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  • Medical Warfare fourth-generation Warfare don't have to worry about the bomb or they just come in and kill you they killed my father and many attempts against my life back-to-back fmri YouTube ulnar nerve damage inflicted by city of London contracted agents in a signs Federal municipalities controlled by the UN also attempted murder against my son I believe it's violations under the convention of Geneva chapter 32 for mixed war crimes

  • You nailed it about the Overton Window needing to move slowly; but even now, it's moving too fast and people are triggering so hard that they're snapping.

  • May has resigned, Britain has no leader, there is only one politician that is remotely electable, that's Gerard Batten. UKIP is still a fledgling political party and a lot of voters are reluctant to vote for a basically inexperienced party although I personally think Gerard Batten would be a better choice than any other establishment created political entity who think they can sort out the mess that Britain is in.

  • Personally I find framed videos annoying. Most of out here scrape up as much money as we can to buy the biggest monitor we can, and this format robs us of the extra size we want in our videos. Now when you show a computer screen it's too small for us to read it. We need to fill OUR monitors with a 100% size view of what your pointing out. That clutter stamped around the video is a waist of viewing area. The 480 dpi makes this problem far worse.

  • Wow!!! If you believe Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen you are really lost.. Cruz Will NEVER be President or Vice President. Wow!!!

  • Dustin
    Their is a reporter on Fox News
    He is English
    He was involved in politics in England ???
    Look into his wife ???
    Just so the movement doesn’t get lost in what he says
    I have my suspicions ??
    The movement

  • DN as a healer you shud be familiar with rifetech in it's pulsed magnetic format it can be used to protect entire cities from ANY biological or nano threat every family shud own a spooky 2 machine and the means to power it in an emergency situation

  • sorry dustin, i love you, but im not a fan of the new format. biggest reason is, cannot read along with you. either leave the specific Q post numbers with links, or go to full screen mode when you're showing Q posts. or both would be great. and i really feel for the people that watch this on their phones.

  • Hopefully the Plague will miss us, Right? Like maybe a big wind will blow it away from The west coast! Right? Right! Good luck Folks…

  • I can't stop thinking about young mothers or uniformed new moms who take their precious newborn in to see the PEDO-TRICIAN !! That visit the newborn is injected with MASSIVE amounts of poison! I look at the so vaccine protocol 24 yrs ago when my oldest was a baby and the protocol today is TERRIFYING!! These PEDO-TRICIANS should be hauled out in handcuffs and given a mandatory sentence of. for every kickback = 1 yr !!

  • To see Lady Liberty put her blinds back on is awesome. Not over yet though we still have some more popcorn to get from the kitchen. 😀

  • Could you be any more full of yourself? SMH. Everyone gets the Q posts for free, and you want people to pay you so you can read it back to them. And thinking that you’re big enough to be assassinated for speaking out against pharma and tech, when millions of people do it every day. My lord your head must be the size of a Volkswagen

  • You're scumbags for doing what you're doing. All you did is targeted people who you thought you could control by misleading them that there is anyone in government to count on to save the people. Fuck you. Any of you that believe trump or that military is out for the people, you're sorely mistaken. This is right and left versus us. Have you noticed that tyranny has increased tremendously since Trump took office? CPS, Police, etc. out of control. Treating people like terrorists. Wake the hell up.

  • Dustin just a suggestion… Try putting a small graphic watermark on your videos liking this particular one it would have worked right underneath your live chatting face. A link to your donation links. ive
    seen that on others' vids and it doesnt seem offensive at all. might kick up the $$$ idk. u deserve it. Thank u for whatvur doing.

  • We just need to capture an elite (who probably has been inniculated to the coming diseases) and make a VACCINE that actually works? Oh well its an interesting thought.

  • Yup, they'll unleash viruses … We already have Ebola here & have u heard it's here ?? I didn't, til just now !!!

  • I'm 58 and have been waiting since 1979, I was 19 when I awoke, and have been called mad all my life no one believed me they all thought I was insane, and had No grip on reality, even a psychiatrist told me maybe it is me that is wrong, wow he was one of the sleeping people, so ecstatic this is happening in my life time, never thought I would see it, bless you all 🙂

  • Purchased Q book. Read and it's amazing!!! THANK YOU @DustinNemos and all other contributors @JoeM, etc! WWG1WGA!!!!
    Been using colloidal silver since the early 90's!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

  • Re-convince me on “Q” please. Can’t get over the trust Sessions, trust the plan BS. Binney told Pompeo Russia did not hack DNC servers. Dennis Montgomery gave Comey FBI 47 hard drives proving NSA was collecting all American’s communications. Trump has thrown Assange under the bus. Must be the 5 D chess, yeah buddy!!! AG Barr is friends with Muller. Barr will wrist slap low level conspirators AND business as usual with the pay to play treasonous gang. Grand juries?? Indictments??

Dustin Nemos


Dustin Nemos is a freedom-maximalist, Voluntaryist, Autodidact Polymath, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Trend Watcher, Avid Researcher and hobbyist Economist, holistic researcher, Philosopher, And Political Talking Head. His main goals are - Be a good dad, be a good person, be free, and destroy evil with logic, evidence, reason, and compassion. Apexhealth.Club VIMEO: Gab: Twitter: @Nemov8 Youtube: Patreon:

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