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  • What about Emmanuel Macron. He called himself Poseidon, already has the Emmanuel name, and is very ambitious in being the ruler of Europe. And he and the Pope are chummy as well as his love for migrants from Muslim countries

  • The future don`t look bright for our children and next generations listening to this we have enough problem with the horror of ISLAM now they want to bring in the Satanic gay pedo ring on steroids THE VATICAN too😈👿😈😥😥 how much evil at once can we take ???

  • Don't forget, CORPORATIONS are Persons to not persons. Always notice small caps and uppercase caps, read the constitution again. Remember, President Trump said "Law and Order, man. There are rules in law.

  • We WANT the anti-Semite Democrats to stay in office!! Why? Because 90% of all Jews are Dems. They created this problem and now they reap the results.

  • A good bit of apophenia here. Using an address and meanings of a name as any form of proof? Isn't it supposed to be "the number of his name" not "the number of his dwelling"? As for the address number thing, there are many places in The US with a 666 as the number. I personally have had two license plates with 666 on it, as well as a phone number.
    Regarding the meaning of Kushner's name: my first name means "gift from God" and my middle name means "one who rules" – does this make me Holy Emperor? Luckily for all of us, it does not.
    I agree with and stand by Joe and Doug 99.9% of the time, this is the 0.1%.

  • I believe the anti christ will be a sub human — part human and AI…. my research believes Kushner will be the Antichrist … he will be falsely assassinated then inputted with the brain chip/ AI and they will say he’s been resurrected and this will begin his reign. Many upper Jewish leaders because of Kushner peace treaty in the Middle East… believe that Kushner is the prince of peace returned. He is the anti christ.

  • Stop preaching the PreTrib "Rapture" nonsense, you people are sooo learned, yet you still believe and push this lie upon people. You are not flying away anywhere!

  • Interesting that …..both Christians AND Zionist Jews believe we are in end times of the current world ……but Zionists think THEY will rule the new world (beast system) out of Jerusalem.

  • Just as the LGTBQ hijacked the Rainbow, Vatican 2 (Novas Ordo) hijacked the Catholic Church! Catholics worship ONLY GOD THE FATHER, HIS ONLY SON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and THE HOLY SPIRIT! Christ taught us in the Bible that there are others (than the 12) that profess HIS Name! The perverts in the church long ago said that only Catholics can go to Heaven. The perverts were wrong then, and are wrong NOW!

  • With the establishment of the Noahide Laws,
    beheading is the ultimate punishment. This is akin to Sharia, and maybe the one world religion basis to come, eh…?

  • Hey guys I am a new listner and not handy with How I would take a piece of wood & run a car. Can you put on your show sometime…..techneques for methods of getting through an emp attack for like if you need to chill meds, do that and you Will pick up more viewers. thanks…not helpless on internet I wouldn't even know how to formulate the question for steam engine or wood car burning….

  • Whoa!!! An eye opening interview with Mr. Deyo!

    I didn't think of the last name association to the tribe of Dan. Yes, the Kushites went north which borders both assyria and Lebanon.
    Ha … Major, I see a problem coming.

    God bless you all. 🤗

  • you guys could get kent hovind on a show! also can stan talk about trumps uncle more? and maybe his connections… and the "Last President" book

  • What about Prince Charles? Through my searching….in history they have a crown that was stolen by their family. The Queen and Prince Charles are evil to the core!

  • Kent Hovind has Dinosaur Adventure Land (mostly for kids) in Alabama.
    Ken Hamm has The Arc Experience (for all ages) in Kentucky.

  • What does he mean, when he said moving the herd? Didn't he just contradict himself regarding the democratic party and the Trump supporters? I think he might have confused the argument!

  • Peace in Israel is just a scam to put off Armageddon. We know from scripture that the son of Abram and Sarah is the only one to inherit the land. The mere fact that this has gone on for centuries points to this. The Palestines have been under the false narrative created by Satan when Hagar slept with Abraham. Very simple, yet cunning.

  • We already know that the Pope is Satanic, so the fact that he is joining Islam is no surprise. The Catholic church is going down and too many Catholics are totally blind to these facts.

  • I am totally dumfounded when I think of the people who are being deceived. Somebody said the other day in a comment. "I cannot believe that Jesus' church is so corrupt?" This is what many Catholics still believe. Worshiping the Pope over Jesus is sac religious. Anytime you put a man before God in prayer, you are committing blasphemy. Wake up Catholics, Jesus is the only way. Stop supporting the hierarchy of this false religion. Without money, they cannot stand. It is all about money, power and Satan is holding the cards.

  • as a resident of Pennsylvania… fat chance of having anything to do with removing a Congressman from another State…

  • Great show! One small point FYI – Quantum computers are intended to provide a completely different type of speed increase than the type used for graphics processing. They're good at searching multiple paths and finding answers quickly, not parallel processing. With that said, the tech your guest describes can easily be done by distributing the workload to multiple GPUs running in parallel.

  • The first time I seen Jared Kushner, my spirit moved, the voice in my head said, Anti Christ. I really feel he has something to do with the Anti Christ or is the Anti Christ.

  • I wish Doug did not always have such a negative attitude towards the viewers. Watched you guys for years but it is getting difficult to watch at times. I know theses are bad times but why so negative towards the viewers all the time?

  • Stan, I'm a whitefella in Darwin and have observed blackfellas in Maningrida, using fires on the floor of their whitefella built houses! Whose to blame? Surely the whitefella for building these type of houses for them. I advocate a circular house with a fireplace in the centre. It is quite impressive to drive into Maningrida of a night time and see a thousand fires. They will always have fires!

  • The SAUDI'S! ARE!! The COUSINS!!!! Of HEBREWS! (NOT/ KHAZARS*… but Of ISHMAEL….(FROM: Father ABRAHAM/From UR!… WHO/Walked…Through/the WATER! As Instructed By/The almighty G-d!! **NOT/ASHKENAZI'S!!!! LIKE RUSSIAN JEWS(KUSHNER'S!)…CONNECTED/w/SYRIAN… HERITAGE/Additionally!!!!!!!!!!!(See Name/ NAZI /in AshkeNAZI ?!)….

  • I don't get you Doug. It seems like you're always bashing your listeners. Why even allow comments on your videos when they're obviously not welcomed.

    Stan, glad to hear your take on Kushner. He's definitely someone to keep an eye on

  • Lol…for the 100th time the first beast in Rev is a POLITICAL SYSTEM!!!! GOOD GRIEF if you can't read and understand that quit already and just hope that God will count you worthy regrdless of your ignorance or lack of understanding…

  • Been following for years, but you never tell the atrocities our Christian brothers in Palestine go through. Being part of the press , I'm surprised you haven't covered all the reporters , kids etc that the Israelis shot and killed. Or how they just keep dumping their sewage in the poorest Palestinian neighborhoods. Come on guys, tell the whole story. Please stop supporting the star of Chuin.. love ya. ,

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