Sen. Reed wants the U.F.O. files to open open by the U.S. Gov’t to the Public as soon as possible due to the amount of time that has elapsed and still we still have nothing to show to the world.


  • It will never happen, doing so would mean they will have to admit they have no control over their air space, UFOs can travel with impunity, unmolested. Maybe if they actually landed in a highly populated place where thousands of people could see it, that would force them to admit their existence.
    Another great post M.R.👍👍

  • That was quite a list of accomplishments you posted. Can you imagine the ribbons on his uniform? I don’t think our ETI friends are waiting for some military, governmental or other agency to provide public disclosure. The ET craft themselves have been pretty busy showing themselves to those who reach out telepathically (the CE-5 teams all over the globe). The people’s grass roots efforts have shown more in the past few years than anything that’s been announced publicly in the media.

  • …..good one…all I know to do is keep showing and telling the truth….no matter the amount of flak….I have images they can look at ….

  • Good catch there Mauricio.The gentleman was saying that if an  unknown object was heading to a big city that they would do something about it.We'll to my knowledge I don't think the military did anything to the huge craft that flew over Phoenix which  a major populated city.



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