August 17, 2019 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today said, “We believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.” Shortly after, Democratic leaders went to the White House for a meeting on infrastructure. President said he told them I want to do infrastructure. I want to do it more than you want to do it…but you know what, you can’t do it under these circumstances. So, get these phony investigations over with.’ Back on Capitol Hill, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said “it’s clear that this was not a spontaneous move on the president’s part. It was planned.” Find all the videos here:


  • We the citizens of America agree wholeheartedly that the Democratic Party must be fully investigated for their lawlessness and faults narratives

  • Dang !! I think I might have seen a string connected to Pelosi that time !! A little bit to the right of her head . Wow 😲

  • Clearly Schmuck Schumer and Dimwit PELOSI are living in shoeboxes.
    President Trump takes the security of this great nation, known as the USA, very seriously, unlike Schmuck and the rest of his chain gang.
    It's amazing that they constantly speak up against the president of behavior that the Democrats are guilty of, not our Commander in Chief.
    As for Pelosi's statement of cover-up, it's actually the Democrats covering up Hillary Clinton's illegal actions with her use of a private email server for sending/receiving classified government material. That's the true cover-up.
    As for Schmuck's remark that our Commander in Chief is not in support of infrastructure, more jobs for the unemployed, he hasn't paid much attention to the low unemployment rate and rise in employee hiring.
    Schmuck, Pelosi and their henchmen are jealous of our great President that had done more for the USA than Obama, Clinton and the Bush family combined.
    Now if you Democrats want the slightest respect from the general public, support border security by funding the wall and sign the trade agreement between Mexico, Canada and the USA.

  • Whatever you've got….throw it on the table !!!!!!!!!! Both sides ! Enough already ! Stop acting like CHILDREN !!!! All of you are embarrassing WE THE PEOPLE ! Maybe WE NEED TO have a meeting amongst ourselves about all of YOU !

  • This isn't suprising, he thought"Infustructur" ment he's free of everything in the past.
    But didn't he bitch about President Obama, playing to much golf?
    I guess he's cranky because he's only been out 268 times

  • So far the House has shown great restraint with letting the committees request the data they need. However, when the President directs his people not to comply it ratchets up the process. Now the House may be forced to begin Impeachment procedures to get the data they need to complete their investigations. If the President then obstructs the House that action becomes an article of Impeachment which alone should result in his removal by the Senate. If that happens he probably faces indictments and jail time. So look for a conciliatory President by this Fall.

  • DEMOCRATS don't know what a FACT IS! Democrats are an embarrassment to the AMERICAN Republic! Oh and CHUCKY create more jobs? There are 7 MILLION more jobs than there are people to fill them. President Trump WAVED THAT MAGIC WAND Obama spoke of! The people of AMERICA don't need you or pelosi!

  • Her lies DON’T. πŸ›‘ WORK ANY MORE. !!!!! We The PEOPLE have gotten too smart for her…..what used to placate us ….. NO LONGER WORKS.
    GIVE UP, NANCY ….. You have BEEN FOUND OUT βœ…βœ…

  • The president pre-printed the sign for his podium before the meeting even started. Then he wants to say he was ready to talk infrastructure. His voters are suckers.

  • Google "white couple"
    Then Google "black couple"
    Review the images-

    Remember, Google is partly funded & supported by Nancy Pelosi & the DNC

  • "I don't do cover-ups. … I broke campaign finance laws to pay porn stars and playmates to keep quiet. … I made everyone in the White House and the Florida mayor sign a non-disclosure agreement. …I dictated a false statement about the June 9 Trump Tower meeting ….900 federal prosecutors say I would be indicted for Obstruction of Justice except for DOJ policy …I sided with Russian intelligence in Helsinki (even after Putin confessed) …I deny lawful subpoenas for my tax and financial records … but I don't do coverups. (Donald Trump)

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis agrees to withhold details of elections hack /watch?v=NY3QKiwVmsg
    Lawrence: Vladimir Putin Made A Big Mistake In His Presser With Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC (@ 6: 10- 6: 25) /watch?v=W4inlAokPAQ
    Former prosecutors say Trump would have been charged if he weren't president /watch?v=dJgP3soxeaw

  • Chuckles Schumer, what is crystal clear is the Democrats care only about destroying Donald Trump and this administration. You don't have time to focus on anything for the country. You've had opportunity after opportunity to work with the president for the betterment of the country. Yet you've failed every time and left him to carry the water alone. And he has done a great job without you!
    On a daily basis the Dems prove how worthless they really are.

  • Nancy, we know all about your wrap up smears. Remember?, you told us how you do it. That's what you were doing just now when you falsely accused the President of a cover up. A cover up of what? Unlike you and your evil party members, he hasn't done ANYTHING that needs to be covered up.

    Have you noticed these Democrats throw these baseless accusations out there at President Trump then they boomerang back. hahaha!

  • Whenever Pelosi waves her hand around in the air whilst also accusing people of doing things, do not be distracted by the waving hand. Focus on what is being alleged, likely exactly what they are doing themselves but accusing others of doing. Duplicitous cretins!



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