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  • The Defeat of Satan

    7 When the 1000 years are ended, Satan will be made free from his prison. 8 He will go out to trick the nations in all the earth, the nations known as Gog and Magog. Satan will gather the people for battle. There will be more people than anyone can count, like sand on the seashore.

    9 I saw Satan’s army march across the earth and gather around the camp of God’s people and the city that God loves. But fire came down from heaven and destroyed Satan’s army. 10 And he (the one who tricked these people) was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur with the beast and the false prophet. There they would be tortured day and night forever and ever.

  • If this is not as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah yet, I am glad I never lived back at that time.. We need to Pray for the future victims and Pray for Jesus return .. This will give people nightmares ..

  • I was 9 yrs old when The Sharon Tate. Murders took place. We lived. Less than 20miles. Away.
    Following year we moved to Arizona And you would. About satanic Crimes then around 1972 3. You never heard that word. Again. Right after mason trails were over it was as if The whole SATANIC. Cults all disappeared or had been removed from Society.
    That Had tobe deliberately done
    this i first Time im hearing any of THIS. Except for 1969 70 71.
    They whoever they maybe deliberately cover up and shut down any and all public knowledge of SATANIC rituals crime scenes didn't they..
    But Hollywood sure
    picked up on them…
    Shows like kolchack. New twilight zone .
    And Other throughout the 70s early. 80s.
    All of it has lead back. Alister.. Crowley and. The thing they let losses in The desert. Near Joshua tree.

  • I went to Russ 4 help with my daughter. . she's living with an active satan worshiper. He's close to where I am. So I went to ask him for help! Guess what HE DID NOTHING TO HELP ME so I don't know WHY HE says he helps so many people and goes right into these situations. Cz. He refused to even TRY to help me & my daughter and now she's got kids involved with this satan worshiper. He's changed her into something I don't know. She's evil hatefilled manipulative aNd dead inside. So Russ didn't do anything to help me and my daughter. Who is close in area to him within 1 hour drive!

  • If we (SRA victims / survivors) live longer than they want or need then we become targeted individuals which adds insult to injury. They enter us into the gangstalking program so we either kill ourselves (this is the ideal outcome for them), get put in jail or psych ward. The satanic idiots who participate in this are soulless entities here on earth.

  • If man was removed from the earth, there would be no Evil. It's like we are empty vessels that if your wicked and don't have God's holy Spirit, your naked, unprotected and vulnerable to being filled up with every unclean spirit out there.

  • I saw vision from god about man of england,next to all of them are sodomites spiritshually and practicly,so they were possessed by devils nature,so that simple man becomes enemy of god and worior of Satan without DNA modification,actually the same about eny wikid human bathing to do with DNA,all just spiritshuall contamination,as call personalities.

  • Sounds like Zombie Apocalypse (shudder)!! Thanks for getting this info out to people like me who are just learning that this has been going on. 🙏🇺🇸

  • Look up the YouTube channel babyteeth4 and you will see the influence on children by children who i believe have satanic roots! They get half a million views on their videos! And YouTube doesn't say a word! I dont believe its appropriate for children but it shows up recommended for kids
    Link to a video of theirs

  • Satans trick is to convince the whole world that he doesn't exist! Its been working for a very long time! Now we must fight back with BOLDNESS!!!! GOD BLESS RUSS IVE LEARNED SO MUCH!

  • Yes and Clearfield County was part of this … No one is looking at C Clarks so called sucide and he was working at the childrens home then right after that they closed it

  • In PA where I use to live for a decade, the Union's run everything from the left. They are thieves and violent. They kicked in my whole Jeep for a sticker. They vandalized my house. When they do get caught, it's always the union. The democrats own the union in PA and has weaponized it for the past couple of decades at least. When elections occur, it's in the papers. All the stolen stuff is found in their garages.

  • Great info with one mistake. The Illuminati came from England from the unholy evil royals. All the royals are satanists. Hitler was their puppet. Hitler came up with the "New world order" term as well as the plan that they are running now. People are so stupid. Why do people forget everything they learned? It's embarrassing! Aside from that one mistake, all info sounds right on. (I've been following this subject for over 4 decades. I'm sure on that one boo boo. It's the deception they use)

  • This is a fascinating Topic (because it appeals to our own Carnality?).

    It's also a rather mysterious Topic since Demon exercising isn't talked about until the NT and then only as a partial narrative of the Results and not the Process. 
    Christ was the FIRST Person to be "Biblically" mentioned as Exercising a Demon(s)! Then the 70!
    I do know that there MUST be a good reason WHY the Bible skirts over this Topic. Is it because God only wants us to treat this Deliverance as we would any other Demonic attack like physical illness, Alcoholism, etc.? I mean, part of Theology is considering 'WHY' God emphasized some things and glosses-over others. Is it a sign towards "Prioritizing"?
    If so, then Exorcisms is way down on the list of 'Things to do'!

    I'm an older saint of 70. I've been a real and mostly Full-time Student of the Bible and Christian Theology for going on 37 years.
    Without much more information followed by consideration, all I can say is that this SEEMS a "Bit off" center.  
    Yet, I do NOT want to hare this man's Ministry!

    Let me say it as best as I can at This time: 
    It's all good but is it likely to Distract from the More Necessary Training and MUCH MORE LIKELY to become an Obsessive thing?
    That is, this is the Type of thing to ''Seize the Imagination of young Christians" and set them on a Side Track for Who knows how long?"

    The Body is already poorly taught, and prone to follow false Doctrines! Prone to get Sidetracked onto riding "Hobby horses" of Doctrines that are rated as 'Secondary' in Importance at best.

    A major Problem is today's Churches is that What we DO know well is simply retaught again and again!  We never leave the Playground!

    The Study of the Word and our Faith is a 'Bottomless Cup of Coffee' and our Pastors and teachers need TO MAKE a Time and Place for Advanced Study. We are to NEVER be Completely Satisfied with our level of knowledge but instead always be Hungry for knowledge in order to minister to the multitude of Others and their MANY views.  
    I.e. How many of us can sit down with a Jew and discuss Jesus as the Messiah?

    Not all are called to Teach but all are called to be lifelong Students and servants.

  • Russ is a real life Demon hunter. I love everything he does for the Kingdom. Demons scatter when he is around with the authority of God.

  • The important need to know GOD's word and the power we have as believers with Jesus blood and our spiritual armor in the 6 chapter of Ephesians there is plenty of very good teachings, books,on what Christians need to know.

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