Not all vaccines are safe for all people, at all ages, in all quantities. Full stop! There is no question that scientifically and medically, that statement can proven with ample evidence. In fact, U.S. taxpayers have compensated the families of vaccine injured children to the tune of $4 billion dollars in the past 30 years. Unfortunately, even a statement as common sense as that is treated by many online as dangerous. Now, tech companies like Facebook and Google have taken the stand to help purge the world of what they call “vaccine denial.”
So does that action make our society or world a safer place? No. Let’s give it a Reality Check.


  • It needs to be added that the $4 billion paid out won't likely reverse any vaccine injuries, and no amount of money will compensate for those killed by things dogmatically christened "safe."


  • Something many people do not understand is that the current Vaccine Schedule is not necessarily the "optimal. best, safest, and most effective" schedule that medical science can come up with. The schedule has been highly compressed (i.e. babies and children receiving multiple shots in a single visit) to minimize the number of times a child will need to be brought in for shots. The reason for this is that "public health experts" have done a cost benefit analysis and determined that many parents will either forget or refuse to bring their kids in for subsequent shots if we used the optimal vaccine schedule. In essence, they believe that any "potential or known increase negative outcomes" from providing multiple shots at a time, will be offset by the benefits of having more of the overall population vaccinated for more illnesses.

  • It is time to begin taking these companies down. They have become fascist enterprises doing everything they can to make all people slaves with no free thought.

  • My sister was injured by the Gardasil vaccine. She got a payout, yet everyone still says we're antivax for not letting our family get it. Especially when these double blind trials don't use a saline control, and are only tested on 20-30 year olds of one gender. Then the medicine is given to young teens, male and female and obviously it has strange effects when millions get it.

  • Thankfully we now have the DIssenter Browser Pluggin to allow us to comment on any URL on the net. Ben have you checked it out? Let Freedom ring.

  • Amount of money is a pointless number in this context. Number of cases where vaccines injured and to what extent would help the debate, not just an arbitrary number that can't really be qualified.

    While it is true that vaccines can be harmful in rare cases the diseases they prevent save more. Why can't we test for allergic reactions, especially in parents concerned, before they are administered?

  • Tyranny is here. Now.
    And it's coming from not just our government.
    Tyranny is coming from private corporations – who are supported by our government overlords.

  • Thank you Mr. Swann. People need to be educated about both sides of the story. From those of us who work in medical research and understand, we appreciate the time you are giving to this subject.

  • I am fully aware that social media is censoring my posts about vaccination. It's the reason I PRINT memes and pictures about the ingredients and facts about how unavoidably unsafe vaccines are and I POST THEM ON PUBLIC NOTICE BOARDS across my province.
    I urge everyone who reads this to do the same. 💖

  • Thank you Ben. As someone who knows a child who was left paralyzed for almost 2 years with unimaginable pain, never mind she almost died from the Gardisil vaccine, this infuriates me to no end. She was one of those that had an underlying condition that caused this as she was extremely allergic to heavy metals which unlike many, her family and doctor were well aware of this fact. Many are unaware. Despite it being in her medical history, it was administered to her anyway. Her mother has spent years trying to make parents aware of the dangers and to urge them to read all ingredients personally rather then rely on an outsider with their children's well being. She unlike many others were lucky, since many have died in similar situations. It's obvious that the welfare of these children are of little consequence to social media giants. I've left Facebook already as I'm tired of this constant censorship for information control.

  • First they censor to whitewash the evidence of harm and risk. Then they mandate for children. Then they mandate for adults. Then whole populations finally realise that they are not free and living in a police state at the mercy of satanic eugenicists disguised as concerned scientists with their hands on the levers of power.
    In the interests of public health? Not likely.

  • I don't agree with censorship of any kind for any reason, but I feel that you misrepresented the issue somewhat.

    Nobody is arguing that vaccines can't cause harm. That's a straw man argument. The real argument is that the risk of potential harm from vaccines is orders of magnitude less than the risk of diseases being vaccinated against. Receiving a vaccination could, for example, trigger an autoimmune reaction. Women, for instance, are more susceptible to autoimmunity in general. Penn & Teller made an episode of Bullshit about it – feel free to watch it, it illustrates the risks accurately.

    There is the unfortunate situation where some people's individual risk of taking the vaccine could be higher than their individual expected benefits from receiving it. Yet, the overall reduction in herd immunity suffers more on the whole. Extrapolating this further to the behavior of others, even the individual benefits would fall of a cliff. As a libertarian, I support the freedom of people to make their own decisions about vaccinations. Unfortunately, most people don't understand statistics whatsoever and will never be capable of extrapolating all probabilities to their logical conclusions. It is therefore inevitable that solutions like banning unvaccinated children from public (or private) schools will be the way to go to remain within the libertarian framework as much as possible.

    Risks of vaccines = low. Risks of a measles outbreak for example (that's happening around here right now) in an unvaccinated population = catastrophic.

    Ben, the vaccine court was created to limit civil lawsuits which require a much lower burden of proof than criminal cases. Hence, the risks of tens of thousands of lawsuits would make manufacturing vaccines a losing and risky proposition in the litigation nation that is the USA. So companies would simply not manufacture them, or the costs would be insanely high. That is not to say that vaccines do not cause adverse effects. But yes, 10K cases over decades in a country of hundreds of millions is exactly the kind of risk we are talking about: negligible.

    Some morons think to this day that there's a causal link between vaccines and autism. In medicine, it's impossible to establish a causal link between a singular event (vaccination) and an adverse reaction (e.g. autoimmune disease like psoriasis or something along those lines). Controlled population studies demonstrate that these risks are fairly low. Most people will never grasp this concept in their lifetime. Their children will be more likely to suffer for it. Even those who are vaccinated don't have full immunity, of course. Therefore, everyone may suffer for it.

  • People can question everything, but always remember, the people who shout the loudest about the right to ask questions are generally just too stupid to understand the answer.

  • I believe that the mechanism and theory behind vaccination is sound. But we are NOT all alike as much as society wants to tell us so. Also, the schedule has increased 7fold over a short amount of time. We’ve survived thousands of years without vaccines and suddenly they have become elevated to the status of water and oxygen.

    A healthy amount of skepticism is always good.

  • I rarely disagree with Ben, however I disagree with him here. Not having a person vaccinated is in and of itself a health risk because it puts Society at risk especially those who are very young or very old. That being said, Ben does have a point in that there needs to be more monitoring and checks of the FDA as they are the agency that determines whether and to what degree drugs and vaccines are safe for human consumption. In other words, if there is a vaccine that causes problems, that information should be provided to the masses. At some level we have to trust our federal agencies and there should be checks and balances to make sure they get it right in that system. If people want to challenge the FDA ruling on a vaccine, there should be a process for that. But we can just have everybody not taking vaccines that would be ridiculous and harm the population as a whole. The reality is that vaccines do more good for our population than bad. Should I not pay taxes to the IRS because I know in the past they have made mistakes on people's taxes? Or should I not listen to the FBI when they tell me someone has kidnapped my children because they've made mistakes and now I think they are lying. Again, if you don't want to vaccinate your child, then your child should not go to school or any public areas and should be quarantined until the likelihood of them getting a disease is reduced to the same level that the kids that got the vaccine are at.

  • We need to demand a truthful full disclosure in layman's terms of all the ingredients and possible side effects of every vaccine administered to every citizen of the United States of America.

  • This issue is completely reminiscent of the tobacco industry suppressing the link between cigarettes and cancer. The circumstantial evidence is all around us, but the authorities that be deny it.

  • Read 'Dr. Mary's Monkey' by Ed Haslam and you'll find out that thousands of kids across the nation in the late '50's and early '60's were vaccinated with a polio vaccine that contained a strain of cancer and the doctors and scientists knew it, but pushed it as being perfectly safe.

  • Adam Schiff, once again proving his reactionary, neoliberal bona fides. Schiff, it should be recalled, also supports S.720, the anti-democratic "Israel Anti-Boycott Act" which seeks to criminalize dissent. In the cosmology of neoliberalsim (as much as that of their natural allies, the right-wing necons) speech itself is the enemy, to be vigorously inveigled against and, where possible, outlawed.

  • Thank you so very much for speaking truth. The fascist state is hard at work forcing them on all of us, and blaming “non-vaxxers” for the illnesses that result. Yes folks, illness results from vaccinations, read ALL the literature.

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