August 17, 2019


  • I love that President Trump recognizes so many people for the good things they've done. I don't recall any other President holding up Americans like Trump does publicly.

  • Only males getting medals WTF? Why when women are teaching next generations of americans valuable knowledge and skills so that they can fulfill their life's ambitions with better support and mindset in the future, or healing the sick etc, taking care of families and communities etc.. Why?

  • MUELLER Breenen Clapper Comey Covered up 911 couldn't find one peice of the AiR planes at Penitgon Our towers Yet Mueller found Fire proof Passports at towers and Breenen Approved The passports

  • Bravest law enforcers? They violate people’s rights daily several times a day! There’s a problem with the police state and the FORCE they use against us on the behalf of you oligarch tyrants. These medals are to keep your welfare program recipients obedient to you so that they keep the public scared and in line. All in the name of “safety”, of course!

  • It's quite alarming all these Medals being put on "Public Safety Officers". They pat themselves on the Back Enough.
    They're all Being Trained by the Israeli Military that "Protect" the Israel Border. Quite Violently I might add. Why is the Israeli Military that recently invaded Honduras Training the Police in the USA??? I want to know? I want to know why. Why is Netanyahu in Charge of Gweedo. This is looking real bad for Christian Citizens of the USA.

  • I think we should give medals, honor and have titles to other more important things… It's like would you give the garbage man a medal? Police officer, garbage man.. not so different. They both work with trash mostly. What we want is more sustainable individuals. Those people creating such deserve medals.

  • 君の瞳のシークレットが そのサイクルに飲み込まれたそのシステムに 倦美化のその輝きが シークレット性に
    火を付け その倦怠感にも宿った道化師の鏡が 近似塔の輝きを消して行った、 sdjflaksjdfklasjdfkajsdflkjsadklfjalskdjklsdjfkjsdflasjdfljasdlfj sldakfj (シングルかつ作曲:廣瀬洋一(と言うか彼 作詞吉井和哉(と言うか彼たばことかでするs。。。笑

  • Hey trump you fucking whore! You are a dead man walking. Your days are numbered. You are a fucking liar, cheater and grifter. If you think you haven’t done anything wrong, you’re wrong once again. Winning!

  • "Referencing a grand jury indictment on a private Russian entity that influenced the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller said, "Every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty," on Wednesday at the Justice Department.
    " All of which were colluded to promote, destroy American lives and be paid for by clintondemocratsocialistpigs.

  • "Democrats have two choices. They can either continue down the path of endless partisan investigations OR begin to invest in the future of America! I choose investment! Let’s get things done for the American people. I love the American people!"

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