Saine Durden is fearless as she works on behalf of families who have lost loved ones to illegal invaders and those who support the illegal invasion of our nation. She recently met with President Trump and confronted MSM Fake News purveyor Jim Acosta.

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  • She's right … we got to get out on the streets and confront these issues. Sitting behind a computer bitching and complaining about it isn't going to get anything done. We got to confront and be proactive on these radical leftist agendas. I'm going to support her organization, AVIAC I believe it is; because they're making it happen! Silence is a co-sign …

  • I live 50 miles from Kansas City, Mo in a small city. In the 90's we were one of the best places to live….National recognition. Then a meat company came to my city and hired illegals…now we are one of the highest in domestic violence.

    The illegals are getting into the USA. I was at goodwill and there were several groups of illegals speaking in their language. The were shopping with coupons so they did not have to pay for the items selected.

    In November I went to boost to get a cell phone…all employees were speaking spanish (I wondered if they were illegal)….they did not have the phone that I wanted, so I went to the other boost store, and sure enough, they were all immigrants speaking to each other in spanish. If they are legal then this is not a problem…but why do ALL employees have to be foreigners?

    I shopped at dollar tree and the islamic – towel covering women were arrogant and demanding. They are a different breed. They are in OUR COUNTRY and should respect the people that have paid taxes to create a great country. I had to ask God to help me because I have such dislike of these demanding people.

  • Sabine!.. My heart & Prayers go out to you in the loss of Your Precious Son Dominic! I can only imagine the pain & grief you went through (especially with the minor sentence his killer got off with)!! God Bless You in your Efforts & Ministry (really) to Speak up on Behalf of this Problematic Issue!”..on behalf of those who have lost Their Dear Loved Ones To Illegal Immigrant ‘s Itresponsible & Murderous Acts!! You are a Warrior among Women!! Your Son would be So Proud Of You & All that You Are Doing to bring Awareness & Justice To this Cause!! We (Citizens) Are
    All Proud Of You Too!!🙌🙌🙌You should run for Congress!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😍

  • You should have Ruth Martin on your show. She’s a widow of a fallen police officer (by an illegal alien) and lives in Canyon Lake, California. She’s been out on campaign with President Trump numerous times with The Remembrance Project. A godly and wise woman.

  • God bless Sabine, she truly represents the kind imagration that helped to make this country what it used to be! The real deal, proud to be here, to be a citizen of the USA. It pains my heart that she lost her son do to the shifty, gutless, warmongering, criminal career political vampire's that infest our government as it stands today.

  • Sabine, you are a good hearted woman. I am so sorry for losing your son so needlessly because of our faithless elected leaders. You are a welcome and precious immigrant and now sister. You are the evidence of American integrity while those who sneak in illegally mock American dignity.

  • "Someone must be paying her because nothing she does makes sense"!
    That is the truth Sabina ,
    All your words …truth!
    Thank you – love to you from Ct.💕💕

  • Sabine you are amazing! I am so sorry for your loss of your son and all Americans who have been touched by these criminal scum who are allowed to committ crimes and murder innocent Americans! I am furious at our government weaklings! President Trump is pretty much alone speaking for the safety of our people!

  • So-called “truthers” should also start changing the narrative, as we have to use Their weapons against them; therefore, I suggest the adjective “evidence-based broadcasting” to be used by “alt news”, at EVERY opportunity.

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