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will be recording another part tomorrow.

If you donate in future livestreams, I appreciate it very much, but I will not be able to pull cards for each person right now due to work/schedule.


  • Hi Aluna, Thanks for all ur help. I am wondering if Spirits don't want you to reveil me something. This is the 4th superchat and my name is not there. Last April I ordered a reading from u and still didn't get it although I always said no refund must have a reading from u. Do i have to send u again my info. If so, what email should I use so you can get it. My YouTube email is different from the 1 I ordered my reading. Would you please send me a note at [email protected] PLZ

  • I'm really glad you're not going to do readings for super chats. I just knew you would get bombarded when you started especially people donating to get a reading. Also, if you still do super chat readings for last nights live, please don't read me. I just wanted to donate because I use so many of your resources. I don't want to take more. I wanted to write that in the box, but the system was glitchy and wouldn't let me donate until at the very end. I was so grateful it finally worked, I forgot to say to please not read me. Lol.

  • Hey Aluna so u are aware of it. I'm subscribed and the bells on, and still are not recieving notifs. Missy you have the Golden Key, look for the lock. Find mine too please. Stay warm Aluna 🍒

  • Hi Aluna, thank you for your commitment to this journey and all of your love and support. I ordered and paid for a TF reading from you around April 4th, 2018, and never have received it. You ended up giving me a refund, however, I never asked for a refund, but still wanted my reading. We emailed a bunch regarding my reading. I would still love my reading if all possible. Thank you!

Aluna Ash- 9D


This channel is for everyone. All are welcome! 😍🤗
I translate energy... whatever I feel, experience, "see" I share to hopefully help others along their own path, while continuing to learn and grow from one another. I like using all different forms of astrology along with Mayan cycles.

-Events/shifts in energy
-Shaktipat transmissions
-Energy Updates

**Everything is based off perception, I only share how I perceive my own reality.

*Gemini Ascendant, Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon

*Uttara Ashada Moon*

I am a tool & conduit of Divine Will 💗

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