August 17, 2019 Rep. Jerry Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, made a statement in response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s statement earlier in the day. “Although Department of Justice policy prevented the Special Counsel from bringing criminal charges against the president, the Special Counsel has clearly demonstrated that President Trump is lying.” Nadler also says, “With respect to impeachment question at this point; all options are on the table and nothing should be ruled out.”


  • Amen these fools really hate trump because it's simple he's not one of them ,,,politician,,,a outsider who draining the swamp which is their lifeline,, goddamn enough of spending our tax money enough already clown Nadler,,,you dem clowns had 8 years ,,and you all wonder why trump won,,,dumbasses ,,,remember why he won against a lifelong politician ,,,for Christ sakes. ,,learn something enjoy the 2020 beat down ,,,,

  • So, No one is above the law, cept for fukn corrupt, lying, stealing, cheating, piece of shit DemoRATs, apparently they are above the law, PeLOSTi, Nadler the TADDLER, Ocaassional Cortex, M8ke me Ill Omar, on her knee's Talieb, apparently breaking the fukn law when you are one of these fukn RATS, is just buss as usual. These fukn dems, and libs better be careful, Impeaching a president, that was elected by 70 + Million people who's very nature is brutal fukn violence, but choose 2 B peaceful, AKA the largest fukn army on the planet, 200 Times larger than all other armys combined, prob isnt the smartest fukn idea. But it is lookin like they are going to keep pushin it, and they are gonna find out the hard way, which is goin to result in SO MUCH more carnage, and innocent lives being lost, all because they couldnt except the result of an election. I believe they are gonna try to impeach him, and than its gonna be the extermination of the DemoRATic party, I hope it does not come to that…

  • Jerry Nadler has no objectivity regardless how dubious the case on display presents. With Nadler, it is a one-way street period. BTW, prosecutors result of an investigation only works in binary. Sorry but, Robert Muller doesn't get to play it both ways.

  • Anyone who has actually read the report knows the truth about this corrupt fact-free criminal regime. Congress needs to bring accountability, transparency, and oversight back into our Government regardless of how much trump, his blindly loyal yes-men cronies, and delusional cult-like followers hate it. We the PEOPLE demand he be held accountable for his actions and we are long past tired of the lawless acts of this pretender president.

  • This is why I moved OUT of New York in 2005. Liberalism and Millennial drug addicts are destroying our Country. How these ass-tards have a career in politics is beyond my comprehension. I guess folks that work hard and pay taxes don't realize their tax dollars pay buffoons like Nadler's salary.

  • Nadler obviously does not like our nations constitution. Furthermore, did he listen to what mueller said or just make up his mind about what mueller said? The way things work are, if powers are neither given or prohibited, If he didnt do something prohibited and its in his scope of authority then shut up.

  • ‼️‼️‼️This one here and many others should’ve Been there for us when Obama was Tearing down the United States of America

  • Well…, just when I thought it was going to another average day of demonrat bull s**t, it turns out to be action packed! Let's see…, We got fainting death bed Nadler reaffirming his complete stupidity. I mean he's like a monkey holding onto a branch with his pinky. Just fall off already… We got Mueller on the run(literally) but not before he squared shit up(YET AGAIN!!) before he skips out. We got Pelosi on the brink of losing her job(another monkey barely hangin on). We got the Europeans with a right wing election sweep, taking back Europe! We got the declassifying ramping up big time(I can't wait for that to create some major bitch slaps!!). And the days just gettin started! I mean what's next? Omar and Talib pack their bags and high tail it THE FUCK OUTA HERE! One could only hope. Thx for ruining some faith we the people had in our government? PRAY it happens. "WE THE PEOPLE" be like PEACE OUT SKANKS!

  • Let me summarize: “We the socialist party DARE real Americans to take to the streets to put an end to this coup against the President that YOU elected. We don’t think you have the ba11s. We believe we’re safe from the wrath of We The People.

    King George said much the same thing.

  • Excuse Nadler, he got up on the wrong side of the casket this morning. Jerry you are what you eat! Is that a diet of shit or dick.

  • Here are moving lips praising the fact that Special Counsel Office investigated only half of Russia’s interference as noted today by Mr. Mueller that the hacking of DNC servers and email servers were not investigated. Core Obstruction of Blind Justice.

  • Fuck you Nadler!!! Midget sack of shit!!! Your doing all fuzz cus you know all the Democrats are fucked!! As in matter in fact, how you stated: "nobody or even the president is above the law"… well guess what! you should be indicted for being a political bias and collaborating with the russian probe scandal which obviously you're more loyal to Hillary Clinton as your boss rather than The American People…

  • Nadler’s little talk is ludicrous and to be frank, I find the Democrats beyond stupid and a waste of money, mine and every taxpayer in America. Thank you Robt. Mueller for your deceitful act. How can we repay you?

  • We have not had a real President since Kennedy. They hate that POTUS is not conniving with them.

    So .barry could not be deported back to his birth country because he was a sitting President?

  • Mueller Russian collusion is all we need to know. Uranium one, Clinton bought and paid for Dossier, FBI criminal activities, the lies to the FISA court which is a crime, spying on a candidate with the full extent of a questionable spying program. Seth Rich the actual whistleblower that provided Wikileaks with the DNC emails, Election fraud committed by The DNC , homeland security exposed and caught trying to flip votes in 3 states on election week. All public mainstream articles. Project Veritas hidden camera investigation on DNC voter fraud and so on. Mueller was there to cover up for DNC crimes.

  • First! Nadler should not be working until a full doctor’s report is released. He passed out in public, while on the job. Nadler is reading what was handed to him. Is he fit to think on his own?



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