The Senate has passed “war powers” legislation ordering the president to cease and desist his cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the destruction of Yemen. A House vote is expected soon, which would throw the issue to the president who has promised a veto. Will there be political fallout for a president failing to accede to the will of Congress on matters of war and peace?


  • I very much appreciate your show today. Yemen is a subject very near to my heart. For too long, Yemen has been one of our country's dirty little secrets. It's more than time to drag it into the light of day. Peace!

  • How biased you didnt even mention once that bernie sanders and ro khanna are the head sponsors of the bill and the reason it even came about because you dont like the d next to their names and the "socialist" label in identity politics you claim to hate but you will mention that mike lee the last on board the sponsor because he has an r you like and your son voting on it but had no sponsor at all and voted pompeo in…how sad get your divisive bs together

  • You heard it straight from the Saudi's last summer, when they said expect terrorist attacks if we go against their agenda, and their terror attacks aren't with brown skinned kids in sandals..their in the form of school shootings, theater shootings, concert shootings, guised as a lone crazy gunman: Be Vigilant

  • What ethics and moral principles does the US dictatorship have when more then 80,000 children have already died of systematic starvation in Yemen, a direct outcome of US sanctions and blockade on Yemen.
    20 million innocent people in Yemen are on the verge of starvation.
    Majority of politicians in America consider themselves as believers of Jesus Christ, and yet every action they commit, is pure evil.

  • The vote should have been unanimous in Congress if they were actually humans. The 46 need shipped to hell, along with trump if he vetoes for the war to continue. DC is Deficient of Consciousness.

  • I remember, in history class, reading about a nation that says only Congress can wage war. This nation followed a Constitution.
    Now, our nation…we have a Congress that has to beg the ruling class to STOP waging wars that people like Bolton/Abrams/Bibi start…

  • Trump needs to bomb children, in school buses, to make the stock market go up and to make GDP rise. That's all he can think of to generate economic activity…with death and blood.
    No wonder people don't want a Green New Deal…it would interfer with our Red New Deal (red as in the blood of children splattered all over this planet, by US drones).

  • Yeah, gotta back off on the Muslim terrorists. Cant be offending a Muslim, as they behead Christian's. Turn that country into a glass parking lot for an Exxon refinery.

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