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  • Divide and conquer, the American political Arena was used to destroy this once great nation. And the controlled media was used to facilitate this. Now I jump from YouTube channel to YouTube channel and they're guilty of the same manttra of divide and conquer. This once great nation Fell From Within, it was conquered over decades. I've noticed this channel likes to talk about radical Islam a lot. Although I find this topic to be rather repetitive and a non topic , here we are again talking about left vs right. Meanwhile behind the facade of radical Islam, Pro Choice vs pro-life this policy versus that policy we are living under the noahide laws, the laws of the land in the United States. Why don't we talk about endless Wars for the Israelis or how Hollywood was constructed and built by communist Jews or how Wall Street is run by nefarious Banker barons that funded the Bolshevik Revolution and killed a hundred million white Christians, and these are the ties That Bind America together today, lies and deceit war and famine,it's what this once great Empire produces across the realm. One day the chickens are going to come home to roost, and the average Jill and Bob won't know who the real enemy is. SMH

  • How will a market approach prevail given YouTube lost $70bn in ad revenue last year demonetizing Christian conservatives et al ? You;re kidding yourself. Their masters print the money – social media is a front for the (((Deep State))). It's not about the money. Ted Turner lost a fortune paying for CNN to play in airport lounges and at bus and train terminals and in the lobbies of major hotel chains and other public AND private venues. That decision wasn't market driven. Like Zuck and Bezos and all the rest of these shabbos goy he's just a front for the Jewish communist revolutionaries i.e. Satanists, at war w/ God and His people, who've had more-or-less total media control for several decades due to their banking wealth. The bankers are the Jews – their control over the currency, and thus economy, is almost absolute, and has enabled them to buy up the politicians and media etc

    You should listen to the late great Michael Collins Piper Doug

  • Doug, I so hope you separate tonight's show so that we have Austin by himself. I really want to share his message with my neighborhood community. It seems to me that we need to get really pro-active with our communities in preparing for the coming major food shortages, and even famine! Many thanks. Continued prayers for all your family.
    bj in ga

  • Doug, on keeping with what Austin is saying about the push of the LGBTQ agenda into our government indoctrination centers, we need to bring to the public the LGBTQ Comprehensive Education Program now being pushed GLOBALLY BY UN-ESCO!! The indoctrination program has been designed to start with K-5 through 12 grade. Each grade level has Objectives and Individual Student Outcomes that have to be reached. I happened to learn/read all about this just this morning (Friday). I was shocked!! I'll go back and get my hands on it so that can get it to you.
    bj in ga

  • The disconcert arises from these media monopolies like Google YT Twitter FB Microsoft Apple etc . . being funded as start ups by the US govt/taxpayers (!) & then them only favouring one sector (the left) of the US . . on those platforms , nothing is ever black or white but is an endless grey area . How do the half of US taxpayers (conservative) . . who funded all these conglomerates . . feel about being disenfranchised ! . . from platforms they (largely) paid for . . for simply conducting in non threatening (except to criminal govt cabals) discourse ?
    Considering that the US conservatives created 99% of the actual wealth of that country . . not the parasite/mafia left (who these platforms now fully favour)

  • I had a life saving surg. 3 week s ago. WOULD Love to be there with you guys. To support you.. my body.. will not make it at this time. I So wish I were able to go.

  • Doug, I am worried about this weekend, it's an American holiday……watch Madonnas newest video, it says a lot….Satan always reveals his plans, and this one is a slap the sleeping sheeple in the face message!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now they are fighting for an app that if you say something that could be a "hate speech" they can call the local officials, and address what you just said, example, you have a young female go into a public restroom, a man goes in becouse he feels he has a "right" to, you rebel against it, you will be confronted by local authorities and….who knows?! We are soooooo being violated, come on Jesus! I am so ready!

  • they are NOT stand alone private organizations. WHY do you think they have NEVER needed nor wanted CONSERVATIVE DOLLARS ??? Government underwriters !!! i humbly agree to disagree. God bless. to dispose a body? a good saw and a working garbage disposal. no wonder occasional cortex has a fear of them. πŸ˜‰ be a pacifist until it is time to pass a fist. πŸ˜€ POTUS sent the troops to arrest the Deep State, not to go to war. remember SA ???

  • 1:13:10…re. weaponized weather…Terrorism goes on even in our own neighborhoods–by your neighbors. The first garden I put in did beautifully…lots of okra, greens, squash. Grape vines were thriving. My next garden was pitiful. A large section of grape vine had been severed. Every garden since then–pitiful. After my first failure, a neighbor came to me "out of the blue", said her husband was taking his trailer to pick up mulch, that they knew where to get some primo mulch, did I want him to get me some. And, I'm thinking, what's the price on this unsolicited mulch and what's your price to haul it to me? Being on a very limited budget, I turned the offer down.
    A year later I built a nice chicken house, put in 7 chickens. I approached the house one morning–all strangely quiet–opened the door….nothing but chicken parts, feathers and 2 live but traumatized chickens. I was supposed to think an animal had gotten into the house, an enclosed 8' x 8' structure, massacred them. It would have been quite a battle: 7 very scared chickens in a small enclosure fighting for their lives, flying up and down and all around. Yet, the water container was upright, still where I'd put it the day before and full of water. The flimsy tree limb I'd installed for roosting (the birds didn't use it 'cause it was so unstable–weeble-wobbled when they got on it) still intact. That shouldn't have happened if a furry, highly motivated animal of some size had gotten in and chased the birds down.
    The next year while cleaning out the chicken manure I found a paper tag on the ground inside the enclosed house with instructions on how much mulch to apply per foot. It was present only by human means. My point: integrity begins at the grassroots level. This neighbor had told me: "We run people off we don't want out here." I paid almost $200 to keep my little dog's foot attached because they'd used him as their bait dog…wrapped barbed wire around the paw. The more he tried to get away, the deeper went the barb. Sabotage is the name of their game–see how much damage they can do without leaving anything you can take to court. Early spring I planted 2/7" tall weeping willows. By August they were 3 1/2' tall, leafed out, green, thriving. In 8 hours they were totally dead…all leaves and stems, brown and dead. Round Up can't do that. I met a WallMart associate who told me he lives in a neighborhood like mine: "But, they leave me alone." I wonder how he does it? He'd be just a liable as me if he took after them with a gun.

  • Totally disagree with your guests position on censorship! There are no real other platforms for social media TODAY! So to think the free market anytime soon is going to change these tech companies position on our 1st Amendment is laughable! Our 1st Amendment is under attack by them so our government needs to step in & on those who’re responsible for attacking our 1st Amendment Right!🧐

  • Just think of how many federal judges attempted to hogtie our President from doing things he has the unilateral power to do.

  • YOU ARE ENTERING FEAR PORN CENTRAL! Austin Broer's breathless ranting about the coming "food crisis" is just all too much for me.
    It's always bad news with these guys ….we're always on the cusp of a major crisis. Good grief, is there anything to be joyful about?

  • These so called private celicone valley companies all started with Tax payers money in Universities then stolen and privatised and billions go to others not our country or taxes payers. So much fraud,follow the money who paid for their research ? Time to break up these too big to fail companies they are criminal owned by zionist interests who push their marxist one world new order.

  • Better wake up. If all our men go overseas to WAR islam WILL take the opportunity to Take Over USA. Don't let Our Men go to Iran Let Israel and saudi arabia take the fight to them. Start stacking up on rice, water etc. also Rabbits are indeed a great source of protein

  • I'm sorry but I disagree with the guest. To think Facebook, Twitter, Google are private companies is a joke. All are CIA created front corporations with figureheads like gates, cuckerberg and Dorsey. All created for meta data collection. It really is that simple.

  • I’m one of the black sheep my friend. God blesses you and my kind as well. I ask your prayers for those that have chosen evil. I could care less and have no mercy for these Luciferian believers. Time is relaxing to my kind as we wait their justification in which we will respond in a great way known to all. Patience …

  • 1. The internet was created by DARPA. It is a public platform. 2. The premise that facebook was invented in a basement appears to be an urban legend…a story exists that it too was a DARPA LIFELOG counter intelligence program that was cancelled the same day that fb came into existence, so still a public platform. 3. There is a HUGE difference between broadcasting a show and creating a COMMUNICATIONS platform that is USER driven, NOT broadcaster driven. Equal time on an internet platform is factually different than equal time in a broadcasting studio.

  • The problem with today's social media structure is leftist ideology and money. The two together are a deadly combination that have proven to be the largest group of the death of the ability to hear Conservative voices. Our problem is that they have managed to skate between the laws of legality and found a way to function as far left censors allowing their platforms to be used only to further their agenda, which is to destroy the values and morals of what was once a social society, able to get along without closing minds to opposing thoughts and ideas. We need to establish new "social media" sites that are funded by, and closely watched by fair and balanced Conservatives. Note, I said fair and balanced, not to rip off Fox Network. I have a difficult time understanding why there haven't been enough Conservatives putting their money where their mouth's are! There are Conservative channels, such as this one, who reach a fairly large audience But this channel, as with others, don't allow for open dialogue like that of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to name three. The Google monopoly would be difficult to work around, but in that case there are already laws existing against such monopolies, even though they have been manipulated by the left as well (to benefit them, of course). But we have the intelligence to start a platform like Facebook and Twitter particularly, so where is the money to make it happen? We have a couple of generations of extremely intelligent, internet literate people who's skills can be put to use in a positive way. So where are the financial backers? Conservatives have yet to learn how to get down and dirty like the left has, so we need to start taking a couple pages from their playbook, clean them up a bit, and get into the ring and challenge them. No more laying down and taking it. We need to learn to stand up and speak up for the cause of our God given RIGHTS, before the left succeeds in taking them away completely. Face it folks, they have already succeeded far more than many of us realize! We need to learn how to fight, period. My only way to contribute is by using my voice. If enough of us did the same, perhaps we can bring about change. Think about it!

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