March 11, 2019: ~ Major Cyclone / Weather Phenomena ~ High Winds coming to USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Scotland and Europe!

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  • I can't help but to wonder what is going to be found under all that sand that is getting blown into the ocean. I have a feeling we are going to learn some interesting things about our actual history.

  • Mother Nature is not playing games with us this week let alone next two weeks..
    Once Moon starts becoming full Mother Earth is going to burst with joy that's why you seen them lg. birds. Them Thunder Birds are high tailing it the hell out of the New Madrid areas
    Have a good day Y'all!!!!!
    Weed Me
    April 1st. lol

  • if it hits anywhere Nigeria is a denisely pirate population…'s wierd it's by the energy line from Antarctica right? the sand in the air from Sahara is a good thing it fends the Bahamas and rainforest forest. the metals make it a fertilizer

  • Three theories or forces dominate or control upon the planet of the earth…

    First:The force or theory that dominates upon the atmosphere is the end of the of the first theory of climate change and global warming (dynamic horizontal movement)…
    The occurrence of stoms,rains,ice, and floods at times and in unexpected places, is sill under control or balance…

    Second:The force or theory that dominates upon Tsunami,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions,sinkholes,dry lakes and rivers,flow of sweet water from the bank of dead sea,the formation of new mountains or islands,collaps of mountains ,& ,& ,&…

    Third:The water is revolving or orbiting the earth…

    NOTE 1: The earth has a new orbit. ..
    NOTE 2: The earth has tilted 1 degree…

    Yousif A Tobiya
    Forcibly displaced

  • Lost of (????)L daily as a form of vapor of water from the ground,has a big effect to rise or reduce of temperature by veiling the rays of the sun,and decreasing the earth's radiation…
    Vapor condensation creates clouds that veil the sun totally,earth and atmosphere …
    This a mount of water vapor became produced from(seas and oceans)…
    This means,the percentage of water vapor which produced from the ground and the (seas&oceans )is difficult…
    This means the pressures of the air in the atmosphere are different too…
    This case means the change at the directions of winds,which some called climate change and some called global warming, and then NINO and then LANINA, and this year they called global cooling…
    Results :
    These directions of winds, must be balanced…
    These studies had completed and sent on July 26th 2000…

    Yousif A Tobiya
    Forcibly displaced

  • The occurrence of stoms,rains,ice, and floods at times and in unexpected places, is sill under control or balance…
    But about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, tsunami, dry lakes and rivers, flow of water from the mountains and hills,explodeand of eyes water from the ground, formation of new mountains or islands, collaps of mountains ,and cracks on ground,they are out of control or balance…

    Yousif A Tobiya
    Forcibly displaced

  • Sand! did you know China has built cities on new sand?? Literally created new islands with sand. Where did they get it?? This world is so so much more than we can even begin to imagine. Love the one you are with. They took our plastics as a dumping sight and dumped them back on us. Wake up people. We are using and abusing everything!! Everything! The west has been used as the village idiots. We are not the corporate we are individuals who want more from LIFE. Take the pill. You have to see now. It is not going to last forever. The opportunity is now.

  • There’s warnings and warnings but yet people still seem to die like if you see that there’s a hurricane coming that’s huge why stay and die I don’t get it

  • Thanks for the info. Prayers out to all. Here in Northern Iraq was reported also for 40-50 mph winds Thurs & Fri. Of course is the day I am suppose to return to AZ on a short VAC. Have a great week!!

  • They call it sahara sand but thats a lie….. get smart.. its not.. sahara sand is like flour and yellow. Ive been there, and try google for images..That is reddish.. if you check the account from ancient Sumer/Egypt about things that heralds Nemesis/ planet X. (It is listed in NASAs own catalogue as a small solar system). The red dust is one of the unmistakable signs, get some and test it.. should be a lot of ironoxide in it.

  • I had an extremely weird experience the other night. I can't get it out of my head. I NEVER see anything weird. There were c!kids in the sky. I happened to look West and it looked like the moon was behind a cloud. I thought, it's way too early for the moon to be over there. It was only like 8 pm. I looked back, the clouds were gone, and "the moon" was gone. This is weird. I always took it for granted other ppl saw this weird and crazy stuff. Never me.

  • look at ventusky, rly huge stormcells incomming! biggest i ever seen, look in the next 10 days over europe and westcoast us, canada and alaska….

  • Jeremiah 4:7
    [7]The lion is come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land desolate; and thy cities shall be laid waste, without an inhabitant.

  • I have pictures of the sun. , blowing rays out the left and right, at 2 and 7 it looks like the suns horizon is not the same same photos have all kind of aerosol tracts this very morning at sunrise, in Central Pa, on top of the, Laurel Highlands, they had already made provision, it wasn’t getting through, it looks like a quasar but that isn’t even the freaky part, every photo has what appears to be the Star of David, BEHIND THE SUN , it is like a shadow looming behind the sun, this was mid morning a few days ago, I’ll try to send



We are living in very unique, changing times and during these times I have become more than intrigued by these changes and what is causing them. I'm referring to the earth changes, changes in our sun and how the earth's atmosphere manages this what I believe to be a much different sunlight. Over the last 10 years I have become very familiar with our planet, the mechanics of it and how it reacts to many different aspects of space weather and many other things as well. I monitor everything from the sea floor to the cosmos and everything in between. I am a full-time...

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