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  • Good Morning, All….. beautiful morning in Southern Oregon, one of our last damp days untill October ….
    ……. Congrat's to Mr Allen!! … 3 correct earthquake forecasts!! …. Great job!! …. Have an awesome day, ya'll ….. thank-you Ben and Cat …… I just want you to know how much we appreciate all you do for our little community … Just a few years ago we had no idea what was going on with our weather and sun… Now we are learning!!…

  • Great vidπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I had a thought on a different way of dealing with what would be a harmful Flare or C M E, Design and erecting Large Jacob's ladder at many various Substations??? This would dissipate the electric surge all over the country.. it would trigger it's self???

  • Looks like the agenda 21 program still on track ,if anyone pays attention step 1 every holiday will have reverse weather threw weather modifications, step 2 disturbing the family life styles read for your self for rest at United nations page look up a21

  • Ty..Ben….πŸ“‘…..πŸ”Š….πŸ‘€….o boy i better buy my self a boat still raining here in laval Quebec..the ground can only take so much ..β˜”have a good day all…

  • Always so informative. So grateful you follow your heart and do what you love to do this work and make it available to all.

  • Ben, hello. I was wondering if you seen the contrary reports of weather trends. In particular the news reports the great lakes are drying up and then how they are all over their banks. How record heat is going to kill trees in northern canada and then how they are growing faster than ever before. How least amount of snow fall in midwest and record snow fall in midwest. It seems to be they report different different parts of country. Anyways thanks.

  • Hello S0's.
    Watching this video re-awakened me to the fact that even though there is a naturally occuring change in the climate in space & on earth – There is an exaggeration by the likes like Al Gore promoting the end of the world climate change so as to have a cover story to the real cause of many extreme weather patterns, Which is Weather Warfare. The Extreme weather in certain parts in the US & around the world happening now are all attacks with an agenda. It can kill, It can destroy farmland, Creating a food shortage to starve a populace. Many don't believe these weapons exist, Until you show them; How it works & how it can be traced by locating it's microwave signature with satellites. Then those very same skeptics go crawling under a rock – Um – Cave!

  • Would the 8.0 in Peru be considered a blot echo quake because of it's depth? Does this portend temblors to come in the near future in this region?

  • The problem is the jet stream above and below are constantly changing direction so if they do decide to go with nuclear war then it's only a matter of time before Ezra -Wind d brings use the weather outcome of Neculare it's self so like and y is the earthquakes hitting fracking and volcanoes and Harm weather it's war or an attempt to start war do we see weather leasing the rath of the cups playing before our eyes or the weather matching numbers

  • On this date in History – May 27,
    1293 – An 7.1 earthquake strikes Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan, killing about 24,000
    1692 – Court of Oyer and Terminer established by Governor of Massachusetts to hear accussations of witchcraft
    1703 – St Petersburg (Leningrad) founded by Peter the Great
    1896 – A massive tornado (F4) struck Saint Louis, MO, killing 306 persons and causing thirteen million dollars damage. The tornado path was short, but cut across a densely populated area. It touched down six miles west of Eads Bridge in Saint Louis and widened to a mile as it crossed into East Saint Louis. The tornado was the most destructive of record in the U.S. up until that time. It pierced a five-eighths inch thick iron sheet with a two by four inch pine plank. A brilliant display of lightning accompanied the storm.
    1907 – Bubonic Plague breaks out in San Francisco, California
    1930 – The 1,046-foot (319-meter) Chrysler Building in New York City, the tallest man-made structure at the time, opens to the public
    1958 – Vanguard SLV-1 launched for Earth orbit (failed)
    1967 – Australians vote in favor of a constitutional referendum granting the Australian government the power to make laws to benefit Indigenous Australians and to count them in the national census
    1977 – New York City fines George Willig 1 cent for each of 110 stories he climbed the World Trade Center
    1988 – Sunny and warm weather prevailed across much of the nation to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. Afternoon thunderstorms in southern Florida caused the mercury at Miami to dip to a record low reading of 69 degrees.
    1990 – Thunderstorms produced severe weather from north central Texas to the Central Gulf Coast Region. Severe thunderstorms spawned four tornadoes, and there were eighty-one reports of large hail or damaging winds. Late afternoon thunderstorms over southeast Louisiana produced high winds which injured twenty-seven persons at an outdoor music concert in Baton Rouge, and high winds which gusted to 78 mph at the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway.
    1997 – 1st all female (20 British women) team reaches North Pole
    2006 – The May 2006 Java 6.3 earthquake strikes at 5:53:58 AM local time (22:53:58 UTC May 26) devastating Bantul and the city of Yogyakarta killing over 5,700 people.

  • In NorCal, it doesn't matter much what the sun/space are up to – we got massive imminent disaster issues at Oroville. Residents leaving.

  • another good installment…but I would like to take a moment and draw your attention to some of the more common erroneous assumptions surrounding the creation/formation of a plasma …it is most commonly believed that a plasma results only from heating a gas, and while it is true that heating a gas will eventually form a plasma, it is not the only path by which one can reach the plasma state. In the case of the universe and due to the insulating nature of 'space' the aforementioned plasma state born of thermal excitation is an unlikely scenario … So instead if one thinks in terms of high energy bursts of ultraviolet light ionising a cloud of primordial hydrogen/helium gas at just the right frequency/s to achieve charge separation one can get a much clearer picture of the process. Once charge separation (plasma state) has been achieved a voltage gradient (electric field) will form and at the critical voltage dielectric breakdown of the dielectric medium (space) will occur and current will flow thru the plasma. Due to the many positive feedback loops in the system and the natural state of 'space' the process is self sustaining

  • I'm used to the heat but it's been rough here in South MS. We are about an hour drive from the gulf. My wife is Chicana and never gets sunburned. She mowed yesterday for an hour and got burnt. I warned her and she was like I have never been sunburned,,,, well she did.

  • At last someone connects the caves & underground abodes with a general bombardment situation in ancient times. This kind of talk is so rarely heard. Cheers Ben !!



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