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  • It appears that lies are the currency of science as well as the currency of politics. Can we say therefore that lying is a science, or that politics is lies? Eyes open indeed! The scientific mind has no use for fear. Politics, however, uses fear as a means to reach its ends. Beware=be aware.

  • Question – If we are seeing (recent history) weaker activity having adverse effects on our planet to a greater degree what is the likely hood of this CME causing wide spread mayhem where it should not have given our weaker shielding.

  • The galaxy is suspended in the vacuum of space. Weight is irrelevant. Let's talk magnetics, without it, there would be disarray and gone dataway.

  • I saw on the news that there is a paper that says that the extra matter is just the opposite of dark matter, LIGHT. All that light out there. Can you believe somebody said something like that??? well, of course this guy just retired, and had some support from German scientists.
    The thing to watch is the drop off in neutrino counts. If you look at the chart, it is easy to pick out the major volcano eruptions with a drop off in neutrinos. Especially, Mt.Pinatubo. The count was high for awhile then it slide off and at the deepest point, on the same day, Pinatubo went off. Smaller events like El Chichon and Mt. St. Helene's is there as well. The deeper the drop off, the more explosive the event. I have no causation on this, just an observation.
    How many Joules is this solar eruption? Is it equal to all the uptake of the oceans in a year? Time related, that's some high powered amperage coming in.
    I think micro nova's explain a lot. That's the best idea that's come out in awhile. Now the arguing can start, not whether micro nova's happen, but the results.

  • 22° with sunshiny skies in The Granite State. Thanks SO and have a spiffy weekend O's- hoping that y'all feel fine and ya know it. Cheers.

  • Im so confused Ben.. How are they going to way something they haven't even found a boundary on? The universe is infinate right? They're wasting their time & money on this investigation that has no possible chance for an answer. I just don't understand.
    Have a great weekend Kat & Ben & family as well as all observers. Be safe. Eyes to the skies.

  • here an idea about the dark matter … what if it is matter but inert no electrical activity like frozen in time … waiting to be activated by a spark of electricity ….

  • It was interesting to watch that sun spot since it came onto the disk. The polarities were stacked on each other North to South in relation to the equator. It wasn't numbered then either. As it grew and was numbered, the polarities rotated East to West, parallel to the equator. I called a friend on Wed morning and in conversation said' "Watch this spot. It was the first one in 33 days. I think its going to do something."

  • Giggy Phone: finely got one, Mr. Davidson & family!! disaster prediction app = Yes!! got it (apology for missing annual event, life issues)

  • Good morning observers from south-central Montana. It’s a heat wave, today’s wake up temperature was 23°F with a windchill making it feel like 16°F. Come on Spring!
    Hey Ben when’s the best time to watch for the northern lights from this coming CME?

  • Why do you claim you're in the new valley of the sun? Aren't you from Ohio? Is Ohio supposed to be the NEW valley of the sun after a pole shift event? Or are you classifying that your research Is out of Arizona?

  • Same old new blabbering, repetitive day after day !! Where's the proof besides some mouthpiece giving his personal rave about the thing he wants to make you believe is real ? When does he say what's theory and what's not ??

  • Thank you for all you do. My area is expecting a storm before and after the CME is expected to hit. Do you think it could alter its course or intensity?

  • Port Orchard Washington here. Its been snowing all morning. Snowed a few hours yesterday morning, too. I cannot stress enough how unusual this is.

  • Just goes to show that the powers that be want to kill us, CO2 is plant food, less CO2 means less food, as if the GSM wasn't doing a good job of causing less food to be grown already.

  • …recent kilonova [Aug17,2017] has held its strength longer than expected?..
    …should be collecting/removing ions at polar regions, such as above Don Juan pond, [be enough to charge the planet]…
    …excellent commentary, but… […it was/is the Moon!..;-]

  • So. What’s all this I’m hearing about japan and Russia warning about a magnitude 9 quake hitting somewhere on the west coast of the americas starting in a day or so from now but is more likely to hit around the 20th this month? What science are they using to determine that and will usgs say anything?

  • So many scientific minds here chasing some theory that has no grounds in reality, much like relativity and dark matter. Please, listen to me! JUST ROTATE THE MICHELSON INTERFEROMETER VERTICALLY!!! The answer is not a secret, just do science!

    The Aether shall set us free.

  • On this date in History – March 8,
    1717 – On Fishers Island in Long Island Sound, 1,200 sheep were discovered buried under a snow drift for four weeks. When finally uncovered, 100 sheep were still alive
    1838 – US mint in New Orleans begins operation (producing dimes)
    1855 – 1st train crosses 1st US railway suspension bridge, Niagara Falls
    1871 – A tornado moved across the St. Louis, MO area at a reported 70 mph, crossing the Mississippi River near East St. Louis and Venice. There was considerable damage to docks and ferries on the river; debris was reported to have been carried 30 miles. Six railroad depots were destroyed, accounting for much of the $200,000 damage. Eight of the 9 deaths occurred at the East St. Louis railroad yards, while the 9th occurred on a bridge. 60 people were injured during the tornado, which peaked at F3 intensity
    1909 – The town of Brinkley AR was struck by a tornado which killed 49 persons and caused 600,000 dollars damage. The tornado, which was two-thirds of a mile in width, destroyed 860 buildings. Entire families were killed as houses were completely swept away by the tornado. Tornadoes killed 64 persons and injured 671 others in Dallas and Monroe counties during the Arkansas tornado outbreak.
    1934 – Edwin Hubble photo shows as many galaxies as Milky Way has stars
    1972 – 1st flight of the Goodyear blimp
    1972 – A wind gust of 207 mph (333.13 kmh) was recorded at the Thule Air Force Base in Greenland. Winds were sustained at over 146 mph (234.96 kmh) for three hours during the storm
    1973 – Eisenhower Tunnel, world's highest/US longest, in Colorado, opens
    1976 – 1,774 kg (largest observed) stony meteorite falls in Jilin, China
    1979 – 1st extraterrestrial volcano discovered (Jupiter's satellite Io)
    1986 – Japanese probe Suisei passes Halley's Comet at 109,800 km
    1995 – -26°F (-32.2°C) in Bismarck, North Dakota
    1995 – -44°F (-42.2°C) in Chosedacharad, Komi-district, Russia on 67°N
    1999 – La Coruna in northwestern Spain had its wettest day on record with 5.23 inches of rain falling
    2004 – The California coast warms up. San Francisco broke a 112-year record by reaching 82 degrees. Los Angeles soared to 93 degrees.
    2006 – A local resident reported a Kune Kune pig lifted by a tornado and flung through the air to land unharmed in a nearby paddock at South Caterbury, New Zealand
    2007 – Tropical Cyclone George hammered Port Hedland on Australia’s northwest coast with maximum sustained winds near 125 mph (201.17 kmh).The storm was the most destructive cyclone to affect Port Hedland since 1975
    2011 – The Republic of the Congo in Africa set a new all-time record high when the temperature hit 102.6°F (39.22°C) at M'Pouya. Congo's previous all-time hottest temperature was 102.2°F (39°C) at Impfondo on 5/14/2005

  • Hey everyone, Gayatri Mantra sung,/played by small group 'Radical Devotion' filmed live at a Mooji Advaita Vedanta event. Sanskrit devotion to the Sun source of All consciousness. Lovely inspiring and makes you less afraid of becoming one with it all 'at the end'. Here on YouTube, easy to find ….
    And..enjoy, v beautiful even if Advaita is not your bag.



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