• Love to hear people chant USA! Seems that I have never heard that chant with any other President, so its nice and I hope it continues even after 2020 if Trump is not President. Its part of making American PROUD again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What is to come of social work when pigs have taken over that career!! From college "professors" to the public! "The school's social work department also made stickers that said "We are Taylor too" to protest Pence's presence." (These socialistdemocratpigs don't know shit but themselves)

  • Thank you President Trump and Mrs. Trump. ๐Ÿ’– you both!!! May our GOD bless you and continue to keep you in HIS protective embrace. And thank you and GOD bless all of our brave men and women in the United States military. ๐Ÿ‘

  • Now if guys would stop playing the "vet card" we might get somewhere. I served 10 years and I can attest to the fact that not everybody deserves to be "thanked for their service." Especially left-wingers of the lgbt persuasion. I see more and more gay veterans using their service as a shield as in "you can't criticize me- I am a VETERAN!" In short, if being gay is your first priority, that is a problem (Buttigieg, Moulton, Rafferty et al). If as a veteran you would vote for the "gay guy" in solidarity with the lgbt, then thanks for nothing.

  • The foxnewshortnews pigs BEEN going around saying just because a person can beat up/ FIGHT another person that that's why pigs win, not because of REAL NEWS handling it. Why else would cnnpigs be that cocky, and others like them who think they'll just get away with things as long as they're not getting caught! (organized crime)

  • What a disappointing collection of remarks by people who clearly idolize sex, greed, violence and corruption. A complete farce.


  • It is so important that President honors soldiers. Soldier sometimes might believe his daily role is boring and meaningless. Everyone is needed in this world, that's why we were born.

  • Thank you Jesus for the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES…. When he talks NO CHEAT SHEET! He Speaks from the Heart with LOVE of thoes he SPEAKS OF…. WHAT A GREAT NEW WAY for the U.S.A

  • Fantastic president Trump and marvellous first Lady Melania!!!!!! Long and blessed life for both!!!!!!! WWWWWW U S A and president TRUMP.

  • Oh look! The First Whore on a Navy ship! What next, a tour of the birthing areas and a gang bang in the enlisted mess area with a bukkake climax over the First Whore's face. Nice! Old Fat Deplorable Donald will be grabbing the pussies of the female officers no doubt!

  • Thanks to Pres. Trump and Melania for their service to America…they are true patriots! We love them…Dems need to stop hating and get on with their job. Love the Uni of Texas dress that Melania has on today!

  • This is my Country, my President, my First Lady, my US Navy, my USMC and I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the US and all it stands for (USN 1966)

  • Our Commander in Chief and our First Lady Melania meeting with our so handsome and beautiful patriotic Armed Forces is amazing, we patriots are blessed to be protected by the best of the best! God bless and protect all of you, your loved ones and our beloved U.S.A.! We owe you all, serving and veterans and our gone to heavenly peace

  • love you mr. president ,, don't count out electric catapult's … there was reasons they decided on electric , it's safer for the crew below deck "does not explode" and my researched showed it would take battle damage / repair time is much faster if spare parts are available , and the refurb time in dock is much faster .. but i trust the people that you command if they say steam … steam it should be … god bless you all,

  • Wow, the First Lady is so striking! Gorgeous tie with the dark navy suit, POTUS! Looking sharp with an address to match. Thanks for the $750B upgrade for our military.

  • It's a great site to to see,
    a great Warrior surrounded by great warriors.
    I'm a disabled veteran, registered Republican, and I send you money every month. I've been thinking about tithing to your campaign and sending you 10% of my income each month until the election.
    Everything I have in the world,
    is on 45 to win.

    I'm the foremost expert on mass media propaganda in the black community,
    I doubt that you have many people around you that can even hold a conversation with me on the subject, maybe Stephen Miller, Maybe.
    I'm waiting for somebody to tell me different, I just can't find them.
    Now when it comes to the black community, I can't be as nice.
    It's puzzling how you can be so sharp, in so many different areas.
    Then I look at how you treat the black community, I can't help but Wonder,
    what's really going on.
    Either this is your weakest area of understanding,
    or you just don't give a damn.
    This horrible attack on Doctor Ben Carson,
    Is a reminder that the black man in America has no rights that needs to be respected.
    One of the few black men in the Republican Party the carries himself like a man. One of the few examples that we have in the black community of a strong, respectful, educated black man. When we look at Doctor Ben Carson, young black children will actually believe that they can achieve the American dream.
    Too be attacked and ridiculed as if he was a traitor to The Republic.
    This is so sad, because it sets the stage for genocide of Black America.
    Has anyone else mentioned the Black Swan, or the Gay Mafia.

    Other than Ben Carson,
    The black Republicans I see, are all working against you. The things that you do,
    when it comes to the black community,
    would be the strategy I would use if I was trying to drive the biggest wedge I could between blacks and Republicans.
    It's almost like you are trying to Ensure that Black America never ever looks at the Republican Party.
    It makes it real hard to defend your position as a black Republican.
    Is there some type of rule that I don't know about,
    that you have to be a buffoon.
    That you have to be an apologist and go way past with the normal Republican would say. That you have to know some stepin fetchit, and dance a jig.
    You'll walk away campaign is ridiculous, and disrespectful.
    What moron, came up with that.
    When all you had to do is keeping simple,
    all you had to do is say, black people vote for me, because of all of those good thing you say over and over at every speech.
    Really, that's all you have to do, just ask the black community to vote for you.
    But instead you want to ridicule the black community,
    you send a little negro girl out with a condescending attitude condemning the Democratic Party.
    Condemning the only party that ignorant Negroes know.
    When most of the black community doesn't even know that there is a issue.
    Talking about the Democratic Party, instead of talking about the individuals that are perpetrating crimes of treason.
    You talk down to us and then you give us a task,
    it's not good enough for us to vote for you,
    we have to prove ourselves by walking away from the Democratic Party,
    to the party of George Bush,
    the party that destroyed Black Walls, the party that dropped a damn bomb on American citizens. I want to know who advocated this, who recommended this asinine strategy.
    Other than Ben Carson your track record of picking black people isn't that great, I see a lot of black women not too many black alpha males.
    I personally,
    don't want to have nothing to do with most of the blacks that I see in the Republican party at this time.
    Do I have to agree with you on every subject, on every word
    Why can't I just be a man and be for right and wrong
    Be for truth, justice, and the American way.
    I do not have to tell you mr. President that the mass media propaganda is waging a war on Black America through every aspect of communication. Hip hop and porn, hip-hop and porn, hip-hop and porn. 2 years of your Administration and I see no change of the war that is being waged,
    as a matter of fact, recently they amped it up.
    I don't have to mention that all the black leadership is compromised, and that if you really was going to address the issue of the Black Swamp and take this Albatross from around the neck of Black America, and stop this oncoming genocide. They clean the Black Swamp mr. President, get rid of this gay Mafia mr. President. I don't care what percentage the Black Swan represents,
    they all must go.

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