• these radicals see that the american people don't say or do nothing to appose them…so they keep taking it further and further..just like the racism…but for how long will the american people take it? when the country is latin america? when laws mean nothing no more? when tyranny sets in? the people better get off their asses and push back these communists..if these communist ever regain full power you are gonna see communism is…these people are the threat to america.. not russia

  • Get rid of time zones next. Maybe if those lazy California liberals have to jump forward 3 hours to AMERICA time they will get jobs

  • (Jail time! for) Alexandria Cortez speaks on the corrupt way that money moves and yet she/ they divert millions of dollars! (while she grins to keep a smile, she pollutes like any other who decides to take a plane, rather than a train or uses plastic bags than paper, etc)

  • USA is the most reliable ally in the World. Thank you USA. Tyrants haven’t gone anywhere and respond only to unity and power. Ukraine wasn’t in NATO and Russian Bear took a tasty bite of their sovereign land.

  • The White House building probably breathed a sigh of relief when the Obama's finally moved out, and a huge grin when the Trumps moved in. I loath Dem's and leftists….Pure evil.

  • First Lady of the Czech Republic looking good, it's like her and Melania should model sophisticated women's clothes for charity, it'd be a hit…
    Great country like Poland, respects its border and rejects migrants, my kinda town….

  • You just don't get it, that is why you are going to be a one-term President. I follow Q and I am aware of what you have done and I am also aware of what you haven't done. I am not saying I will vote for the Democrats I am saying I will not vote at all. What's the point? You had Congress and no voter ID law, no wall, no new laws protecting the American workers from the illegal invasion and now you are continuously spouting we need more people to fill any jobs that were created. That is not how it works, not if you want to get re-elected. How about you TRAIN AMERICANS to fill those jobs and drive up wages. Why would a person on Welfare get a job when they are making more than a person making $15 or maybe even $20 an hour? They get free housing, free medical & free food plus a whole lot more if they know how to work the system. A person making $15 an hour can't afford all of that stuff and a person making $20 would struggle to support the same number of people. Keep spouting we need more workers and see how that works for you in 2020.
    I know the Tim Cooks of the world want cheap foreign labor but Tim Cook only has one vote and it most likely won't be for you!!
    You seem to forget what got you elected and who the people that voted for you are. REMEMBER THE FORGOTTEN AMERICANS? WE ARE STILL THE FORGOTTEN AMERICANS!!!!!

    I know the easy answer is these are tech jobs that require an education in a specific field and my answer is what is education if not training? There are people that are capable of being trained to fill the jobs it takes a commitment from the employer. Of course, if he has an easy way out by bringing in cheap labor that has most of the training already there is no need to train Americans. We need to end the easy way out and force those that want their company to grow to do it with the people available.

  • Peace be unto you

    Peace be multiplied unto you

    שלום ושלום

    Of Benjamin he said

    The beloved of the Lord dwells in safety

    The High God surrounds him all day long

    and dwells between his shoulders

    And of Joseph he said

    Blessed by the Lord be his land

    with the choicest gifts of heaven above

    and of the deep that crouches beneath

    with the choicest fruits of the sun

    and the rich yield of the months

    with the finest produce of the ancient mountains

    and the abundance of the everlasting hills

    with the best gifts of the earth and its fullness

    and the favor of him who dwells in the bush

    May these rest on the head of Joseph

    on the pate of him who is prince among his brothers

    A firstborn bull he has majesty

    and his horns are the horns of a wild ox

    with them he shall gore the peoples

    all of them to the ends of the earth

    they are the ten thousands of Ephraim

    and they are the thousands of Manasseh

    And of Zebulun he said

    Rejoice Zebulun in your going out

    and Issachar in your tents

    They shall call peoples to their mountain

    there they offer right sacrifices

    for they draw from the abundance of the seas

    and the hidden treasures of the sand

    And of Gad he said

    Blessed be he who enlarges Gad

    Gad crouches like a lion

    he tears off arm and scalp

    He chose the best of the land for himself

    for there a commander's portion was reserved

    and he came with the heads of the people

    with Israel he executed the justice of the Lord

    and his judgments for Israel

    And of Dan he said

    Dan is a lion's cub

    that leaps from Bashan

    And of Naphtali he said

    O Naphtali sated with favor

    and full of the blessing of the Lord

    possess the lake and the south

    And of Asher he said

    Most blessed of sons be Asher

    let him be the favorite of his brothers

    and let him dip his foot in oil

    Your bars shall be iron and bronze

    and as your days so shall your strength be

    There is none like God O Jeshurun

    who rides through the heavens to your help

    through the skies in his majesty

    The eternal God is your dwelling place

    and underneath are the everlasting arms

    And he thrust out the enemy before you

    and said Destroy

    So Israel lived in safety

    Jacob lived alone

    in a land of grain and wine

    whose heavens drop down dew

    Happy art thou O Israel who is like unto thee

    O people saved by the Lord the shield of thy help

    and who is the sword of thy excellency

    and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee

    and thou shalt tread upon their high places

    The wolf shall dwell with the lamb

    and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat

    and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together

    and a little child shall lead them

    The cow and the bear shall graze

    their young shall lie down together

    and the lion shall eat straw like the ox

    The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra

    and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder's den

    They shall not hurt or destroy

    in all my holy mountain

    for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord

    as the waters cover the sea

    In that day the root of Jesse

    who shall stand as a signal for the peoples of him shall the nations inquire

    and his resting place shall be glorious

    I will open rivers on the bare heights

    and fountains in the midst of the valleys

    I will make the wilderness a pool of water

    and the dry land springs of water

    Come everyone who thirsts

    come to the waters

    and he who has no money

    come buy and eat

    Come buy wine and milk

    without money and without price

    Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread

    and your labor for that which does not satisfy

    Listen diligently to me and eat what is good

    and delight yourselves in rich food

    For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven

    and do not return there but water the earth

    making it bring forth and sprout

    giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater

    so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth

    it shall not return to me empty

    but it shall accomplish that which I purpose

    and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it

    For you shall go out in joy

    and be led forth in peace

    the mountains and the hills before you

    shall break forth into singing

    and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands

    Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress

    instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle

    and it shall make a name for the Lord

    an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off

    After these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying

    Come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this

    Immediately I was in the Spirit and behold a throne set in heaven and One sat on the throne And He who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius

    stone in appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne in appearance like an emerald Around the throne were twenty four thrones and on the thrones I saw twenty four elders sitting clothed in white robes and they had crowns of gold on their heads And from the throne proceeded lightnings thunderings and voices Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the seven Spirits of God

    Before the throne there was a sea of glass like crystal And in the midst of the throne and around the throne were four living creatures full of eyes in

    front and in back The first living creature was like a lion the second living creature like a calf the third living creature had a face like a man and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle

    Love and faithfulness meet together

    righteousness and peace kiss each other

    Faithfulness springs forth from the earth

    and righteousness looks down from heaven

    The Lord will indeed give what is good

    and our land will yield its harvest

    Righteousness goes before him

    and prepares the way for his steps

    The Lord bless thee and keep thee

    The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee

    The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace

    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet my beautiful Uncle Donald John Trump and my sweet First Lady Melania

    Trump:):) The LORD God bless you
    Český môj krásny smaragd moja krásna zelená my sweet my beautiful my dear brother Andrej Babiš and his sweet wife Monika Babišová:):) The

    LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet my beautiful Uncle Michael Richard Pence:):) The LORD God bless you

    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle White House:):) The LORD God bless you


  • ..(:

    In God We Trust

    God bless America The Great Faith

    God bless America The Great Nation


    God bless you

    God bless America

    אלוהים יברך את ישראל הכלה של אלוהים

    יברךך יהוה מציון עשה שמים וארץ

    שבחי ירושלם את יהוה הללי אלהיך ציון

    אלוהים יברך את ישראל להכפיל בשפע

    God bless East and West

    God bless North and South

    God bless AMERICA multiply in abundance

    God bless Pentagon

    God bless Washington

    God bless Seattle

    God bless Saratoga

    God bless Brooklyn

    God bless Fort Drum

    God bless Jefferson

    God bless Ridgewood

    God bless Syracuse

    God bless New York

    God bless Bedminster

    God bless Newark

    God bless New Jersey

    God bless Las Vegas

    God bless Louisiana

    God bless Elko

    God bless Nevada

    God bless Alaska

    God bless Scottsdale

    God bless Tucson

    God bless Yuma

    God bless Arizona

    God bless Alabama

    God bless Caledonia

    God bless Little Rock

    God bless Arkansas

    God bless Indianapolis

    God bless Fort Wayne

    God bless Indiana

    God bless Chicago

    God bless Connecticut

    God bless Pella

    God bless Peosta

    God bless Dubuque

    God bless Des Moines

    God bless Iowa

    God bless New Mexico

    God bless Utah

    God bless Granite City

    God bless Murphysboro

    God bless Taylorville

    God bless Illinois

    God bless Finney

    God bless Kansas

    God bless St. Charles

    God bless Centralia

    God bless Missouri

    God bless Bunker Hill

    God bless Charlestown

    God bless Greenfield

    God bless Massachusetts

    God bless Milwaukee

    God bless Manhattan

    God bless Montana

    God bless Mississippi

    God bless Mount Pleasant

    God bless North Dakota

    God bless South Dakota

    God bless Nebraska

    God bless Wisconsin

    God bless Westfield

    God bless Lexington

    God bless Louisville

    God bless Paintsville

    God bless Kentucky

    God bless Shelburne

    God bless New Hampshire

    God bless Annapolis

    God bless Port of Baltimore

    God bless Prince George

    God bless Maryland

    God bless Atlanta

    God bless Macon Bibb

    God bless Georgia

    God bless Canby

    God bless Oregon

    God bless Duluth

    God bless Saint Louis

    God bless Wells

    God bless Minnesota

    God bless Detroit

    God bless Ann Arbor

    God bless Michigan

    God bless Memphis

    God bless Denver

    God bless Colorado

    God bless Tulsa

    God bless Pall Mall

    God bless Memphis

    God bless Knoxville

    God bless Nashville

    God bless Memphis

    God bless Tennessee

    God bless Oklahoma

    God bless Georgetown

    God bless Conway

    God bless South Carolina

    God bless Fort Bragg

    God bless San Francisco

    God bless Charlotte

    God bless New Bern

    God bless Havelock

    God bless Cherry Point

    God bless North Carolina

    God bless Greenbrier

    God bless White Sulphur Springs

    God bless Yorktown

    God bless Arlington

    God bless Winchester

    God bless Virginia

    God bless West Virginia

    God bless Cheyenne

    God bless Wyoming

    God bless Pearl Harbor

    God bless Hawaii

    God bless Cleveland

    God bless Lebanon

    God bless Youngstown

    God bless Ohio

    God bless Idaho

    God bless Somerset

    God bless Philadelphia

    God bless Pittsburgh

    God bless Shanksville

    God bless Hazleton

    God bless Chester

    God bless Pennsylvania

    God bless Oakland

    God bless Shasta County

    God bless Hollywood

    God bless San Diego County

    God bless Paradise

    God bless El Centro

    God bless Los Angeles

    God bless California

    God bless Jacksonville

    God bless Tampa

    God bless Hillsborough

    God bless Miami

    God bless Orlando

    God bless Doral

    God bless Mar A Lago

    God bless Florence

    God bless Apalachicola

    God bless Panama City

    God bless Lynn Haven

    God bless Tallahassee

    God bless Panhandle

    God bless Broward

    God bless Palm Beach

    God bless Cape Canaveral

    God bless Florida

    God bless The Rio Grande Valley

    God bless Laredo

    God bless Abilene

    God bless Austin

    God bless Houston

    God bless Plano

    God bless El Paso

    God bless Waco

    God bless McAllen

    God bless Victoria

    God bless Corpus Christi

    God bless Texas

    God bless Guam

    God bless Northern Mariana Islands

    God bless Puerto Rico

    God bless U.S. Virgin Islands

    God bless Middle Atlantic

    God bless all the way to Delaware

    God bless Delaware

    God bless Maine

    God bless Newport

    God bless Rhode Island

    Dieu bénisse le Luxembourg multiplient en abondance

    Dieu protège et vous bénisse Bruxelles

    Dieu bénisse le Royaume de Belgique multiplient en abondance

    Dieu bénisse Toulouse

    Dieu bénisse Paris

    Dieu bénisse Suresnes

    Dieu bénisse le Palais de l'Élysée

    Dieu bénisse la France multiplient en abondance

    Dieu bénisse Côte d'Ivoire multiplient en abondance

    Dieu bénisse Charlevoix

    Dieu bénisse le Québec

    God bless Singapore abundantly

    God bless Taiwan multiplied

    God bless Ha Noi

    God bless Viet Nam

    God bless 北京

    God bless 中國 丰富地

    God bless 日本 豊かに

    God bless The Emperor of the East

    God bless 서울

    하나님 축복합니다 한국 풍부하게:):)

    God bless इंडिया abundantly

    Gott segne Deutschland reichlich

    Gott Segne Europa reichlich

    Dios bendiga a Nicaragua abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Cuba abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Chile abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Cuba abundantemente

    Deus abençoe Portugal abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Bolivia abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Colombia abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a México abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Honduras abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Guatemala abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a El Salvador abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Perú en abundancia

    Dios bendiga a Venezuela abundantemente

    Dios bendiga a Guinea abundantemente

    Dios bendiga Brasilia abundantemente

    Dios bendiga Buenos Aires

    Dios bendiga Argentina abundantemente

    Reino de España Dios te bendiga abundantemente

    God bless Dubai abundantly

    God bless Yemen abundantly

    God bless Arabia abundantly

    God bless Afghanistan abundantly

    God bless Syria abundantly

    God bless Tehran

    Allah bless Iran Persia abundantly

    God bless Al Asad

    God bless Al Anbar

    God bless Iraq multiply in abundance

    Allah bless Iraq abundantly

    الله يبارك الكويت بوفرة

    الله يبارك قطر بوفرة

    الله يبارك أمير العرب بوفرة

    الله يبارك سوريا بوفرة

    الله يبارك اليمن بوفرة

    الله يبارك مصر بوفرة

    الله يبارك المملكة السعودية تتكاثر بوفرة

    Allah bless The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan abundantly

    God bless Syria multiplied

    Dios bendiga Mediterráneo se multiplica en abundancia

    God bless Middle East multiplied

    God bless Asia overflow

    God bless Nairobi

    God bless Kenya abundantly

    God bless Ethiopia abundantly

    God bless Ghana abundantly

    God bless Malawi abundantly

    God bless Sudan abundantly

    God bless all Africa abundantly

    God bless The Nations multiply in abundance

    God bless गोवा

    God bless New Delhi नई दिल्ली

    God bless इंडिया multiply in abundance

    God bless Indonesia multiply in abundance

    God bless We The People

    Allah korusun Türkiye bolluk içinde çoğalmak

    God bless The kingdom of Norway

    Bóg błogosławi Warsaw

    Bóg błogosławi Polsce przepływający

    Бог благословит Крым умножать в изобилии

    Бог благословит Россию умножать в изобилии

    Бог благословить Україну рясно

    Құдай Қазақстанға мол батасын берсін көбейтіңіз молшылықта

    God bless Czechoslovakia

    Gott segne Wien

    Gott segne Österreich reichlich

    Jumala siunaa Helsinkiä runsaasti

    Jumala siunaa Suomea runsaasti

    Ο Θεός ευλογεί την Ελλάδα πολλαπλασιάζονται σε αφθονία

    Bóg błogosławi Polskę pomnożoną

    Gud velsigne Kongeriket Norge i rikelig

    Dio benedica l'Italia moltiplicarsi in abbondanza

    God bless the Kingdom of Cambodia

    God zegene het Koninkrijk van België overvloedig en rijk

    God zegene het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden overvloedig en rijk

    God bless all people nations and languages that dwell in all the earth

    God bless United Nations multiply in abundance

    Dieu bénisse l'Union européenne multiplie en abondance

    God bless The Kingdom of England The Great Britain and Ireland and Scotland and Australia and Canada multiply in abundance

    Our fathers lives

    עוד אבינו חי

    עם ישראל חי

    a sweet and good hermoso

    and sweet union

    אהבה אמונה ותקווה

    Semper fidelis

    Россия вперёд

    С нами Бог

    в ней восторг моей

    Je Maintiendrai

    Car l'Éternel Dieu est un soleil et un bouclier

    God save The Queen

    God save us all


    שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד

    I only tell him that every day hugs and kiss with love yuli':):) מי כמוך אדוני The hope two thousand years old.. שלום על ישראל

  • Hopefully, this Prime Minister doesn't get too drunk in the white house. Our president always bring up great deals to the American and great peace to the world!

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