Secrets Sold To Our Enemies Can’t Buy Safety Forever!



  • I would like to share something. So many are confused and frustrated that evil continues to flourish. Why can't we just eliminate the evil in one fell swoop? We can't. Enter Jesus' parable of the wheat and the tares.

    A Tare is type of rye grass that can grow among wheat. It is virtually undetectable from the wheat until it matures and forms a head, often growing darker or nearly black. It can be poisonous to eat if harvested with the wheat crop.

    The disciples asked why they can't just go out and rip up the tares since they are so bad. (they understood that this was a lesson about evil people mixing with the good) Jesus replied that they can't because those tares look just like the wheat, and in ripping up the tares, you'll also rip up the wheat, the precious harvest. But when the tares mature enough, Jesus said they can then be easily identified, gathered up, bundled and burned.

    Do you see how intertwined evil is with the good? Ripping out all the bad will take some of the valuable harvest with it. The harvest must be ripe. The tares must be ripe too so that we can easily eliminate and destroy it.
    We are nearing the harvest. Keep your faith. When you are disgusted and crying out for justice for the many victims of this evil age, pray to God and ask Him to give you peace and understanding. He desires his children to have wisdom, they only need ask.

  • @Snowden
    Parade or Restraints?
    I'm taking that as what do WE the PEOPLE think…
    Should we have a parade for Snowden or should he be in restraints….
    I personally think RESTRAINTS!

  • Great channel!… just a question wasn’t John Perry Barlow a close friend of JFK Jr.? Brings up a lot of questions!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Love My President and Love My Country.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 3019 drop
    Does it have to do with maybe the pedophiles in Hollyweird?

    2888 drop

    Who will be next to fall post Weinstein?
    Big name coming?
    Nobody is safe.
    Dark to LIGHT.
    These people are sick!

  • I also live in El Paso and I agree with that beautiful woman from El Paso. I am sick of it. My property tax on my tiny house is outrageous. Most of it goes for education. It's a joke but I'm not laughing. The Dems here are deaf, dumb, and blind thanks to mainstream media and having to work 14 hours a day to pay those taxes.

  • Personally, I think the answer to the question "Why was the NSA targeted?" is that Brennan, Obama, Clinton believed they could own and operate the whole world through blackmail and corruption if only they could eliminate the NSA as a peer competitor within the U.S.A.

  • never will be seen on national or public TV because this is how the people / citizens feel, but do the congress/ senators do what there voters hell NO. THE VOTED IN PUBLIC SERVANTS WORK ALL THE TIME ON THE POLITICAL AGENDA OF THERE PARTY.

  • So illegals voting in American elections , including Russian influence ? The democrats talking bull shit outta both sides of their mouth, so sick of these stupid people 👎

  • Snowden was a C_A "limited hangout." His job was to APPEAR to be revealing information (information we already knew) when, in reality, he was simply distracting the masses from what the Obama administration was really doing. But Snowden overstepped his mission guidelines and revealed stuff he wasn't authorized to reveal. That's when he went from patriot to traitor.

  • the name of that movie is called war games with Matthew Broderick.. he was a hacker, computer launched missals… they played tic tac toe because the computer couldnt beat it, and thats how they stopped the missals. it a good movie you should actually watch it!

  • President Eisenhower in 1954 had "Operation Wetback" which rounded up and deported illegal aliens; it is PAST TIME for Operation Wetback II. 😎

  • Pelosi has changed her mind about impeachment, says better to work on their objectives and winning the white house back…..
    I think she knows America is done with the attack's on our POTUS.

  • At the very start of your video with Julian… can you tell what hes saying with his blinks? Is it morse code using blinking like the guy who was captured and being tortured during Vietnam I believe… idk Morse code but it sure looks like hes blinking something.

  • I'm just a white woman whose car is plastered with pro-Trump stickers, pro 2nd amendment stickers, anti-illegal stickers too & I have all sorts of ppl, black, white, brown, red & yellow, male & female give me dirty looks, talk about me behind my back but no one wants to talk to me! I live in GA but not in Atlanta thank God so no one ever tries to take a hat or anything. They know we redneck Southern gals tend to be packing…in my case, they'd be right in that assumption! I even have yoga pants made to carry my compact 9mm & a corset to wear when dressed up, ankle holsters, you name it…

  • A couple of years ago I heard a "Webbot report" by Cliff High and he was using his own predictive language tool. The thing I remember the most was his report said that the Dem party didn't really exist in the same way as now in 2020. hmmm

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