August 20, 2019 Join Arizona author and independent investigator Gary A. David as we explore Native American cosmology and prophecy traditions that might be able to tell us something important about Earth changes that may be coming our way.

Orion dominates the winter sky, flanked by Taurus the Bull on one side and Canis the Great Dog on the other–three key constellations for the Hopi and prehistoric Pueblo Peoples of the American Southwest. When these stars appear in the entryway to the kiva roof, they synchronize the sacred rituals being performed below. Here we see how a complex ceremonial cycle mirrors the turning of the heavens.

Gary A. David has travelled extensively throughout the Desert Southwest, studying the archaeological ruins and the rock art of the Anasazi and the culture of their descendants, the Hopi. David is familiar with fascinating and little-known facts about the Hopi, one of the most mysterious and secretive tribes on the North American continent. Gary will be discussing how a group of ancestral Hopi stone villages was constructed over a period of centuries in a pattern that mirrors the shape of the star constellation Orion. He will talk about Hopi kachinas, various cryptozoological creatures of Hopi legend such as the Ant People, the Hopi underworld god who resembles an ET Grey, Hopi “flying shields,” and rock carvings depicting “star elders” and their craft. You will come away with a deep appreciation of how the Ancient Ones viewed the world above.




This youtube channel is dedicated to the teaching of knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history.There are traces of hidden knowledge in many places. Ancient Mystery surrounds us.
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