August 17, 2019 Extended


  • Thank you so much, Aluna. All of this is so spot on for me. I've been frozen in fear and unharnessed energy and confidence from past disappointment. I usually try to keep my energies looking forward but I'm coming face to face with my emotional and physical paralysis to create. I also feel like I'm not able to express myself because my immediate family has lost patience with my completely different perspectives. They are more comfortable when I don't share. I think they would like me to keep my head forward and focus on paying the bills. Believe me, that is my goal also. I understand my life is my soul/sole responsibility so I'm not complaining, just sharing. It's been a little tough with these current energies for the past couple weeks.

  • Hi, thanks for your video. I am outside now watching the sun having a very biiiig rianbow color oura around it. Can you plz explian why? It is my first time to see it

  • I haven't even listened to the video yet but had a peace settle over me yesterday when I decided to just appreciate that I'm growing, the ascension process tales time and to just relax into it.

  • Thank you Aluna. I've been looking forward to seeing "Scorpio" in my notifications. You are appreciated and loved, thank you for all of the work that you do in such a generous manner.

  • Thank you, I have detached from family, they don't understand me neither like me, the point is that I do not care about it anymore about them or anyone else. I've learn my lesson..

  • Thank you Aluna!! Wish I could catch the rest on was pretty spot on for me..Financially need a miracle and def misunderstood by family..

  • Scorpio Rising – this was spot on as always Aluna!💕 Thank you for this, these readings you do are truly a blessing. The extended reading blew me away and confirmed a lot of what I have been sensing intuitively. The energy has been intense but I can definitely feel the new beginning that is about to take place 🙏🏾✨

  • Thank you Aluna! This tapped into my counterpart's energy, maybe mine (Scorpio) somewhat. I guess Spirit wanted me to know what's going on with him. Thank you.

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