would was telling us. And it's happening now plus they're spraying or Skies and controlling the jet stream. I had a vision of nuclear war with Russia in Russia or the first ones that's going to strike. And Trump knows this I guarantee it

  • So glad this isn’t a flat earth video…. I’m so tired of YouTube recommending those morons videos. Just because I watch space videos doesn’t mean I want to see some idiot ranting about the earth being flat.

  • Whats ever occuping probley living with inside the planet but if it comes close again to the earth or any of the solar planets we would see shit that this planet couldent deal with why not this planet needs a good scare and to wake up and stop all the bullshit .lol

  • 10:09 Let me get this correct: "The 21st Century Human Being Species was caught off guard by a lunar eclipse that the 21st Century Human Being Species did not calculate?" What is wrong with this being that this is the 21st Century information age? Unbelievable! The Human Being Species does know that there is a moon right, and the moon does perform lunar eclipses that can be "Mathematically Calculated;" thus, lunar eclipses can scheduled; the 21st Century Human Being Species in the information age has this knowledge right?! So please tell me if the 21st Century Human Being Species has this knowledge then how could the Human Being Species be caught off guard of a lunar eclipse? This is not even close to being funny, and I want some "Professional" answers; especially, before I start trusting the 21st Century Human Beings with my family's life. EYE 5

  • i hate what they are doing to our planet. every time i hear of mass die offs, trees, bugs it makes me sick. summer times at night with porch light on you used to have to fight your way in or out with all the moths, June bugs and all the others. i haven't seen a moth or a June bug in years. last year we didn't even have common house flies. the only bugs that seem to be thriving is the frankenbugs. out of no where the spider crickets came.. all of a sudden everyone had them, i am an outside person, grew up camping, swimming, fishing ad have never seen these ugly things. i think they cross bred them and dumped them out of planes. then we have the huge stink bugs. we have always had them but they was very small. now they are the size of a quarter. crazy. our yards used to be filled with butterflies, bees and lady bugs. we haven't had any of those for at-least 3 or 4 years. i cant believe more people cant see this. ones the good bugs are gone, we aren't too far behind.
    only 3 reasons why and im exploring all…
    1. agenda 21… Georgia guide-stones.
    .. genocide.
    2. biblical… satan knows he has a short time left and is going to try to take as many with him as possible.
    3. biblical also… they are hiding nibiru, planet x, red dragon-whatever you want to call it from the masses to keep it together as long as possible. Just look how people act on black Friday, would you tell us?
    They used to openly talk about this in the main stream in the 50's it was in newspapers. They closed down all the sun observatories. people are catching these planets. My last video i uploaded shows a planet crossing near the sun. Donnie from Daytona caught 3 of its moons.
    I personally believe its all 3 reasons.
    the red dragon in the bible with 7 heads/planets and 10 horns/moons. the red dragon has 2 huge debris fields that make it look like a winged planet or a tail.
    i think wormwood is an asteroid that will come from this tail.
    well there is my beliefs after studying and researching this for 11+ years.
    where are you in this? penny for your thoughts…
    sorry for the rant… God bless

  • A hologram solar plasma manmade Apocalyptic Warfare Star Wars generated image with power for wormhole travel

    That is how our craft and satellites move about a Million Mike’s per hour…and why Manmade Apocalyptic Warfare Genocide is world wide. Manmade Apocalyptic Warfare Genocide Storms Of every kind Never end and billions of animals and trees and people die and lose habitats and homes— So the gears of these storms perpetrate wormhole technology with cell towers, drones, Magnetism and gravity sucked out of earth moon and other space bodies…With HAARP Like technology

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